New Legends of Runeterra Card Impressions: Quinn, Scout, and More

New Legends of Runeterra Card Impressions: Quinn, Scout, and More

New LoR Card Set Revealed (So Far)

The new Legends of Runeterra set is right around the corner and Quinn is the first champion to be revealed.

In this article, we’ll give you first impressions on Quinn and the other revealed cards from one of our resident Master-level team members, Prohibit, who hit the top 10 in NA.

Note that these impressions are of course subject to change based on the rest of the cards that come out this set.

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New keyword: Scout

Scout is the first officially revealed keyword mechanic coming to LoR in the new set.

It reads as “the first time only scouts attack each round, ready your attack.

All of the cards revealed cards include Scout as a keyword, so expect them to be included as a package in decks.


Quinn (Demacia)

lor quinn level1Quinn is a 5 drop and Demacia has lots of competition for 5 drops – Garen, Swiftwing Lancer, and Radiant Guardian are all amazing cards, so we’ll see how attractive she becomes as an option with the rest of the set’s cards.

Since Quinn needs to attack 4 times to level up with only 4 health, Quinn will have to rely heavily on protection spells like Barrier effects to level up if she wants to level quickly.

Without other forms of Rally, she levels up pretty slowly with the earliest you can level her being turn 7 without Rally.

lor quinn level 2

She feels like an aggro card but costed at 5 mana she feels like she may be a little too weak.

Ignoring her level up, Quinn is still 5/5 worth of stats over two units which isn’t bad.

Overall, the strength of Quinn feels heavily reliant on whether or not the other Scout cards are worth playing so that you can keep up-tempo when playing aggressively.


lor valor
Valor is, of course, most directly comparable to Fleetfeather Tracker and doesn’t have as much value on his own.

The Scout keyword is meaningless unless you’re attacking with a lot of Scouts on the same turn because Valor is most likely to die either to removal or whatever unit it challenges.

Blinding Assault

blinding assault

Although Blinding Assault is more expensive than Fleetfeather, being able to use spell mana to cast it is always a bonus, especially in a region like Demacia which doesn’t always have the best usage of their left over banked mana.

All in all, I think this card isn’t individually stronger than Fleetfeather and will heavily depend on whether or not running a Scout package is viable.


Grizzled Ranger

lor grizzled rangerThis seems like a pretty sweet card and I like it a lot. If you don’t have a chump blocker against this, it’s going to feel really bad.

Even then, Grizzled Ranger trades up against removal if you just hold him back defensively.

This card could be useful with Shadow Isles as they can abuse strong Last Breath followers with revive mechanics.

lor loyal badgerbear

Loyal Badgerbear normally wouldn’t be a good card on its own (vanilla stat sticks aren’t great), but the fact that it comes for free after Grizzled Ranger dies gives it so much more value.

Loyal Badgerbear being at 4 health is extremely important as it dodges all damage based removal outside of Thermogenic Beam.

If Scouts are good, it’s going to be off the back of this card in my opinion.

Greenfang Warden

lor greenfang warden

Barrier and Scout is a nutty keyword combination. One free attack when playing aggressively is hard to pass up.

One problem with the card is its stat line. Past the first turn, it can get easily blocked only being a 2/2.

Greathorn Companion

greathorn companion lor

At 5 mana I don’t see this being competitive when taking into account other units you can play at 5 mana.

It does have a lot of health which is useful for Scouts but stat sticks tend not to be good in this game.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more first impressions as they are released. To explore all the cards in LoR, check out our Card Gallery or jump into our Deck Builder to start theorycrafting!