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League of Legends’ Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software and Mobalytics

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Does Mobalytics work with Riot’s Vanguard?

In a recent announcement, Riot said that their anti-cheat software will be coming to TFT and LoL. Riot Vanguard is coming to League of Legends in Season 14. Riot Vanguard is a security software designed by Riot Games to reduce or prevent cheating in League of Legends. This article will briefly discuss how Riot’s Vanguard system works and how that may affect you as a Mobalytics user.

You can find more information about why Riot decided to take this stance with their official post.

What is Riot Vanguard?

Riot Vanguard is an anti-cheating software that prevents hackers from hijacking your games. It is intended to keep the game fair and reduce the chances of hackers taking over the game. It can handle bots, scripters, and level bots that ruin players’ experience.

It is an app that runs in the background of your PC. It can prevent unauthorised apps, including cheats or scripts, from launching in the game. Because it needs to be running at all times, you cannot play League of Legends without having Riot Vanguard installed.

But don’t worry, Vanguard isn’t a process-heavy application and has been used elsewhere in the Riot Games ecosystem. You may find that you may already have it installed if you’ve played Valorant!

What Does That Mean for Custom Skins, Announcers and Map Skins?

We can’t speak specifically about other clients or plugins, so it’s best to ask the providers directly. It is safer to assume they’re not allowed until you’re told otherwise to ensure you are not banned from the game. This includes the likes of custom announcers, map skins and themes, and custom skins.  This doesn’t mean they will not be available and work in the future!

Vanguard in Valorant

Vanguard has been present in Valorant ever since it was created. This software prevents cheaters from using hacks and cheats that may give them an unfair advantage (such as an aimbot). It has been very successful at eliminating (or at least heavily reducing) the impact of these cheaters in the game.

This is one of the reasons why it is coming to LoL. It has a proven track record of reducing cheating.

It’s also key to note that Mobalytics has had stats, profiles and much more related to Valorant since its inception, with no issues regarding safety.

Using Mobalytics and Vanguard

So we said it prevents scripts and cheats, but what does that mean for 3rd party apps like Mobalytics? Don’t worry; you’re completely safe and can use the Mobalytics client, and you will not face any penalties.

With the upcoming Vanguard change, Mobalytics will still comply and work as intended, and you will not get banned. Don’t believe us? Here’s what Riot has to say about 3rd party apps with Vanguard. 


  • We expect this will only impact around 1% of third-party applications
  • If you develop for VALORANT, you can use similar tools and methods for LoL and TFT
  • External tools reading memory will not be allowed

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Final Points

While it’s not nice to have additional things installed on your PC, the Vanguard anti-cheat software will help prevent cheaters and scripters in your game. You’ll also find less bots if you’re learning the game by playing versus bot champions. So all-in-all, it is a good change for LoL.

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