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Valtan Phase 2 – Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide

Lost Ark Valtan Legion Raid Guide (Phase 2)

If you’ve beaten Valtan Phase 1 and you’re ready for Phase 2, you’ve come to the right place!

In this legion raid guide, we’ll be covering Phase 2’s preparation, mechanics, rewards, and much more from experts that have already beaten it.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and we’ll answer ASAP.

GLHF! You’ve got this.

Phase 2 Overview

  • Normal mode Valtan HP : x160 bar / 1,074,523,848 (1.07b)
  • Hard mode Valtan HP : x160 bar / 1,991,561,183 (1.99b)
  • Required Gear Score (Normal mode): 1415
  • Required Gear Score (Hard mode): 1445
  • Recommended battle items:
    • Healing Potions
    • Destruction Bomb
    • Whirlwind Bomb
    • Timestop

valtan phase 2 recommended battle items most players

    • Except for 1 player who should bring a Corrosion Bomb instead of Destruction:

valtan phase 2 recommended battle items one player

  • Recommended Card Sets
    • We’ll meet again & Forest of Giants: Provide universal defense bonuses.

Phase 2 Obtainable Rewards

Similar to Argos, normal loot comes at the end of each phase, and you can acquire extra loot by buying the bonus loot box for some extra gold.

Note that these rewards may change when the Western servers launch.

  • Normal Mode

valtan phase 2 normal rewards

  • Hard Mode

valtan phase 2 hard rewards

  • Auction Loot Box Rewards 

valtan phase 2 loot auction

    • Bone Plate Chest (Valtan’s Bone Plat x5)_

valtan 2 bone plate chest

Fight Overview

Same raid helpers as Phase 1:

  • King Thairain
  • Wei
  • Balthorr

Depending on the whole party knowledge, you can use King Thairain to help deal damage or use Balthorr to bypass some hard wipe and knock-out mechanics. We will go through all possible ways to pass every single mechanic later in this guide.

The Phase 2 Valtan fight will be 3 stages:

  • Destruction stage
  • Normal stage
  • Ghost stage.

The transitions between each stage give Valtan new abilities.

Destruction Stage

Valtan starts in this phase and will have x2 def buffs (10% each buff) and your team needs to destroy his armor twice to remove those buffs by making him hit a wall, then the destruction window will open for your team.

valtan phase 2 destruction phase armor

To get Valtan to hit a wall, he usually targets 1 random player and prepare to run towards him by holding tight and hitting the floor 3 times then he will run forward to that player. It’s recommended that everyone stands in the same spot and once the red indicator appears on the floor, you can freely dash out of it to avoid damage.

Once he hit a wall, both the wall and Valtan will collapse. Then one party member should throw a corrosion bomb, and everyone else throws Destruction Bomb followed by Destruction skills (weakpoint).

If your team deals enough Destruction (weakpoint) Valtan will break, and 1 of the defense buffs will disappear.

Valtan will break 2 walls then he will jump off and throw anchors that deal damage and cause stagger on you and your team, it’s recommended to assign positions to each one of you to start dodging those anchors.

Once the total number of anchors reaches 9, Valtan will jump back in with a very big AoE that deals very high damage. There are safe spots on the edges of a broken wall area.

If your team succeeded in destroying Valtan’s armor, congratulations, now get ready for the 1st wipe mechanic


Easy way to do this is to use Balthorr once Valtan hits x130 bar completely negating the wipe mechanic.

Note: When you start the fight with Valtan, you may notice 4 dots on the minimap.

valtan phase 2 4 dots minimap

Those are the buffs that prevent the wipe mechanic. Those buffs are on the top of the walls, when those walls break, the buffs will be on the floor.

valtan phase 2 wipe prevent buffs

Total buffs are 8, so if you’re not planning to use Balthorr, assign which one of your team takes which buffs in order to avoid losing 1 of your teammates.

The buff looks like this above your HP bar, make sure you have it before starting the mechanic. Note that it doesn’t stack.

esther blessing

Once every one of your team has the buff, you can burst Valtan to x130 to start the mechanic

Once Valtan’s hit x130, he will swing his axe left and right, and hold it up for 5 seconds before the 1st smash (it deals no damage but it removes the buff you just took to prevent the wipe mechanic).

After 3 seconds, you will notice a pattern on the ground, DON’T STAND ON THE RED SLICES, you have 2 seconds to dash out of red zones if it’s under you.

2 more seconds later, all areas will glow red and Valtan will perform the 2nd smash, if you have the buff, the buff will be gone and you will survive.
If not, you will die.

After this mechanic Valtan will jump off the area and jump back to the center with a roar that breaks all the surrounding walls.

Now he will have access to more random mechanics and the counter mechanic.

Counter mechanic: Valtan will hold tight and hit the ground 3 times before he turns blue and dashes forward. Similar to all guardians and bosses, once he turns blue you will need to use your counter skill to stop him.

Normal Phase


Valtan, again, will jump off and jump back in with red slices around that knock up and deal a bit of damage.

Then Valtan will jump once again to perform the cone mechanic
4 rocks will appear at 1/5/7/11 clock position, 1 player will be targeted with a cone that holds Valtan’s rage attack.

Everyone who isn’t targeted has to hide behind those rocks. The guy with the cone shall stand still between 2 rocks and wait for 4 seconds before dashing out and hiding behind 1 rock too, if you’re not so fast, you can use Timestop Potion.

After that, Valtan will hold his axe and do the same mechanic once more, but while he is on the ground. Most likely the cone will target the same player. So, target the cone in a 1 position and don’t move, then count to 4 and dash out of it.

Note: This time don’t hide behind any rock, because the 4 rocks will explode.

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Once Valtan’s hit x88, he will roar and jump off, and a crescent-shaped red mark will appear on 1 of the 2 sides of the arena, which means VALTAN WILL BREAK THIS SIDE.

So, once you reach X88, automatically move to the center of the area to see which side is going to break.

Valtan will land on that side breaking it and spin to the center, this spin will push you back, and it deals some damage of course, so be careful.

Once he finishes spinning to the center, 4 rocks will appear at 1/5/7/11 clock position. Everyone should hide behind the rocks until he finishes his explosion.

Then he will do the 1 targeted player cone mechanic again. It’s recommended that the targeted player positions himself near the broken area, stand still, count to 4, and dash back to your teammates.

The 4 rocks will explode after that dealing very high damage.

From now on, play safe and carefully, because Valtan’s random mechanics can push/knock you away and if you’re near the broken area you will fall.


Once you hit X64, Valtan will jump to the center of the area and he will smash the ground with his right leg creating a white dot.

Avoid that because it hits hard and causes a knock up. A better way to avoid hitting your teammates with it is all of your team stack in 1 point and dash out before it explodes (this method can be dangerous to 1st timers).

After that, Valtan will do some animations before he starts a counter mechanic.

After the animation, count to 3 and use your counter skill.

Note: Do not stand near the broken area of the arena, if you fail to counter, he will grab whoever is in front of him and start dealing damage or push them towards the broken area and knock them out.


Same as X88 mechanic, but this time Valtan will break the other side of the arena, which means there is no safe spot anymore.

You can move safely to the very edge of the previously broken area (you will not fall unless Valtan pushes you).

And of course, after that, he will do the rocks safe spots and targeted cone mechanic, just like X84.


Now Valtan is about to die, so he will perform his last complex wipe mechanic. It starts when Valtan hits the x15 bar. He will jump into a portal and hit the center of the arena (don’t stand at the center of the arena).

In short, use Balthorr once Valtan jumps into the portal to avoid getting knocked out and taking the wipe damage. Then when Valtan starts smashing the ground use time stop potion after his 3rd hit, because even with Balthorr you will still take very high damage.

In-depth explanation: Valtan will choose randomly 1 player and start launching cone-shaped attacks 4 times starting at that player’s position. It is recommended everyone stand in 1 position and allow Valtan to target you, dash out before the 1st hit lands, then move back where after he does his 1st hit.
The other 3 hits will be in 3 different directions.

Afterward, Valtan will start smashing the ground causing white explosions that target the players that can be avoided by just walking around.

It’s recommended that all teammates move together to avoid causing those white explosions under someone else.

Then, Valtan will follow up this mechanic with the following moves in order:

  • Inner circle smash
  • Outer circle smash
  • 3 rocks safe spot and yellow explosion
  • 3 rocks explosion

So, you will need to do the following after the white explosions:

  • Wait for the inner circle to explode
  • Go close to the boss to avoid the outer circle explosion
  • Move behind 1 of the rocks to avoid the yellow explosion
  • Move again to the safe spot where there are no rocks to avoid rocks explosions

Remember to not panic and you’ve got this.

Once you finish Valtan will do his last transition: Ghost Phase.

Ghost Stage

Valtan will turn into a ghost and refill his HP bar from 15 to 40, and he will have access to a new grab mechanic.

Grab Mechanic

Valtan will draw a crescent-shaped red circle in front of him, anyone in this red zone will be grabbed and knocked out.


  • Valtan will do this move once every 10 bars of HP.
  • Casting Awakening won’t make you immune to grab
  • Time Stop Potion can help only if you use it before the grab, it won’t work after.

Once you start Ghost Phase, you will deal less damage due to x6 defense buffs on Valtan.

ghost phase defense buff

To remove those, you will need to counter Valtan’s clone. Each 1 successful counter removes 1 of those buffs.

Also, pay attention to the edges during the Ghost phase because some clones run from portals side to side and it will knock you out if you stand in their way.

Random Mechanics

Random mechanics are the difference between Normal and Hard mode. In Normal mode, they’ll mostly stagger you while Hard mode will mostly knock you up instead.

Swing Axe

Valtan swing his axe left and right followed by smash in the center that causes explosive red area around Valtan, and ends up with a spin that causes another explosive circle area around him, safe spot: close sides of Valtan.


Valtan swings his axe once and holds it up for 2 seconds before smashing the ground causing a cross rocks safe spot besides his legs.

Normal Spin

Valtan will hold his axe and spin a few spins that deal damage to you, it can easily be avoided by stepping out of the red circle.

Jump and Spin

Valtan will target 1 random player and jump towards him causing a cross of rocks, can be followed sometimes with a moving spin towards another player.

4 Smashes

Valtan will target 1 player and smash on his position 4 times, the 1st 3 smashes it follows the player, 4th smash is always at the same position where the 3rd smash hits.

Hold Mechanic (VERY important)

Valtan holds his axe in a steady stance, if players deal stagger skills, Valtan will do a very big AoE spin it will deal very heavy damage and it might kill some players and it knocks them away.

This mechanic is very very dangerous if the arena is broken. The safe spot is under his axe handle.

You can Time Stop Potion if someone hits the boss.

Smashing In and Out

Valtan will smash the ground to knock up and deal damage to players in a circle. Then, it will be followed up with an outer circle explosion, it will have targeted white explosions under each player so be careful. Navigate the safe spot by moving out then moving in.

4 Orbs (important)

Valtan will spawn 4 orbs that send waves of stagger across the arena, after a few seconds those orbs explode causing damage, if 4 orbs explode it’s a wipe.

To pass this mechanic, 4 different players must take these orbs, it will grant them a debuff that allows Valtan to deal more damage on them but it will prevent the explosion. During that, Valtan will counter, the rest of the players must counter him.

3 Smashes

Valtan will perform a short jump and smash the ground in a cone shaped smash 3 times in the opposite direction.

Silence Mechanic

Valtan will roar and silence everyone for 1 second, nothing to do here, it deals no damage.

Delayed Earthquake

Valtan performs a short spin, and smashes the ground, causing multiple (circle OR triangle) delayed rock explosions that knocks up everyone on it.

The indicator of which area will explode is easy to detect, it glows white 1st, 3 sec later it explodes.


Valtan will open a portal and jump into it, then more portals will open towards the players and Valtan will run out of it to enter another portal, causing huge damage and long-distance knock back, and he ends it up with a small area ground smash.


Just like the Destruction phase, he will jump off and drop anchors on the players, it’s recommended to run in circles away from each other and pay attention to the mini-map because where Valtan lands, it’s the safe spot of big red AoE explosion across the area.

3 Counters (important)

Valtan holds his axe in a steady mode, and it must be countered 3 times, if successfully countered by a player, this player will be silenced for 1 minute with a debuff aura around him that lasts for 4 seconds if it touches any other player it will since them as well, so, perform your counter and run away from your teammates.

3 counters 56 sec

  • If failed 1st counter, every party member takes damage
  • If the 2nd counter fails, every party member takes double damage.
  • If the 3rd counter fails, it’s a wipe.

Note: Valtan changes his direction after each counter.

In Hard mode, some random players will be marked with a circle red mark and some orbs will spawn and follow them, the same orbs that send waves of stagger, those players should run away to the edges.

hard mode red mark circle

Imprison (important)

Valtan will roar and imprison some of the players randomly. The free players must free the imprisoned once immediately otherwise Valtan performs an explosion that deals damage summoned by each imprisoned player.

If 1 player is still imprisoned, Valtan will do XX damage to everyone. If 2 players are still imprisoned, Valtan will double the XX damage to everyone and so on.

Front and Back Smashes

Valtan smashes the following areas in order: front – back – front, safe spot: beside Valtan.

Normal Grab Mechanic (important)

Valtan will target 1 player and point his hand to him, and he will run forward and grab anyone on his way, and then he will blow them away.

Safe in-out mechanic: (important)

Valtan will hold his axe high, preparing to smash the ground safe spot is determined if the axe is glowing or not:

  • Axe glowing: safe outside
  • Axe not glowing: safe inside

Note: white explosions will target everyone, remember to dash out after Valtan’s smash.

Damage and Stagger mechanic: (important)

Valtan will summon a big orb to absorb its power, with a shield and stagger bar on him. You will need to 1st deal damage to break the shield, then do stagger skills and throw Whirlwind Bombs to break him.

During the earth explosions, stand in safe spots and move with it while performing the stagger.

If you fail to finish the stagger bar, you can use Time Stop Potion otherwise you will wipe.

Recommended usage of raid helpers

  • Balthorr
    • x130 and x15
  • King Thairain
    • During the ghost phase after removing the 6 defense buffs from Valtan.
    • If the party is lacking DPS and you’re good enough with the 2 major wipe mechanics but you will not use Balthorr.
  • Wei
      • Not recommended during the Valtan fight.

Thanks for reading! If you found this article by looking for Valtan Phase 1, check it out here.