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Top Lost Ark Streamers and Creators (11 Recommendations)

The Best Lost Ark Streamers and Creators

With so much awesome content in Lost Ark, there are a lot of smart and dedicated people sharing their knowledge.

Lost Ark just has so much depth, so you have people who have specific specialties, and you can easily find your preferred style or class champion.

There are so many more content creators than the ones I listed (let us know if we missed any you love!), but here are our recommendations to get you started.

Note: This list is not ordered! They’re all great choices so take a look at them all. 

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SaintOne has been playing Lost Ark at a high level for a long time and has some of the most thorough written content for the game.

If you are more the video type, he has a lot of good tutorials and is especially famous for his sorcerer guide.

In addition to his guides and Youtube, stop by his Twitch stream where he’s super informative and you can just absorb all that high-level play.


Sywo has been playing Lost Ark for a long time and covers the game with a ton of enthusiasm.

His content is very well geared for players of all skills as he explains things clearly and concisely.

Anything you need to know from how to pick a class to how to gear up. He’s got it.

Zeal’s Ambition

Zeal is one of the best creators to listen to, whether on Youtube or Twitch.

He can be very blunt/direct and tell you what you need to do, and often dives into the most nuanced parts of the game (Lost Ark has a tremendous amount of nuance).

Plus he’s very entertaining!

Ben Lee Gaming

A long-time Lost Ark enthusiast, Ben Lee loves to talk about the game.

He covers every topic you can think of and streams regularly on Youtube.

His content on a near-daily basis there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find anything you need from him.


Like many others on this list, Stoopz is an MMO veteran who is great at bringing creators together. He was recently a guest on Allcraft, the well-known MMO podcast by Asmongold and Rich Campbell.

He has a lot of work in WoW and now is bringing his skills to Lost Ark, and we are all the better for it.

Don’t forget to check out his Twitch for a more laid-back learning experience!

Kaid Games

Kaid is a creator with a unique history in the MMO space: New World, Albion Online, and others.

Due to this, he brings a fresh perspective to the game and has some great content covering a lot of topics, especially related to builds.


Wilky has a ton of great content covering very specific parts of the game, from detailed builds to specific collectible guides.

Stop by his Twitch stream – he’s super informative and takes the time to answer questions too!


Lin0 is probably one of the best creators to listen to if you want to learn everything about PVP. I mean he is a coach after all!

His videos are well narrated and are very clear. If you are like me and get CC’ed to oblivion and beyond, check this video out. Or, stop by his Twitch for some live Q&A.


Fox is a long-time veteran of the game, maining a Paladin and Gunlancer.

His content is amazing for anyone from a beginner to a main at the top of their game.

Stop by his Twitch for some great vibes and an educational atmosphere.


From WoW to BDO, Neeko brings his veteran knowledge of MMO systems to Lost Ark.

If you like details and great explanations as well as analysis on the game, this is the Youtube channel for you! If Twitch is more your thing, he has a stream there as well.


Bahjeera is another WoW veteran who’s diving into Lost Ark.

He’s one of those streamers who’s funny and wholesome while still offering tips and tricks to help you become a better player.

A great mix of education and entertainment.

As I mentioned before, there are so many cool content creators covering Lost Ark. Is your favorite not here? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

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