Valtan Gate 1 Boss Guide



Welcome to the first legion raid in Lost Ark, Valtan the Demon Beast Commander. Legion Raids are different than anything you have seen before, so we will explain the basics.


Legion Raids allow for no resurrections, unlike Argos where a team has 4 resurrections during the fight. That means you once you die, your team goes on without you, making the fight harder or in some cases impossible.

Legion Raids use also introduce the Gate system. After clearing Valtan Gate 1, you will be able to pause and resume the raid later starting with Gate 2. This will become critical as you encounter raids that are several gates long.

Finally, you will usually be able to see the HP of the boss, and certain moves always happen at specific thresholds. This will be the foundation of our guide.


Legion Raids introduce powerful allies from the story, Sidereals, that you can summon to help you conquer the boss. Using them at the correct time will be the difference between victory and defeat.


Finally, Valtan drops material necessary to craft your Relic Gear Set, increasing the power of your character tremendously. This is a necessary part of progressing your character to future content.

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Key Mechanics

X46 Boss Split

What Happens

The boss will teleport to the center making a big AoE that staggers players, deals very low damage.

What To Do?

Nothing can be done there, just stay away from it.

Boss splits into 2 wolves, Red and Blue. The Blue one leaves right away and will comes back later.

X39 Summon Blue Wolf

What Happens

The Red Wolf summons the Blue Wolf and both of them will fight together.

What to do?

Separate them from each other, otherwise, both will have a big defense buff and the whole party will deal very low damage to them. Your target is to deal as much damage as possible to the Blue Wolf to make it go away.

A Blue and Red mark will be placed on 2 random players. Those 2 players should go to opposite sides of the arena. Red Wolf will follow only the red marked player, Blue Wolf will follow only the blue marked player.

Red and Blue marks can change from one player to another during the course of the fight.

Dealing Damage

Also, a yellow buff will appear above 4 random players HP bar.

Those players should follow and deal damage to the invader wolf (Blue Wolf), since the rest of the team who don’t have this buff will deal no damage to it.

When the Blue Wolf takes enough damage, it will leave the area for the time being.

X30 1st Orb Stagger

What happens

Red Wolf will teleport to the center and gathering energy. A stagger bar will appear under him along with orbs around him.

You will have to pass the stagger check and the mechanic or wipe.

Orb Mechanics

The orbs auto follow the nearest player. and are alternating colors of Red and Blue

  • Each orb taken increases the boss's vulnerability to stagger
  • If players take 2 orbs of the same color in a row, it’s a wipe
  • When a player takes an orb, they will get a debuff, killing them if they take another orb.
  • If an orb hits the boss,it’s a wipe.

Standard Strategy

  1. Assign positions before entering so each player takes an orb.
  2. Make sure you take orbs in order, we recommend clockwise.
  3. After taking an orb, run to the boss, throw a Whirlwind Grenade and perform all stagger skills.
  4. Players must do this in quick succession as the timing window is tight.

Cheese Strategy

  1. Seven players stack at southmost corner of the map.
  2. Party leader stands just south of the boss.
  3. Party leader casts Wei (CTRL+X) and runs north making all orbs folllow.
  4. Rest of team runs up and finishes the little stagger left.

Upon successful stagger, the Red Wolf will be replaced by the Blue Wolf.

X24 Summon Red Wolf

What happens: Blue Wolf will summon the Red Wolf, which means the Red Wolf this time is the invader, so this means that the Yellow Buff mechanic is reversed.

What to do: The players with the yellow buff should damage the Red Wolf and not the Blue Wolf.

X15 2nd Orb Stagger

Same as the x30 mechanic.

X10 Fear Stagger

What Happens

Depending on your damage, at some point after X10 the boss will charge up, jump to a player, and fear them. The mechanic is simple but can cause a wipe if you fail the stagger check.

What to Do

The boss will always fear and jump to the farthest player from him. He will appear behind the player and initiate a stagger check.

Run behind the boss and stagger him. If you fail, everyone in front of the boss will take massive damage. If you fail the mechanic again, it will wipe the party.

If fast enough, the furthest player can avoid the fear effect by using their Awakening.

Red Wolf Mechanics

Bleed Stacks

What Happens

One of the deadliest mechanics in the fight. Red Wolf's moves apply stacks of bleed.

If you get 3 stacks of bleed it will cause a thick line explosion damaging everyone caught in it. The explosions add up increasing the overall damage taken in the fight.

What to Do

Try to avoid the bleed slashes. When you have 2 stacks of bleed, use Panacea or ask a Paladin/Gunlancer/Soulfist to cleanse.

We recommend equipping on your lowest cooldown skill if you have it.

Backflip Slash

Red Wolf back-flips kicking frontwards and ending with a powerful slash backward.

Dodge to the sides of the boss and do damage.


Red Wolf roars and jumps forward with a slash followed by a spin that knocks players up. Shortly afterwards, an AoE explosion will cascade outwards knocking up everyone around him.

To avoid the explosion dash closer to the boss or run far away.

Blood Explosion

Red Wolf will stand still and start casting. Small circles appear under each player and explode causing a knock-up.

Keep moving away from players and see if you can get some damage in.

Slash and Spin

Red Wolf teleports near a random player, slashes forward, and spins, knocking players up.

Run away from the boss then move back in after the spin.

Charge Slash

Red Wolf charges forward towards a random targeted player, twice.

Dodge and hold damage.

Triple Claw

Red Wolf jumps a few steps back and channels 3 cone-shaped slashes forward.

Stay at the back and sides and unload major damage.

Berserker Claws

Red Wolf goes berserk and executes rapid cone-shaped slashes, shredding anyone in the way.

Stay at the back and sides and unload major damage.

Red Tornado

What Happens

Red Wolf will spin and transform into a tornado that follows a random player. You will be trapped inside a larger tornado with him.

What to Do

Run away from Red Wolf while staying in between the gap. The targeted player should run away from their teammates, as Red Wolf damage is very high.

Alternately, you can use a movement ability to get outside the larger tornado and run away.

Darkness Debuff

What Happens

If you spend prolonged time in X34, the Red Wolf's attacks will inflict darkness. If a player gets 4 stacks they will be imprisoned.

What to Do

Party members must free the imprisoned player otherwise they will take massive damage. Call for cleanse at 3 stacks or use a Panacea.

Line Attack

Red Wolf's hand will glow red and 5 red lines will appear, followed up by a back hop and 3 lines radiating outwards from the boss.

Stay between the lines and when he hops back get ready to dash inward to avoid the attack.

Blue Wolf Mechanics

Blue Slash

Blue Wolf slashes twice, launching a projectile forward.

Stay at the sides or back and do damage.

Green Mines

The boss will spin and throw explosive green mines on the floor, detonating after 3 seconds.

Watch for the left arm to glow green, then run far away from the mines.

Forward Blue Dash

Blue Wolf will target a random player and dash forward to him, leaving a trail of blue explosions.

Dodge and hold damage.

Spinning Blades

Blue Wolf braces himself and throws a spinning blade forward. The blade splits into 6 blades.

The further you are from the blade when it splits, the easier it is to dodge.

Lava Eruption

Similar windup animation as Green Mines, but instead of throwing mines, he will throw lava that deals high damage.

Move far away from the lava on the ground. It will explode in a large radius in 3 seconds.

Explosive Spin

Blue Wolf will spin to knock players up, and follow it up with AoE explosion.

Stay really close or really far away from him.

Blue Explosion

Exact same attack as Red Wolf Blood Explosion but blue.

Keep moving and use the boss's immobility as a damage opportunity.

Ice Explosions

Same wind up animation as Green Mines and Lava Eruption but this time his hands will glow blue. he throws ice mines on the ground that explode into many projectiles that freeze on impact.

Keep an eye on his arm, if it goes blue, run far away from the mines.

Purple Wolf

Tornado Blades

Similar to the Red Tornado but the boss stands still and throws spinning blades at players.

Keep moving away from allies while staying in the gap or space bar out of the outer tornado for easier dodging.

Black Circle

Two random players will be afflicted by a debuff that lasts for 3 seconds. When it ends, a big black circle will appear around the player, slowing any player that steps in it.

If you notice you have the debuff, run far away to the corners.

Sidereal Usage


The Sidereal Bar will be charging over the course of the fight. Performing the fight mechanics correctly will quickly increase the bar. During the Valtan Raid you will have the help of the following 3 Sidereals:

  • King Thiarain (Ctrl+Z): Deals massive damage and destruction.
  • Wei (Ctrl+X): Deals an insane amount of stagger and some decent damage.
  • Balthorr (Ctrl+C): Creats a circle on the floor, granting everyone inside a defensive buff that lasts for 30second. This buff can prevent certain wipe mechanics.

Optimal Usage

We highly recommend you use Wei for the Orb Staggers in this fight.