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League of Legends Void Grubs Guide

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A Beginners Guide to Void Grubs in Season 14

The Void Grubs are little monsters that call the Baron Pit their home for the first part of the game. These crucial objectives can help teams win the game as they help push, take objectives, and increase your strength as the game develops.

These objectives are really important, and teams taking them early will help them throughout all stages of the games. The Void Grubs are easy to take, so adjusting your jungle route to get them is quite important. In this Mobalytics article, we will break down the Void Grubs: what they are, how to take them, and when to take them too!

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What Are The Void Grubs?

The Void Grubs are neutral monsters in the baron pit. They spawn from the 6-minute mark and has a group timer of 4 minutes. It can respawn if they’re killed before the 9.45 mark. Any later, and there will only be one set of Void Grubs in that game.

A Void Grub camp consists of 3 Void Grubs. Every 12 seconds in combat, they spawn a lot of Voidmites that are basically one-hit kills. AOE abilities make killing them really easy!

Killing a Void Grub grants gold and XP, and provides a stack of Touch of the Void. You can get a maximum of 3 per Void Grub spawn, and a team could earn up to 6 stacks. Each monster drops 1 stack, and you do not need to kill all 3 of them in one go. You can just kill 1 and leave the rest alone. This is far from ideal, but having 1 stack is better than none. They despawn at the 14-minute mark, where the Rift Herald takes their place.

Void Grub Image

Touch of The Void Buff / Hunger of The Void

After killing the Void Grubs, you get stacks up to a maximum of 6. Your basic attacks against structures are empowered and apply a burn that deals true damage (the amount depends on the number of stacks).

If you get 4 or 6 stacks, you spawn Voidmites to assist you during combat with structures. This means they will help you take objectives and help you split te push too.

Void Grubs Buffs

Important Void Buff Information

You do not need to kill all of the Void Grubs. You can just kill one and call it a day. However, you’ll find better results if you kill them all. When Jungling, it can be a bit worrying to know if the enemy is told if you’re taking them, but don’t worry- the announcement is only after all of the Void Grubs have been killed.

Whenever a Void Frub is killed, the remaining Void Grubs will be healed for 30% of their max health and 30% of their missing health. Meaning that its actually better to focus just one at a time if you’re a single-target champion with no AOE abilities. However, we will discuss some champions soon that can take multiple at once.

Due to this, your best bet is to really focus just one Void Grub with your auto-attacks and use your abilities so they hit multiple at once. Smite the first one when it is low to ensure you get a stack and that the enemy cannot steal it away from you.

When to Take The Void Grubs

Taking the Void Grubs doesn’t need to be complicated. They spawn at minute 6, so you could take them around the 6-7 minute mark. Just make sure you path towards them so you can easily get them. It is important to keep track of the timers and try to take the Void Grubs as soon as possible to ensure you give your team the buffs!

A thing to do is to keep track of the enemy Jungler by placing wards and looking where they’ve recently been. If you know that they are on the opposite side of the map, then you could take them while they’re nowhere nearby.

Unlike the Dragon, you don’t really need to have lane priority to take them, but if your ally is pushing then it could be beneficial for you as they can rotate to help you if needed. However, it isn’t necessary as you can solo them pretty easily.  But, you may want to think twice if you want to do them while the enemy is pushing your Top Laner in, as they could quickly rotate and contest you, which is far from ideal.

Best Junglers in Patch 14.12

Every Jungler in the current meta can take it easily. However, these champions will find it the easiest. Head over to the Mobalytics Tier List for more picks.


He has a lot of AOE abilities, so he can deal damage to multiple at the same time. Brand can take them as soon as they spawn after his first back. Thanks to his W and E, he can quickly kill all the little monsters that spawn.

Brand Vandal Splash Crop


Kayn is another champion who can quickly take the Void Grubs. Kayn has an AOE Q, so he can kill the little monsters, and he can also use his E for extra sustain or escape just in case the enemy tries to contest them. This allows him to get early Void Grubs (pre-6).



Shyvana is another champion with AOE abilities, so she can kill and damage multiple monsters simultaneously. She can clear the Void Grubs quickly with her W and empowered Q (and, of course, her basic attacks).

In Conclusion

The Void Grubs are one of the best things Riot changed this Season in League of Legends. In fact, I think Riot has made a lot of good changes this year, including item changes, warding quests, and of course the neutral objectives.

As suggested, taking the Void Grubs are very important. If you don’t take them, the enemy Jungler will take them instead. They are very strong, so taking them whenever possible is important.

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