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Top 5 Most Annoying Mid Laners to Play Against in LoL

Top 5 Most Annoying Mid Laners to Play Against in League of Legends

The Mid lane in League of Legends has one of the most versatile champion pools in the game. There are so many different champions played there; from assassins, ADC’s, mages, and sometimes even tanks. Even though there is an insane number of champions played there, you will often find yourself facing the same champions on the weekly.

Here’s Mobalytics’ list of the top 5 most frustrating Mid Laners to play against in League of Legends. Our list consists of champions that we hate, the community hates and champs that everyone seems to ban.

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Top 5 Most Annoying Mid Laners to Play Against in League of Legends

  1. Akali
  2. Zed
  3. Katarina
  4. Yone
  5. Yasuo

1. Akali

Akali is a slippery champion to deal with thanks to her W and her overall mobility. She can be hard to lock down as she has many different escape tools and methods of dodging and escaping danger.

Her kill pressure is very high, and she can easily all-in you if you make one mistake in the lane. You need to be very careful when laning against her otherwise she will quickly snowball and take you down.

If she does get a few kills in the early game, she can one-shot squishy champions like the Support or ADC and give her team the numbers advantage with ease.

On patch 12.6, Akali had a 51% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • In team fights, Akali will look to assassinate squishy targets. Make sure you stick together as a team so it will make it harder for her to dive in and kill anyone. If she engages, lock her down with CC as she is prone to CC and cannot dish out lots of damage if she can’t move.
  • Play around Akali’s Shroud. Once it’s down, you should look to trade with her. If she activates it mid-fight, back off until it’s down. The invisibility it provides can make it hard for you to kill her, so playing around it will ensure you come out ahead.
  • Try and ensure that you’re always behind at least 1 minion at all times. If there is always a minion between the two of you, it will be impossible for her to land her E on you and engage.
  • Akali is very prone to poke. Try to poke her down as much as you can to make it much harder for her to look for an all-in.

2. Zed

The second champion on our list is Zed. Zed is one of the most popular mid lane champions in the game. He is a fan favourite and because of this, it can be quite boring for a mid-lane main to play against him because doing the same thing over and over again is quite boring and annoying.

Zed has strong all-in potential with his W and Ultimate. He also has what feels like unlimited poke thanks to his resource bar that fills back up quite quickly. Unless you’re good at dodging, you’re in for a wild ride of poke from Zed.

His strong roaming potential can make him a real problem to deal with as he can leave lane frequently and pick up kills elsewhere on the map. Even if you ping that he’s missing, he is still able to pick up kills.

On patch 12.6, Zed had a 54.2% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Laning against Zed is about dodging his poke. The best way to not get poked down into kill range is to avoid getting hit by both Qs during his W>Q combo. To do this, step diagonally as you see it come out, and then quickly change directions. Standing in the minion wave also helps as the Q does reduced damage the more units they pass through.
  • Zed’s W has a long cooldown at rank one. When it’s on cooldown he has no escape and cannot poke very well, so play aggressive while it’s on cooldown.
  • When trying to farm out against a Zed the key is to not get poked down into kill range. Play around his W, which has a really long cooldown at rank 1, while also standing inside the minion wave to reduce his Q damage.
  • The major cooldown you should play around Zed’s Ultimate. While it is down, you are free to farm and trade on him as much as you like since he’ll have little kill pressure.

3. Katarina

Katarina is one of the most annoying champions to deal with. It seems like every enemy Katarina is a smurf while the one on my team is the complete opposite. A good Katarina can be extremely scary as they seem to be everywhere on the map, which brings us on to our first point.

She is scary and annoying to play against because most Katarina’s will roam heavily and help their allies. If your team doesn’t listen to missing pings, she can easily clean up a fight and get lots of kills with ease.

In the lane, she is quite hard to deal with thanks to her mobility. It can be quite hard to land skill shots on her and it can be even harder for you to get her off you. Kata has very strong all-in potential and can easily kill you if you walk a little bit forward.

In patch 12.6, Katarina had a 53% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Lock Katarina down as soon as she engages to make it really difficult for her to dish out damage. You could let her start her Ultimate and then interrupt it.
  • Stay away from her Daggers!!! They will deal a lot of damage to you if she jumps to them. Play away from them at all times.
  • Katarina is a snowball heavy champion. If she leaves lane, ping and communicate with your team so they know she is missing from your lane.
  • Investing in early defensive items can heavily increase your survivability in a Katarina matchup.

4. Yone

Yone is the first of the brothers on our list. He is really obnoxious to deal with thanks to his mobility and all-in potential. His movements can be quite predictable, but that doesn’t stop him from being a huge pain in the ass to deal with.

He gets a “jet out of jail free card” with one of his abilities. He can overextend then fly back to his starting position elegantly and with ease. He can use it to dodge incoming damage and escape afterwards.

At level 6, his all-in potential increases dramatically, and it’s pretty versatile too. He can use it to get on to you, or escape your all-in if he really needed too. In team fights, it’s also incredibly strong as it can hit your whole team if you’re grouped closely together.

Yone had a 56.2% win rate in the Mid lane on patch 12.6 in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • In team fights, try to stay away from one another so it’s harder for Yone to get a good Ultimate off.
  • Yone benefits from extended trades. Focus on poking him down rather than committing to auto-attack battles with him.
  • Whenever his E is on cooldown, Yone is more vulnerable. Try to abuse this cool down and look for kills once he has returned to his original cast location.
  • Avoid chasing too far when Yone uses his E as he will always return to his original spot.

5. Yasuo

Yasuo is the final champion on our list. He has the same thing in common as practically every champion on our list. His all-in potential makes him really difficult to lane against. Thanks to his E, he can glide through the minion wave and get on to you.

His W is quite annoying to deal with and while it does have a long cooldown, it can still be hard to play around. And the fact that he can block incoming damage and major abilities like Syndra R with it makes him really annoying to play against.

I’d like to make my final point in this article that every allied Yasuo goes 0-10 and the enemy Yasuo is always 10-0. It feels like that at least.

Finally, Yasuo had a 55.9% win rate in Platinum+ on patch 12.6!

Tips and Tricks

  • Always break his Passive shield with your ranged abilities and auto-attacks whenever possible. It mitigates a deceptively high amount of damage and you don’t want your damage to get absorbed by his Passive when you manage to CC him.
  • Make sure you dodge his tornadoes whenever you can. It makes up for a lot of poke damage as well as allows him to reach you quickly while you’re knocked up. The last thing you want in this lane is facing a Yasuo in melee range.
  • Yasuo is extremely agile and will be using the minion wave to his advantage to dodge your skillshot abilities. Do your best to CC him when possible, especially when his W is down as he won’t be able to block your abilities easily.
  • During team fights, his goal is simple, deal consistent damage when possible and then wait for a knock up to Ult a bunch of people. If he happens to Ult someone, make sure you CC him right as his Ultimate animation ends, and then dispose of him quickly. CC is his worst enemy so try to flank him and CC chain him when possible.


That’s about it when it comes to the top 5 annoying champions to play against in League of Legends. We could’ve added a ton more champions in all honesty, but that’s what you get when you see such a variety of champions played in the mid lane.

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