Who Are Yordles in League of Legends

Who Are Yordles in League of Legends

Who are Yordles in League of Legends

In League of Legends, there are a lot of different champions and champion types. Each champion comes from a different place, island or world when they join Summoners Rift. Each character has a back story and history and usually meshes with many different champions in the game.

In this Mobalytics article, we will list, discuss and teach you how to play all 15 of the Yordles in League of Legends. This guide will be aimed at beginners, giving you the starting blocks to play any of these champions. If you wish to learn more on how to play any of them, you should head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more!

Who are the Yordles? The Yordles are short characters! They are usually fluffy but pack an awful punch to enemies who try to fight them.

Yordles in League of Legends


The first Yordle is Amumu, who was released in 2009. Ever since his release, he has been a fan favourite because he is a loner and a cute champion. Amumu’s slight kit upgrade was beneficial; he has become better and played more often since then.

Amumu is played in several roles now, most notably the Support and Jungle role after his Q changes. Another benefit to Amumu is that he has a very versatile build path. He can be built AP, off-tank or full tank, depending on his early game and his team’s needs.

Amumu is a strong team fighter thanks to his Ultimate, which can lock down the enemy team if he hits everyone. The follow-up damage from his teammates can be devastating for the enemy to handle, so playing inside the jungle or around objectives is recommended, as teams will usually be grouped here.


There have been (among many others) 2 significant mistakes in League of Legends history: removing Graves’s auto-attack sound and reworking Corki. Corki used to be one of my favourite champions in the game when he was an ADC, but after he got changed and became a Mid-laner, I can’t stand him.

Corki is only really played in the mid-lane of League of Legends, and he isn’t very good right now. Corki is one of those champions who is either OP or mediocre. He cannot get big direct buffs because he will be broken in pro play. Riot wants to keep him weak, so he isn’t picked every game in LEC and LCS.

Although, a fed Corki can take over the map with his Passive, which he can use to help his allies. He has good wave clear and poke, too, with his Q and Ultimate, which he can use from afar to bully the enemy.

He deserved the rework. I know, but I miss old Corki.


The next champion on the list is Fizz, and oh boy, I know how much everyone loves Fizz! Fizz was released in 2011 and has been a pretty decent champion ever since his inception all those years ago.

Fizz is only played in the mid-lane, but he used to be played in several roles. Back in my day, there was a thing called “Tank Fizz Top”. He could also be played in the Jungle, but he never really flourished like he did in the Top or Mid lane.

A fed Fizz can be extremly hard to handle due to his mobility and low cooldown Ultimate. A good Fizz will look to roam and make plays whenever their Ultimate is up to earn even more gold.


Gnar is an amazing Yordle, and a fake Yordle at times as he can change into Mega Gnar and become huge! Gnar was released in 2014 and has been a dominant force in pro-play ever since.

This Yordle can be tricky to play, especially in the mid and late game as handling your rage bar can be quite tricky. Furthermore, the state of Solo Queue makes it quite difficult for you to play around your Ultimate too.

Nonetheless, a good Gnar can be hard to handle as he has the range advantage and can constantly bully the enemy. He also has good all-in potential with his Ultimate and E which he can use to close the gap on mobile enemies.


The smartest champion on Summoners Rift is Heimerdinger! He was released on the 2009. While he has been in the game for a long time, he has never been a popular champion. While he is played in multiple roles, he isn’t that good in League of Legends.

Heimerdinger can be really hard to handle in favourable matchups. He is currently being played in the Top, Mid, ADC and Support roles. Fortunatly, he isnt picked that much right, but there was a time where he was getting picked a lot: especially in professional League of Legends.

What players seem to forget about Heimerdinger is that he isn’t just a pushing champion. The best Heimerdingers in the world don’t just push push and more push. They manage waves effectivly and tend to not hard push early on.


The next Yordle is Kennen, another dominant champion in pro play and was played consistently throughout the years in professional League of Legends. He was released in 2010 and has been played in multiple roles ever since then.

Kennen can be an extremely dominant champion, just like many other champions on our list. A good Kennen must be aggressive, abuse his range in favourable matchups, and look for good engage opportunities in the mid and late game.

While Kennen can be played in multiple roles, his best role is the Top lane right now, and I would avoid playing him in any roles that are not the Top lane!


Of all the Yordles on our list, Kled to me is the hardest to play. Since his release in 2016, he has been a dominant top laner due to his aggressive play style and ability to consistently get solo kills.

Sometimes, playing against Kled is unfair because one slip-up will cost your whole health bar. But that isn’t neccessarily a bad thing for Kled players. To truly abuse Kled, you must constantly fight the enemy laner to abuse your early-game strength.

Kled can be played in multiple roles. He is by far the best in the Top lane in Season 13 right now, but he can be played in the Mid lane too.


Lulu is one of the most popular Yordles in League of Legends as she is a good utility Support that synergises well with many different champions. She has been a really strong pick for many seasons now and will continue to main relevant for years to come.

Lulu is a very good beginner champion for anyone wanting to get into the Support role. She is very simple and lacks skill shots outside of her Q, which is easy to land. She has point-and-click abilities, which is great for new players.

Even with her recent nerfs, she is still a very good Support. As we said, she has so many good synergies that she can be picked with almost any meta ADC which is good for Solo Queue and climbing the ranked ladder.


Poppy is the 9th Yordle in League of Legends, but she has been in the game for a long time! Nowadays, you’ll find her dominating the jungle role, but she is a strong top laner too.

One thing that Poppy benefits from is a versatile build path. She can either build full damage, full tank, or off tank. This is good for Poppy players because she can build many items depending on her matchup and how far or behind she is.

If you want to play Poppy, you must understand the champions you’ll be against. She is good into certain matchups, but in others, she is terrible. It is key that you play to your strengths and limit your weaknesses.


Rumble is one of my favourite champions in the game, although I never play him anymore. Rumble feels like one of the most underrated champions at times, and we rarely get to see him play. When he is played, he tends to dominate the game.

He is a great team-fighting champion thanks to his Ultimate, which allows him to deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. Let’s not forget that his Q is also an AOE tool that can burn and deal much damage.

If you’re interested in playing Rumble, make sure you abuse his early laning phase to get a lead. After his mini-rework in Season 13, he is slightly stronger and more obnoxious in lane.


Teemo is probably the most famous Yordle in League of Legends. If you’re into PC gaming, you’ve probably heard or encountered the name Teemo when scrolling forums or talking to friends about games.

Teemo is an obnoxious champion to play against due to his auto-attack range, his poison and his Q that is a blind and can interrupt auto-attacks. These are a few reasons players hate to play versus Teemo.

If you want to learn to play Teemo, you need to work on positioning and abusing your range advantage into melee champions. Doing this will make it really hard for your opponent to survive the laning phase.


We’ve talked about a few reworks in this article so far, and Tristana was another Yordle that received a rework. She has been out for a very long time. She was released on 2009, and a fun fact: if you are an old player, you probably got her and Riot Tristana for free.

Tristana is a very good champion in the current meta. She is extremely good in the Mid lane due to her high early-game damage compared to weak early-game mages. She is also really good at roaming and picking up kills in the side lane.

While Tristana is very good in the Mid lane, she is also good in the ADC role too. So you do have a lot of flexibility if you want to play her right now.


Veigar is one of the strongest Yordles on our list, thanks to his unlimited scaling and ability to one-shot champions. Veigar was released in 2009 and has been a versatile pick since his release. As of late, Veigar is a strong Support, Mid and ADC.

While incredibly strong, he is weak early on and easy to kill. In most cases, he just wants to farm early on, and then he can start looking for more aggressive plays. That does depend on the matchup he is in, and who he is laning with or without.

Veigar needs to hit minions with his Q to get a lot of AP. The longer the game goes, the stronger he will become as he can gain more AP- press R on a squishy enemy and KABOOM.


The 14th Yordle in League of Legends is Vex. She hasn’t been out too long and was released on the 2021. She has been a good overall champion and is a dominant mid-lane champion with strong poke and all-in.

While she is good in the laning phase, her Ultimate also helps her outside the laning phase. Vex can push the wave, roam around the map, and take down champions with her Ultimate when played in the Mid Lane. In team fights, she can engage with her R, press W and CC the whole enemy team.

Vex is a very versatile pick and can be played in the Mid and Support roles. Try her out in the Support role if you like obnoxious laners.


We now come on to the final Yordle in League of Legends, Ziggs. He may be the last champion on our list, but he is far from the latest release, as he was originally released in 2012 all those years ago.

Ziggs is a champion that is pretty hit or miss. As of late, he is not that strong anymore, but he did see decent play in the past season or so in the ADC role. Right now, he isn’t really played much in either the ADC or Mid role.

With that in mind, Ziggs can be a good pick when paired with a poke Support, as they can keep pushing the enemy into their tower. He can even destroy towers faster than other champions, thanks to his W.

Final Thoughts

Yordles are one of my favourite types of champions in League of Legends. They’re fun to play, are normally cute or fluffy, and tend to be good picks. Let us know if you want to see other champion origins or lore. Like always, you can find more tips and tricks to play any of these champions with the Mobalytics App.