New Legends of Runeterra Card Impressions: Swain, The Leviathan, and More

New Legends of Runeterra Card Impressions: Swain, The Leviathan, and More

New LoR Card Set: Swain Revealed

Welcome to the Swain + Noxus edition of our new Legends of Runeterra card impressions series.  Don’t miss out on our previous posts about Quinn, Sejuani, Vi, and Maokai!

These first impressions on Swain and the other Noxian revealed cards are from one of our resident Master-level team members, Prohibit, who hit the top 10 in NA.

The following opinions are of course subject to change based on the rest of the cards that will be part of this set. Check back later once all the cards are revealed for our full analysis!


Swain (Noxus)

swain level 1

I think this is a very scary card both level 1 and level 2. Having 6 health makes it impossible to remove on curve without a Vengeance or 2 for 1 chump block + removal.

swain level 2

Not many things can block it well outside of Demacian units on curve because of its statline + Fearsome. His level 2 is backbreaking when combined with something like Challenger units.

We’ll likely see Swain paired with Piltover/Zaun to compliment his burn win condition.

Ravenous Flock (Champion Spell)

ravenous flock lor

The effect is amazing for the mana cost but the condition must be met.

I can see this in a similar type of deck to NX + PZ Ezreal because of how easy it is to get chip damage off and how well they utilize Guillotine already.

In a stun deck, you’ll get easy value off this from cards like Yone, Minotaur, and Arachnoid Sentry.


Imperial Demolitionist

imperial demolitionisht lor

An amazing card that will see play in FR + NX self damage lists and normal aggro lists as well.

This and Boomcrew Rookie are well-statted followers that will push a ton of face damage.

I worried that aggro might be insane off the back of some of these new released cards.

City Breaker

citybreaker lor

I don’t know how to feel about this card. This will probably get through 2-3 damage on average for 4 mana which isn’t great.

Unless you can get use out of the body by buffing it with cards like Crimson Aristocrat then I’m not excited about this card especially when you end up not being able to play it on curve or draw it late.

The Leviathan

the leviathan lor

You can’t play the Swain you draw until the turn afterward and you don’t get the effect as well until the same turn.

If Captain Farron didn’t see any play then I doubt that this card ever will.


Noxian Fervor

noxian fervor lor

This is another 3 mana conditional 3 damage spell (Black Spear, Get Excited!) that you can convert units that are about to get removed into face damage or a removal spell of your own.

I can see this being scary in NX + SI Spider type lists where you can sacrifice units more readily. The damage is too much to want to be played in a FR + NX self damage list.

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more first impressions as they are released. To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump into our Deck Builder to start theorycrafting!