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5 Things You Can Learn By Watching LoL Streamers

5 Things You Can Learn By Watching League of Legends Streamers

Watching streamers play League of Legends can provide a lot more than entertainment. In fact, watching streamers can help you develop your skills and help you climb. If you watch a streamer and pay attention to their gameplay style rather than their personality, you can copy their play style and use it in your own gameplay.

We’re currently seeing Tyler 1 and many other streamers conquer the EUW servers to get Challenger and rank 1. Watching these players brings a refreshing atmosphere to high ELO, and it is nice to see so many players come to EUW.

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5 Things You Can Learn By Watching Streamers

  1. Wave Management
  2. Trading Patterns
  3. Jungle Routes
  4. Roaming Timers
  5. General Champion Tips and Tricks

1. Wave Management

Wave management is extremely complicated and while we’ve made a few wave management guides over the years to make it as easy to understand and implement, it is still really difficult.

Many players do not necessarily understand the correct way to manage waves. They may have a basic understanding but not the whole concept. I find myself messing up the wave often, and I get bored freezing at times. Some players love to push constantly, which isn’t recommended in every matchup.

Watching streamers is a good way of learning how to manage waves and matchups because high ELO players know how to play every matchup: including where to position the minion wave. If you follow and copy what they do in matchups, you’ll see yourself climbing in no time.

2. Trading Patterns

The next thing you can follow and copy is how they trade in lane. When a one-trick or streamer has been playing a champion so much, they know when they should and shouldn’t trade with the enemy. If you watch their actions, then you can copy or find similar scenarios in your own game and copy what they do.

For instance, you should do the same if you see that they look to fight when the enemy laner has used a certain ability. The main thing is that you always watch what is happening in the lane and the surrounding areas. If you see that they avoid fighting in a stacked wave- there is a reason why they do it!

I recommend watching them and how they react to things in the laning phase. Then go back and watch the vod, slow it down (or pause it), and ask yourself why they chose to do that. It might be because the wave favoured them, they had an item advantage, the enemy wasted an ability, or they were about to get the level up. Keep these in mind.

If you’re looking to learn champion combos, make sure you check out the Mobalytics Champion Page for your favourite champion as it will have a ton of combos to help you master your favourite champion.

Ahri Combo

3. Jungle Routes

Watching professionals jungle is a really good way of improving as a Jungler. You can learn a lot of things from a jungle main such as the best jungle paths. High ELO Junglers know the best routes; if you copy them, you will also have the most health-effective clear. The jungle route might change when a champion receives a minor buff or nerf, so making sure you’re up to date is key.

Furthermore, you can also copy how they clear each camp. For instance, some players clear the jungle cams the wrong way: such as focusing on the wrong target first, or not utilising their abilities properly. A clear example would be not abusing Lee Sins’ abilities correctly or running out of stacks when playing Hecarim. You’d know how to maximise Hecarim’s Q and Passive by watching Dantes.

Alternatively, you can use the Mobalytics Champion Page for your favourite champions as we have up-to-date jungle routes. Use those in the meantime if you’ve not found a one trick that also mains your favourite champion.

olaf pathing

4. Roaming Timers

Roaming in League of Legends is extremely important and if you can roam effectively and minimize losses while you’re gone, you’re going to skyrocket in not only win rate but also kill participation.

Look at the scenarios of when your favourite streamer roams and leaves the lane. Usually, they will be roaming because they can get something out of there, and when they won’t lose so much and return. For Supports, you may find that they roam a lot from the base. This is because they can usually get to the middle lane, gank, and then return to the bottom lane before the ADC gets back to the lane.

Look at what preparation is made before the player rotates. Does the player push the minion wave into the enemy’s tower? Do they kill the enemy first? These are all important factors that you need to keep in mind and be aware of before you try to roam yourself. Like some of our other advice, go ahead and look at the VOD, see what was happening on the map, and try to think why they rotated or ganked at that time.


We have made a separate, incredibly in-depth roaming guide that gives you tons of different tips, tricks, scenarios on when to roam and so much more. I would hardly advise you to check it out if you want a written guide on roaming.

5. General Champion Tips and Tricks

Finally, I will summarize one of the main things you will learn by watching these high ELO streamers. You will pick up general tips and tricks just by watching then play. You might learn combos. You might learn why they do certain things and why they rotate around the map or move from lane to lane a certain times of the game.

Of course, there is also a subgenre of streamers that are educational and create educational content. Depending on the size of the streamer and where they stand, they might be able to answer your questions. You could ask them a question or two and get their input on some things that you might not understand properly.

If you’re consistently watching the same streamer enough, playing the same champion, you will naturally copy them.


Pay attention to your favourite streamers’ gameplay and their personality next time you watch them! A lot can be learnt when sitting at home! As always, if you want to learn more tips and tricks, we’ve got tons of extra information to help you climb! Sign up for a free Mobalytics account today!