New Legends of Runeterra Card Impressions: Vi, Veteran Investigator, and More

New Legends of Runeterra Card Impressions: Vi, Veteran Investigator, and More

New LoR Card Set: Vi Revealed

Welcome to our first impressions on Vi and the other revealed cards from Piltover/Zaun!

We’ve got one of our resident Master players, Prohibit, who hit the top 10 in NA, here to give you his thoughts.

Note that these opinions are subject to change based on the rest of the set so come back later for our full analysis!

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Vi (Piltover and Zaun)

Vi is looking pretty good. It’ll be relatively easy to get her to be a 5/5 with Challenger + Tough on curve and she will only grow from there.

Add in any protection like Barriers or buffs and Vi is incredibly difficult to remove off the board before she kills a few units on her own.

vi level 1

I think her deck building cost is low and she can be built around to be a scary threat in a midrange or aggressive deck.

If you can level her quickly, she nukes the Nexus for 5 whenever she Strikes a unit making her able to close the game quickly.

vi level 2

I can see Vi being a scary top end to NX + PZ aggro decks as well as part of the top end in new aggro/mid range DE + PZ lists in the future.

vault breaker lor

Her champion spell, Vault Breaker, is also very solid. It’s a great card in aggro decks as a flexible card.

You can use it earlier in the game but also it’s another way to utilize your mana in a lower curve deck when you run out of cards.

You’ll want to synergize with Overwhelm cards or cards that have evasion like Elusive so you can actually connect face.


Insightful Investigator

insightful investigator lor

Insightful Investigator a 2-piece tutor card that is 4 mana. I think this is a little too slow at too high of a deck-building cost for this synergy to be worth it.

This card’s strength will all depend on the Fleeting cards that are available to make putting this card in your deck even worth it.

Patrol Wardens

patrol wardens lor

I don’t like this card. 3 damage removal, 2 damage blockers into 1 damage pings, or 3 power blockers are not that hard to come by and they usually all have upsides.

A 2 mana 4/3 is okay on turn 2 but a 2 mana 4/3 on turn 5 or 6 doesn’t matter as much.

If you ever have to play it for 3 then it’s like playing a bad Reckless Trifirian in aggro and that card is already not good.

Veteran Investigator

veteran investigator

Finally the symmetrical draw effects! 2 mana 3/2s are oddly good defensive tools in Runeterra since they can often trade up against higher-cost units or block fearsome.

For decks that have high synergy combos, Veteran Investigator will get you there which matters way more than drawing your opponent a card.



gotcha! lor

An interesting card. 3 damage removal right now is either conditional 3 mana cards or 5 mana. In a more control-oriented deck, you won’t have problems fitting a top deck Gotcha! into your turn to control the board.

Where this card falls short in comparison to Get Excited! and Mystic Shot is simply that it can’t target face.

When compared to a card like Grasp, it’s 1 mana cheaper but loses drain. I think this is a card that loses a lot of value against other control matchups that don’t play to board so you can’t get the discount value.

Overall, I think it will be a below-average card that spikes in playability during the right matchups.

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more first impressions as they are released. To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump into our Deck Builder to start theorycrafting!