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Top 5 Most Annoying Supports to Play Against in LoL

Top 5 Most Annoying Supports to Play Against in League of Legends

When playing any bottom lane champion, whether that be the ADC or Support, it can be extremely difficult to play against certain champions as a whole. They may be annoying because they have a hook, their mobility or even their roam potential. Whatever the reason may be, we all hate playing against certain champions in LoL.

Our tier list is curated with public perception, stats and what we personally hate to lane against. Let’s break down the 5 most annoying Support champions to play against in League of Legends!

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Top 5 Most Annoying Supports to Play Against in League of Legends

  1. Yuumi
  2. Pyke
  3. Brand
  4. Blitzcrank
  5. Morgana

1. Yuumi

We are kicking off our list with Yuumi. It should be obvious why Yuumi is on our list. Let’s start with her W, shall we? No matter how bad Yuumi has performed, she can still be useful by attaching herself to a carry with her W. Keeping them topped up with healthy while doing nothing at all.

However, if the Yuumi is good, she can be hard to lane against. Constantly landing her Q will deal a lot of damage to an enemy while also trading autos and keeping their ADC topped up with health too.

Post 6, her Ultimate offers a lot of additional kill pressure. In team fights, she can use it in conjunction with an allied engage to lock down your whole team and layer the CC.

On patch 12.6, Yuumi had a 52.9% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Yuumi has the ability to become untargetable thanks to her W. When throwing fists with the enemy, focus the ADC with your skill shots and hard crowd control as it will be harder for them to dodge it. Don’t target Yuumi unless her anchor is nowhere nearby.
  • Avoiding Yuumi’s Q damage is rather simple. As it slows and deals damage to the first target it hits, once she uses it- reposition inside the minion wave and use the minions as cover.
  • Yummi is notorious for being immobile without an anchor or her ADC nearby. Focusing down the ADC first will make it easier for your team to kill both Yuumi and the Carry.
  • Small trades favour Yuumi thanks to her E that can provide two heals as well as her Bop ‘n’ Block passive that provides her with a shield. If one of these two these materials are down, it may be your best chance to engage with the enemy.

2. Pyke

Pyke is one of the most frustrating champions to play against in League of Legends. His Q gives him great pick potential which he can use to blow Flashes in the bottom lane. He can then use this to his advantage to get kills over and over.

Post 6, his Ultimate is an execute that deals tons of damage. A good Pyke will try to go for picks frequently and then look for all-ins whenever their Ultimate is up. He could even get a penta kill in team fights just by pressing R!!!

Once he has Boots, he can just roam around the map and team up with his Jungler to gank lanes and get kills. If your team doesn’t ping that he is missing, it can be annoying to lane against someone elsewhere on the map as Pyke can just show up.

On patch 12.6, Pyke had a 50% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pyke is an aggressive Support, he will look to land his Q into E for an engage. Stay behind minions to avoid his Q and move to the side of him when he uses his E.
  • Pyke has strong roam potential, be sure to warn your allies when you don’t see him in the lane for an extended amount of time.
  • Once Pyke hits level 6, his kill pressure in the lane increases significantly. Recall if you’re low and about to hit level 6 so he doesn’t one-shot you and gain a lead.
  • Avoid staying in team fights if you are low on health, you could be an easy reset for Pykes Ult.

3. Brand

Brand is the next champion on our list. If you’re a bot lane main, you know Brand’s annoying to lane against. He deals tons of damage throughout the laning phase with his E and W. He can easily blow you up in the lane with a basic combo if you’re not careful.

At level 6, Brand’s kill pressure intensifies as his Ultimate can bounce between targets, and it adds another layer to this annoying lane. He can physically 100-0 you with his ADC very quickly if he can get his full combo off.

In team fights, the fact that his Ultimate can bounce between targets makes him a huge problem as you will not be able to group super close to one another. I guess the shining light in all this is that he is squishy and immobile, so if you can lock him down, he will die.

In patch 12.6, Brand had a 49.9% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Vision in the brushes is of paramount importance as he will try to damage you from within them with all his abilities. His E>Q, in particular, is the most dangerous as it will CC you and will allow his lane partner to possibly kill you.
  • Brand is a combo mage, which means that if he misses his main combo, or uses it inappropriately, he won’t have any use until his next combo rotation. Your main goal will be to dodge his W and stay behind minions to avoid his Q.
  • In team-fights, ensure that you aren’t clumped up as Brand’s main goal will be to land a multi-man W and Ultimate which will cause a lot of damage and will most definitely kill the squishier champions in your team. Picking him off before a team-fight will increase your chances of winning that fight exponentially.
  • Brand’s immobility needs to be taken advantage of. Keep the wave near your tower and call upon your Jungler to gank him repeatedly. Bait out his W and E before the gank for maximal effectiveness.

4. Blitzcrank

The fourth champion on our list is Blitzcrank. He is incredibly annoying and considerably hard to play against because of his Q. His Q’s hitbox isn’t exactly the most consistent one in the game, which leaves him getting these insane hooks every so often.

While there are ways to play against Blitz, like standing behind minions, he can just run at you with his W and then E you or throw out his Q and pull you in. It can even cost you the whole laning phase if you get hooked once.

Blitzcrank is not always hard to play against, and it’s just the mental game you have to play against that is the issue.

Blitzcrank had a 52.3% win rate in the Support role on patch 12.6 in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Blitzcrank will most of the time require two all-ins to be killed. This is because of his Passive Shield has to be broken first. He will definitely try to bait you in with this so avoid over-extending while all-inning him and only continue with the all-in if you have a number and health advantage on him.
  • Always keep the wave near your tower as it will prevent him from all-inning you and it will also allow you to farm peacefully in the lane. As long as you avoid his Q, you will have an upper hand in this lane.
  • Blitzcrank poses no threat to you once his Q has been used up and is on cooldown. It has a long cooldown early on so use the window to harass him and his lane partner. Every Q missed by him is an opportunity for you to get a lead on him.
  • In team fights, Blitzcrank will look to separate a target from the enemy team by using his Q and then killing that target with his team. Keep the blind spots over walls warded and protect your main carry at all cost or else that one Q might lose you the game.

5. Morgana

The last champion on our list is a must ban for anyone who likes to play hook champions. Morgana is a very strong and annoying Support to play against because of her very basic kit. Her E can block major cc tools, making it difficult for you to get picks against her in the lane.

Her Q will also CC you for a long time if she hits you with it. Have you ever been hit by a Morgana Q before, and then the enemy Caitlyn places a trap under your feet? You almost get an AFK warning if this combo hits you!

These two things make Morgana annoying to deal with, yeah you can bait out her Blackshield, but it can be still hard to kill them while it’s on cooldown.

Finally, Morgana had a 49.5% win rate in Platinum+ on patch 12.6!

Tips and Tricks

  • Stay behind minions to avoid Morgana’s Q, it’s her main pick ability and being hit by it could result in losing a lot of health.
  • Try to fight after Morgana has used her E since it has a longer cooldown and will deny any CC while it is on her or her ally.
  • In team fights, try to kill her before she has her Zhonyas Hourglass up as she will be incredibly squishy and easy to kill without it. Force fights while it’s down.
  • Morgana has almost zero pressure if her Q misses. If it does, go fully aggressive on her, even to the point of walking past the wave since she has no way of stopping you.


Honestly, it felt like we could add every hook champion to our list, but unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed! Who else do you think should be on our list? Should we create another list in the future with the next 5 most annoying Supports? Let us know!

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