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Top 5 Most Annoying Junglers to Play Against in LoL

Top 5 Most Annoying Junglers to Play Against in League of Legends

Junglers in League of Legends can make your life a living hell. Whether you’re a Jungler yourself or a lane, we can agree there are some champions we would rather have removed from the game or never have to face again.

Let’s break down the 5 most annoying Junglers to deal with in League of Legends. Like last time, we need to detail how we came up with our list: it’s a mix between ban stats, what the community thinks and also our opinions on Jungle champions. Let’s get into this Mobalytics guide on the top 5 most annoying Junglers to play against in LoL.

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Top 5 Most Annoying Junglers to Play Against in League of Legends

  1. Shaco
  2. Viego
  3. Evelynn
  4. Fiddlesticks
  5. Nocturne

1. Shaco

The first champion on our list is Shaco. He is annoying to deal with for a number of reasons, but the first reason conveniently is at levels 1 and 2. Shaco loves to steal away a camp at level 1 from your team.

Secondly, his Q. Oh boy is this ability annoying. He can be super sneaky with his Q and it gives him a ton of playmaking potential. He can use it to avoid wards and get into your face. He can also use his Q to get over walls and escape bad situations.

Shaco is just annoying! He steals camps, goes invisible, has good objective control and it feels like every team falls for his level 2 gank!

On patch 12.5, Shaco had a 52.4% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can farm and ignore Shaco but if you don’t keep tabs on him, he will snowball against your laners. Focus on taking Scuttles and planting vision on his side of the map and camps. This will allow you to play passively while negating Shaco’s pressure.
  • Shaco farms slowly and dies quickly when he’s behind, so feel free to invade him. His Q has an incredibly short duration in the early game so it’s hard for him to juke heavily and use it as an escape- use this to your advantage.
  • Shaco heavily relies on momentum with his first clear of W. Get wards down early before minions spawn to track his starting location. If you can disrupt his starting W with your team, you can severely hamper his early clear speed which is the catalyst to Shaco’s snowball game plan.
  • When you’re behind, your best option is to work with your team to ward the river and entrances to your jungle to track his invades and ganks. If you can manage to track his movement and get a counter gank off, you can easily turn the tides and kill him since he tends to not bring Flash.

2. Viego

Viego is a strong champion in the current meta. Maybe that’s why he is on our list? Well, a little bit, but he’s very obnoxious to play against in the early game. Viego loves to invade the enemy, and if you’re playing a weak early game Jungler, you’re not going to have a fun time early.

Post 6, his Ultimate is very good at executing enemies while also allowing him to close the gap between himself and his enemies. It doesn’t have the longest cooldown around, and it is super versatile: allowing him to play aggressive and defensive when needed.

Outside of that, the fact that he can take over the life of recently deceased champions makes him a major threat in team fights and when ganking (in particular the bot lane). When he takes control of a new champion, it can be devastating for your team depending on who he chooses.

On patch 12.5, Viego had a 52.3% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Viego is a strong skirmishing champion. Unless you can fight him in a 1v1, avoid fighting him alone.
  • Shutting down Viego’s gold income is key. If you see him ganking a lane, try and invade his opposite side jungle to steal away camps and deny him gold and XP.
  • In team fights, try and lock him down as soon as he engages or gets in the mix of the fight. This will make it really difficult for him to deal damage and take down your carries.
  • Viego has incredible objective control. Keep the objectives warded at all times so you know if he is taking them alone.

3. Evelynn

There are 2 significant reasons why Evelynn is on our list. If you’ve been playing League of Legends for any considerable time, you know how hit or miss she can be. Regardless of this though, she is always annoying to play against post level 6.

Up until level 6, she isn’t much of an issue, but once she unlocks her Ultimate she becomes invisible. This invisibility makes her hard to deal with as she can appear anywhere and everywhere at any given time. She can escape wards, and as low ELO players don’t buy Control Wards, it can be hard to spot her.

You know we said she is hit or miss? Well, when Evelynn is on our team, she always performs bad, but when she is on the enemy team, she always seems to 1v9. Every enemy Jungler is able to smurf and ours never seem to pop off. Unfair!!!

On patch 12.5, Evelynn had a 69.4% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Without her Ultimate, Eve is very easy to kill. If you ever catch her trying to gank without it post-6, you can turn and kill her.
  • Eve is looking to pick up easy kills on low health targets, players overstaying, or pushed up too far. Be aware of this in game and don’t stay around to push out that last wave or do that last camp while on low HP. Instead, go back to your tower to recall safely instead.
  • Eve is always looking to pick off targets who are alone with her high burst damage. Avoid this by either staying near teammates or building some early magic resist so you can survive her initial damage. She falls off heavily late game so you just need to weather the storm of her early game.
  • Eve needs her red to gank anyone early in the game because she has no CC and its also a large part of her damage. Her path will almost always lead her to red buff before she does her first gank. Use this to either counter jungle her blue side if she starts red, or to steal her red if she starts blue.

4. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is an oddball. I feel like he can be frustrating to deal with thanks to his Ultimate. However, his objective control is quite obnoxious too. A good Fiddlesticks will look to take the Rift Herald and Dragon’s as they spawn. If you’re not watching carefully, he can take them with ease.

Let’s get back to his Ultimate. He can use his Ultimate to jump over walls and help his allies. Even with good vision, you can still fall for his traps as his Ultimate can help him avoid wards. Furthermore, he seems to always be where you least expect him to be: as soon as you start pushing, he is there!

Fiddlesticks is so good in team fights and you can’t fight without the constant fear of him channelling his Ultimate and joining the fight. Fighting in the jungle or around objectives is very hard when playing against Fiddlesticks.

On patch 12.5, Fiddlesticks had a 52.9% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Fiddlesticks is very good at diving towers and countering a tower dive. Do not attempt a tower dive or staying under tower with low HP while you have no vision of him.
  • Fiddle has an extremely slow clear and is reliant on getting blue. If you can ever deny him the blue early, he will be pretty much unable to clear his own jungle. You can either late invade his blue with your team since he is very bad at level 1 or level 2, or invade him yourself. Wait until he uses W on a minion, then engage onto him – he won’t be able to do anything to you for the next 4 seconds, giving you plenty of time to gain the upper hand in the 1v1.
  • His Ultimate is Fiddlesticks’ most deadly ability but it has a long cooldown. When this ability is up in combination with his Flash, do not attempt any risky plays like dives or staying on the map with low HP. He will easily be able to punish you.
  • Look to invade Fiddlesticks in his jungle as he is quite easy to kill. The best time to strike is when he uses his W on a jungle camp as he will not be able to use his main damage ability on you.

5. Nocturne

While he’s not as popular as he once was, Nocturne is still an incredibly strong Jungler in the current meta. He is good at skirmishing early, and if he gets an early kill or 2, he can quickly snowball and take over the map.

Post 6, his Ultimate is a big threat. Because he turns off the lights and puts the map into darkness, it can be really difficult for you to know where he is when he casts his Ultimate. Is he coming to you? Or is he going elsewhere? No one pings when he casts his Ultimate, so it’s not always easy to tell.

During the mid-game, you can’t push up too far alone as he will Ult you. If your allies push up, he will Ult them. It can be easy to forget about his Ultimate at times, so you’ll often find your allies walking too far forward and getting Ulted by him instead.

On patch 12.5, Nocturne had a 55.5% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • When behind, Nocturne isn’t great at defending himself in the jungle due to his lack of execute for camps, and a lack of mobility. Whenever he has his Flash down look to duel him. If you manage to dodge his Q, or force him to fight away from the trail, he will do even less damage.
  • Nocturne will be looking to gank or dive lanes with his R. Hanging around with low health while Nocturne is in game is bound to make you a target, so try to use this as bait when possible. Once he uses it, he cannot cancel halfway through and will be stuck on whoever he goes on with no escape.
  • Try keeping track of his ultimate CD for your team- his Ultimate has a 150 CD at rank 1 (pay attention to the amount of CDR he may have as well). He becomes lackluster late game, so as long as you track his major ganking tool for your team, you can farm away and outscale him.
  • Before level 6, Nocturne has a decent 1v1 but is poor at chasing enemies down and securing camps. Abuse him by heavily invading his jungle early. Try starting the same camp as him and then take his next buff with Smite. Aim to be the mountain he has to climb to get level 6!


Yikes, did I come across a bit toxic in this article? Sorry about that! What do you think of the list we created? Do you agree with it, or are there some more frustrating champions to play against instead?

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