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Top 6 Worst Abilities in League of Legends

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6 Useless Abilities Still in League of Legends in 2023

We often complain in League of Legends about how broken a champion is and how many tools they have in their kit, making them kind of overpowered. In a game with over 160 different champions, you’re bound to find some overlap between one and another. However, some unique abilities in the game just don’t really make much sense, and are not that good when you compare them to similar champions.

In this guide, we will discuss six abilities that are either very weak, not properly used, or just do not make sense. Some of these may be controversial, and you may say that you utilise that ability to their full potential. While this may be the case, we see more times than not people misusing these abilities, which kind of makes them redundant.

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A quick heads up: these “useless” abilities might not be useless to you, but we feel that they are not very good in League of Legends and are mostly wasted by players. Some of these abilities don’t even make sense in the current state of League of Legends. Let’s get into it!

Cassiopeia – Passive

Cassiopeia was released in 2010, and her current Passive is pretty annoying, to say the least. Have you noticed that you never see Cassiopeia buying a pair of Boots? It’s due to her Passive. Cassiopeia cannot buy Boots, but instead gets bonus movement speed as the game develops. Say what you want about this ability; the only real benefit is that she gets another item slot.

I don’t feel like this is a fair ability right now for Cassiopeia. When we compare her to a lot of the newer champions, or compare her to some of the same champions in her class, she gets out-picked and out-damaged by superior champion kits. The only reason people really pick Cassiopeia is as a hard counter to certain melee matchups.

Blitzcrank – W

Blitzcrank’s kit is cool and unique. His Hook (Q) and other abilities are honestly quite refreshing and cool in League of Legends. Since his release in 2009, he has gone through many changes and many instances where he has been good and bad. Right now, Blitzcrank’s W is the worst part about his kit.

On paper, this ability is good: he can speed himself up, which can be extremely versatile in the aim of him either catching someone out of position or escaping a deadly scenario. The problem is that after using this ability, you’re basically crippled and an easy target for anyone. Using your W can often leave you at a disadvantage and you’ll usually die due to the slow.

Ivern – W

Ivern was released in 2016, and “recently” received a rework. While he is overall a lot better as he actually has range now, his W is the worst part of his kit. First of all, it used to be good because it empowered his auto-attacks and could hide things like the Dragon.

Right now, his W is not good at all. Yeah, it can make you lose vision of a target, and it does empower your allies, but I feel like in 1v1 situations, it is not very good. I wish that it would also prevent vision on objectives like it did before. This is by far the most useful of all the abilities on this list, but it is still not great in 1v1s.

Skarner – Passive

Skarner has received major changes where his kit was completely overhauled. Since his release in 2011, he has never been a really popular champion. His kit has some useful tools, but his Passive isn’t the best, in our opinion.

When we compared his Passive to other champions in the game right now. While the stats can be nice, they’re not that useful when compared to other champions. Especially as he may lose these bonuses at a minute’s notice if they’re taken by the enemy.

Kalista – W

Since her release in 2014, Kalista has been challenging players with her unique gameplay and mechanics. When playing Kalista, you’re often at a slight disadvantage due to how easy her kit is to manipulate and how hard it is to consistently perform on her.

Nevertheless, mechanics aside, the thing that is really useless in her kit is her W. For this, we are exclusively talking about the active, which basically scouts for vision. I feel like this isn’t a good ability to have because it is either never used, or used in correctly. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to dodge by roaming enemies or Junglers.

Quinn – W

The final champion on our list is Quinn, who has a visionary ability. Since Quinn was released in 2013, she has never really taken off (pun intended) by players. It feels like only the die-hard Quinn fans perform well on her, whereas the rest of us are left in the dust.

Quinn’s W is quite weird. Its Passive is pretty good: giving her bonus damage, attack speed and movement speed, but the active itself is quite bland. It only gives vision, which can be good, but it’s not used a lot during the earlier parts of the game. Its long cooldown makes it risky, and it often leaves Quinn feeling like she only has 2 abilities early on.

Final Thoughts

How do you feel about all these abilities we have listed in this article? Do you think they’re actually vital to a champions’ kit, or should they be changed? I think some champions have good parts to these abilities, but their core values and actives are pretty useless in many scenarios.

Let us know your thoughts! As always, you can find more interesting content like this over on the Mobalytics Blog.