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Top 5 Squishiest Champions in League of Legends

Top 5 Squishiest Champions in League of Legends

Every champion in League of Legends has different stats related to them. Some are very weak early, some are incredibly strong. Some champions even deal tons of damage at level 1, while others are practically useless!

In this Mobalytics article, we will break down 5 of the squishiest champions in League of Legends. To make it clear what we mean by squishiest champions, we will be discussing the lowest health champions in the game at level 1. The stats we are using are from the LOL Wiki. Click the link if you want to find out more!

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Here are the top 5 squishiest champions in League of Legends

  1. Anivia
  2. Sona
  3. Yuumi
  4. Heimerdinger
  5. Lux

1. Anivia (480 health)

Anivia is incredibly squishy and immobile at level 1. However, she does have her Passive to protect her life. Her Passive is very strong in the laning phase and can often prevent her death in a 1v1 setting.

It is really important that you play safe and avoid letting the enemy harass and bully you down. When your Egg is on cooldown, you’re even more vulnerable to all-in.

Learn how to play Anivia by checking out Anivia’s champion page.

2. Sona (480)

Sona is a very squishy Support and unfortunately, if she takes one too many skill shots she will be dead. She is very vulnerable to all-in, which makes her quite hard to survive too.

Thankfully, Sona has a heal with her W which can increase her survivability, but it does cost a lot of mana if you use it often.

Learn how to play Sona by checking out Sona’s champion page.

3. Yuumi (480)

Yuumi is a good Support in the current meta. She usually attaches to her ADC or other champions throughout the game. When she is not attached to another champion, she is incredibly vulnerable and easy to lock down. If she is hit by CC too, her W will go on cooldown and make her easy to kill.

The good thing about Yuumi is that she can stay attached when she is low. She can also use her E to heal herself if she has the mana to spare.

Learn how to play Yuumi by checking out Yuumi’s champion page.

4. Heimerdinger (480)

Heimerdinger is a very versatile champion who can be played in tons of different roles. Infact, he is played in the Top, Mid, ADC and Support roles! Luckily for Heimerdinger, he does have his Turrets to protect him and keep him alive, as they offer him some protection versus harder matchups.

Furthermore, Heimerdinger can prevent all-ins and stay relatively healthy as long as he stands near his turrets at all times.

Learn how to play Heimerdinger by checking out Heimerdinger’s champion page.

5. Lux (490)

Lux is also a champion who is very versatile. She is good in the Mid and Support roles. She is incredibly squishy and easy to take down if she gets hit by CC and lots of damage. At least she has her Q which is a CC tool, her W which is a shield and her E that’s a slow.

To make Lux a safer pick, you can look to farm with your E. Additionally, holding on to your Q at all times will offer you extra protection from all-ins.

Learn how to play Lux by checking out Lux’s champion page.


That about sums up our article of the top 5 squishiest champions in League of Legends. Take note that there are some other champions who have the same base health as Lux. But we’ve used just her in this list!

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