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Worldwalker Impressions: Day 12 Variety Pack (Final Reveals)

Worldwalker LoR Spoilers Day 12: Variety Pack

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays.

Today I’m going to go over the last cards for this Worldwalker’s card reveals!

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The Gray Apothecary

the gray apothecary lor card

This Landmark is amazing for continuous refuel in Ashe Leblanc and Sivir Leblanc. Note that this Landmark is not once per turn, so you are able to get multiple 5+ cost followers on multiple trades.

It also trades well since most Landmark removal is 3+ cost mana, so if they want to kill your landmark it’s efficient for you.

Lastly, it combos well with cards like Waking Sands off of Treasure Seeker to create easy card advantage.

Obedient Drakehound

obedient drakehound lor card

This card shines in decks that can create free attacks. It’s offensive capabilities are strong, but it is held back by the ability to not block and only having 1 health.

It’s likely best with Riven Quinn Scouts, an archetype that has always been on the cusp of playable in the past.

Overall, the card is perfect for aggressive pressure and utilizing Obedient Drakhound’s effect multiple times per turn.

Petricite Pillar

petricite pillar lor card

Petricite Pillar is amazing at creating an anti-meta strategy. In certain metas where Ezreal, Lee Sin and Nami decks are dominant, this can be splashed in Demacia.

This card is great at shutting your opponent down for two turns while you continue to take over the board. It can also be particularly strong in tournament play when you are targeting specific decks with your line-up.

Paparo the Great

paparo the great lor card

Paparo is great at giving refuel to Yordle Aggro decks. Giving yourself more random Yordles can help your swarm decks.

This card combines well with Poppy and Yordle Smith at buffing your whole field, giving them Quick Attack, and giving you more swarm along the way.

Bonus Deck – Riven Quinn

If you want to try out a deck that involves Obedient Drakehound, here’s my list!

Riven Quinn lor deck

[See Riven Quinn deck details]


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