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Worst Blind Pick Champions in LoL

The Worst Champions to Blind Pick in LoL

In League of Legends, there are some champions that you shouldn’t pick blindly. You’ll struggle to perform well if you pick them, and the enemy may counter you. Sometimes you can’t help it, but you should try to pick someone different instead of these 5 League of Legends champions.

If you pick one of these champions, it may be extremely difficult for you to carry or perform well. They may pick a hard counter, which will result in you being unable to do anything in the laning phase: resulting in a poor performance throughout all stages of the game.

In this guide, you’ll find 5 champions we recommend avoid picking blindly. If you’re unfortunately put in a situation where you’re countered. This article is brought to you in partnership with our friends from ONE Esports. Check them out for more awesome LoL content!

Worst Blind Pick Champions in LoL


Nautilus Splash 11

Nautilus is not a good champion to first pick or pick blindly. This is because there are so many other Supports or champions out there that counter him. For instance, Braum, Morgana and Taric are all very good counters into Nautilus. It will be impossible to ban all of these champions, and if you’re unfortunately to play against one of them, it will be hard to win the lane.

He is a champion that needs to get a lead in the lane and then abuse that lead by helping his other lanes via roams. This can be hard to do when he is behind or when he is weak. Similarly, the enemy may be able to roam frequently and pick up kills while you’re stuck in the bottom lane.

Nautilus has a lot of good synergies, but you need to work with your ADC to abuse them properly. If you don’t, pick a champion that isn’t Nautilus like Thresh.


Caitlyn Splash (1)

Caitlyn used to be an amazing champion back in the day. She always used to be picked or banned several seasons ago, and if you mained Caitlyn, you would climb rather quickly. Unfortunately, since the release of other aggressive ADCs in recent times, the success rate of Caitlyn has gone down.

Champions who have long-range or who can all-in champions work great against Caitlyn as she is weak and squishy. If you pick someone like that, it will be really hard for her to stay alive in the lane as you can just let her push and all-in her when she walks up.

The good thing about picking Caitlyn is that she can earn a lot of gold by pushing the enemy into their tower and getting turret plates. It is possible to adjust your playstyle and play safer: keeping the wave near your turret and focusing on farming and waiting for ganks.


Nami is a risky first pick in League of Legends because there are a lot of opportunities to counter her. For instance, she suffers against hard engage and hook champions because of her squishy nature. If you get countered like this, it’s going to be a rough laning phase.

Secondly, Nami needs to be aggressive, which isn’t always possible in certain matchups or when you’re playing against certain team compositions. For instance, she can get hard countered by Yasuo and his wind wall. This ability alone makes her somewhat useless.

So picking Nami is definitely playable for some players, but it really depends on your skill with her. If you’re not very good to begin with, scratch picking her blindly.


Cystral Rose Zyra

Like Nautilus, Zyra has many effective counters to consistently do well with when picking her first. For instance, she loses to champions with long-range like Vel’Koz and Xerath, who was recently buffed. It will be impossible to beat these lanes, so you miss out on what makes Zyra a great Support.

But it’s not just these long-ranged champions that are the problem. As she is an AP champion, it makes it harder for your team to play multiple AP champions, as the enemy can just stack MR. You will need an AD Mid Laner, which isn’t always viable or possible.

Zyra’s main struggles are that she gets countered way too easily. If the enemy picks hard engage, they can just keep all-in her, and then roaming with the advantage. She cannot match roams as easily as some champions either.


True Damage Yasuo Splash Crop 2

The good thing about picking Yasuo blindly is that he is a flex pick, making it slightly harder to counter him directly. Yasuo can be played in the Top, Mid and ADC roles. However, the enemy may not know which lane he is playing if you ban a Jungler (if you ban a lane champion, it’s easier to guess which lane he’s being played in).

Whenever I am playing Mid or Top and I see a Yasuo locked in, I just pick a hard counter to him like Renekton or Pantheon as I can easily disrupt his laning phase. If Yasuo doesn’t get a lead, then he’s basically toast.

There are many easier champions you can play instead, that you’ll have an easier time on and can perform more consistently on. Pick someone else instead of Yasuo, unless you are a one trick.

Final Points

In our opinion, these are some of the worst champions you can pick in League of Legends if you are first pick or if you don’t know who your opponent is. What do you think of our list? Are there other champions in League you would avoid at all costs? Let us know!

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