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The Worst Reworks in League of Legends History

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5 Worst Reworks in League of Legends

In a game that’s been out for over 13 years, there have been many changes over time from ranking changes, map changes and, obviously, champions being updated visually and mechanically. In my long time of playing this game, there have been many major changes, and in this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 champions that I consider to be “failed” or the “worst” reworks in League of Legends history.

Before we begin, I would just like to clarify what I mean by the terms “failed” and “worst”. I am using these terms to describe changes that negatively impact the updated version of the champion. This includes the likes of champion difficulty, their play rate, and what I personally do not like about the changes. This guide is highly subjective, and your opinions may differ on who you think the worst reworks have been in LoL!

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I would consider this champion to be the worst rework Riot has ever produced. The reason being that they completely reverted this change not so long after they put in their effort to rework him.

Kog’Maw was always a strange champion because of his unique play style and his weird Passive. When they changed him, he was more clunky than ever, and I was happy to see that they reverted the changes that they made to him. This is why he is number one on the worst champion reworks Riot Games has ever made.

Old Kog’Maw Abilities

The old Kog’Maw’s main difference is that he could get a massive amount of additional attack speed. His attack speed was capped at 5.00. This is considerably higher than any other champion in the game.

New Kog’Maw Abilities

His kit is relatively similar to the old Kog’Maw, except his W now only provides bonus magic damage and attack range.


Ryze seems to get a rework in one way or another every year or so. While I would say that he’s probably in the best state he has been in for quite a while, I would consider him being one of the most failed rework champions in League of Legends history.

In my time playing this game, I have seen him get several major changes. It is hard to balance him and keep him in line with other champions: he is either really good or bad for super strong in professional play. It is a shame to see a champion with so much potential get changed every few years, which does have a knock-on effect on his playability and the player base.

Old Ryze Abilities

There have been a ton of Ryze changes over time, but the main difference is that his Ultimate used to empower his abilities, making him stronger in skirmishes. Another big difference is his W. It used to be point-and-click CC.

New Ryze Abilities

The big difference is that his Ultimate is now a utility tool rather than a tool that helps him in fights. Similarly, his W can only hard CC a target if it is empowered. If not, then the enemy is slowed.


This one might be controversial because some players like the new Sejuani, and I would say that she has some better aspects to her new kit than her old one. However, one thing that I think they failed on was her Ultimate. Sejuani’s previous Ultimate could CC multiple champions that were grouped together- but now she can’t do that.

However, I will say that her early game strength has definitely improved and she is overall more versatile than she once was. I think that they failed on the Ultimate aspect and that they should have changed that to be more in line with the previous one where she was able to CC multiple champions.

Old Sejuani Abilities

The most significant difference between the new and old Sejuani is her Ultimate. Her Ultimate could CC multiple champions who get hit with it. Furthermore, her W used to deal damage around her. For her E, she could CC activate it and slow enemies.

New Sejuani Abilities

They removed the ability for her Ultimate to CC multiple targets. Her W no longer deals AOE damage (in the same way), and her E can now CC lock a target.


Kayle could potentially be seen as another controversial champion on our list. Now I will say that she is better overall compared to her old state, but I think it’s difficult for them to balance her in a way where she is not OP, nor super weak. Right now, she’s not very good and not really played that much compared to other champions.

Kayle was adjusted around the same time when Morgana was changed as well. And while Kayle is a better champion overall, I’m considering this rework a slight fail due to it being difficult for them to balance her, and her popularity not being as high as some other reworked champions like Sion, Katarina or Dr Mundo.

Old Kayle Abilities

Her Passive was utterly different. It used to reduce the enemy’s defensive stats. Kayle’s Q was a point-and-click tool that dealt damage. Her E increased her range for 10 seconds.

New Kayle Abilities

Kayle’s Q is no longer a point-and-click tool but more of a skill shot. Her E is somewhat similar but doesn’t last as long.


The final champion on our list is Galio. I consider him a contender due to him losing what made Galio – Galio. Is kit is quite different and he doesn’t really have any major role anymore. Previously, he could be played in multiple roles but after his rework, he’s limited in what lanes he played in.

One thing I really do not like about the new champion is his Ultimate changes. Previously, his Ultimate was amazing because you would CC targets and you could blow them up very quickly. Now you have to rely on your teammates, and his Ultimate is pure utility instead. Compared to many other champions, he loses most fights at level 6 purely because of his Ultimate.

Old Galio Abilities

For Galio’s Q it used to damage targets via a blast that would also slow targets. His W used to empower himself or an ally, his E would speed himself up, and his Ultimate was a channel that would taunt enemies.

New Galio Abilities

The main difference in Galio’s kit is his Ultimate, which no longer taunts enemies. His E is now a dash rather than a movement speed buff. His taunt from his Ultimate has been moved to his W. Galio’s Q skill shot is different, too. Because of these changes, Galio is rarely picked as an AP champion like he once was.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of our list? Do you think that these reworks were a success or an outright failure? Let us know below.

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