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Top 5 Most Annoying ADCs to Play Against in LoL

Top 5 Most Annoying ADCs to Play Against in League of Legends

The ADC meta is quite set right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t variety in the bottom lane. Many players hate playing against meta champions, while others despise laning against certain champions. From marksmen to mages, there is a variety of strong and weak ADCs around.

In this post by Mobalytics, we will list our top 5 most annoying and frustrating champions to play against in the ADC role. Our list consists of champions that we hate, the community hates and champs that everyone seems to ban.

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Top 5 Most Annoying AD Carries to Play Against in League of Legends

  1. Draven
  2. Caitlyn
  3. Twitch
  4. Karthus
  5. Samira

1. Draven

Draven is the first champion on our list. When we ask players “who do they hate laning against?” A large number of players answer with Draven. He is a lane dominant champion who loves to go for all-ins and get kills.

When he is paired with an aggressive Support or an all-in Support, it can be very difficult to lane against them as they all-in you over and over again. Furthermore, 1 mistake can cost you the lane, for instance accidentally pushing the wave. Draven can freeze and zone you away from farm and make you fall behind.

Any little advantage he may get can quickly snowball into a big lead, especially if he has cashed out on his Passive. All-in-all, he can be so annoying to play against.

In patch 12.6, Draven had a 53.3% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • All-in him while he is either low on mana, or while he has no Q. In these scenarios, Draven cannot fight back and should be an easy kill.
  • Avoid trading into a Draven who has two Axes at all costs. The best thing you can do is deny him kills until you can receive help so you can prevent from activating his Passive.
  • Draven’s power comes from having his Q up so look to engage on him if you ever notice he drops one. You can force him to drop his axes by throwing skillshots or engaging onto him at the location his Q drops since he will almost always go to catch them.
  • Draven will be playing extremely aggressive for most of the laning phase. Deny his attempts by poking him down while he tries to catch Q and retreats. The lower he is, the less likely he is to stop you from farming.

2. Caitlyn

Caitlyn has the range advantage over a large number of champions in League of Legends. She can usually auto-attack you before you’re able to auto-attack her. Her Ultimate and her Q are also long-ranged too, so you can tell you’re going to be in for a treat when you lane against Caitlyn.

There are many things that make Caitlyn annoying, one of them being the CC chain she can layer when paired with certain Supports or champions. A more common pairing is Caitlyn + Morgana. When laning against these 2 champions, it is very annoying and hard to survive a skirmish.

Caitlyn has early push power and can easily take tower plates. Unless you’re able to match her pushing power or get ganks from your allies, it’s going to be hard for you to come out ahead in terms of gold with the plate advantage she will get.

On patch 12.6, Caitlyn had a 51.2% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful of Caitlyn laying W on top of your tower since they’re hard to see. As long as you avoid this trick and avoid her E, it’s fairly safe to last hit against a Caitlyn.
  • Caitlyn excels at poking down and pressuring opponents, especially under tower. If you can keep her pushed up to her tower, you can force her to focus more on CSing and nullify her early pressure.
  • Cait has very poor all-in potential in the early game. If you’re able to start fights without getting hit by her E or W, you’ll easily out DPS her early game.
  • She will try to shove in an attempt to poke you and your tower down. Focus on last-hitting well while clearing the wave as quickly as possible to avoid losing a lot of tower health.

3. Twitch

Twitch is similar to Caitlyn in some regards. When he is paired with utility and peeling/healing Support, he can be extremely difficult to kill in team fights. If he gets an early lead, he will be even stronger in team fights.

His invisibility also is a huge problem, especially in the later parts of the laning phase and in the mid-game where he can sneak up on people and blow them up with his Ultimate. Extended trades will usually work in his favour and he will usually dish out more damage than you as he tends to build lots of attack speed, and his poison tick damage adds up over time too.

There are ways you can beat Twitch such as all-ining him, but he is still very annoying to play against when you’re not strong or ahead of him. You can try to abuse his weak early game, but if you can’t he’s just going to scale!

On patch 12.6, Twitch had a 54.58% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • Playing against Twitch is the worst when you’re behind because you HAVE to respect his Q. Pay attention to his Support’s positioning when Twitch is missing. If they forward out of character, it’s highly likely that Twitch is moving towards you.
  • The fun starts when you’ve gained a lead on Twitch. He’s scary when he’s in stealth with items in the late game but in lane he’s at your mercy He has no way to CS from afar except by using two very high mana cost abilities. Step up when he goes for a last-hit and if he backs off, you’ll pull even further ahead in CS. If he stays, you can all-in and punish him for overextending.
  • Twitch is fairly fragile, slow, has no escape, and is purely auto-attack reliant to get stacks- use this knowledge to your advantage. You can abuse him early with short trades by poking and pushing him in. Twitch has little response to any of those options except to play carefully, or to look for extended trades.
  • It’s really easy to stay even with Twitch, he sucks at pushing and has no mobility or ranged poking tools. Be wary of where his Support is and you can easily farm out or shove to keep him pushed in.

4. Karthus

Karthus is the only AP champion on our list. He is played in multiple roles and is strong in the Jungle and Mid lane too. When he is played in the bottom lane role, he is usually paired with someone who is aggressive and pokes a lot too, which is one of the reasons we hate Karthus.

Karthus has so much poke in the lane with his Q. He will keep poking you and harassing you with his Q throughout the laning phase. If you push the wave against Karthus, he can use his W to catch you out of position, slow you down then blow you up with his Q’s.

When Karthus gets to level 6, he can impact other lanes with his Ultimate, and if you’re not in a position to interrupt the channel, you bet he’s getting kills. Will your team listen to the ping that he’s level 6 and has his Ult? No, of course not!

Karthus had a 49.8% win rate on patch 12.6 in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • When Karthus hits level 6, ping that he is 6 so your allies know he has his Ultimate ready.
  • Try and match the enemy’s damage in the lane. If they’re able to push you into your tower, it will be quite hard for you to survive as they can take tower plates and poke you down while under your tower.
  • When going for an all-in against Karthus, remember to have an escape plan for when his passive goes off. It’s easy to throw away a lead by going 1 for 1 with him due to this ability.
  • Karthus’ Q crits if you are hit while in isolation – make sure to stay in the minion wave to avoid getting poked down too hard while you attempt to trade with him.

5. Samira

The final champion on our list is Samira. Samira can be really hit or miss, but her kit makes her quite annoying to handle. Firstly, she has a really strong gap closure and can all-in your team with ease. She also has a circle thing that blocks incoming abilities. Her auto attacks can be obnoxious as they can layer CC on a target.

When pushing the minion wave into her tower, she could all-in you and close the distance with her gap closure. If she is paired with a champion like Lulu who can speed her up, she can easily chase you down and kill you.

Post 6, she is really strong with her Ultimate. It can also deal so much damage to all of the enemy team if she uses it in an enclosed area of the map. If you are unable to lock her down with CC, or if she is able to stack it, she can be a real tyrant in a fight.

Finally, Samira had a 56.4% win rate in Platinum+ on patch 12.6!

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map. This will reduce her ability to get on top of and close the gap with her E.
  • Playing around Samira’s W ability is key in this matchup. Once she uses it in a trade, use the cooldown to go for a favourable trade.
  • Keep a constant eye on how many Style points she has with her Passive. The more Style points she has, the more mobile and the more damage she can deal.
  • Try and force a fight as soon as you can against Samira. Giving her time to poke or skirmish and get Style points will allow her to use her Ultimate in a team fight.


Personally, I love Draven so adding him to this list was sad. But when I play anyone but Draven and I have to lane against him, I want to cry. Anyway, what did you think of our list? Are there any champions you would replace? Let us know!

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