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Top 10 Rarest Skins in League of Legends

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What Are The Top 10 Rarest Skins in League of Legends?

There are many different skin rarities in League of Legends. You have your normal skins that are out all year round, Ultimate skins that are on sale throughout the year as well, and the Legacy skins that are available in the shop for a limited time. You even have skins you can no longer get in the game.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most rare skins you will find in the game. For a skin to be rare, it needs to not be on sale anymore, and there needs to be a limited number of people who own it. The longer a skin has been in the game, the rarer it usually is.

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A quick disclaimer before we get into this article, it is quite difficult to give numbers regarding how many skins are actually out there and how many players own these skins. Because of this, we will just discuss 10 skins that you rarely see these days, so they might not be statistically the rarest skin(s) in the game.

Silver Kayle

The first skin on our list is Silver Kayle. Silver Kayle was released in 2009. The only way you could’ve got this skin is by pre-ordering League of Legends. Naturally, this isn’t going to be a popular skin for 2 major reasons; one it is soo old, and 2, not many people pre-order a game that nobody knows much about.

We don’t really see this skin anymore because there are a lot of different Kayle skins out there which are much better and feel smooth to play with. Furthermore, she isn’t a very popular champion, so the likelihood of you even seeing this skin is pretty rare.

Black Alistar

The second skin is Black Alistar. This skin was also released in 2009 and given to players who pre-ordered League of Legends. Just like Kayle, as it is so old, it is unlikely you’ll find anyone using this skin nowadays.

But you might find someone trick ponies using this skin, but for the most part, you probably have never seen it being used. He has so many skins in the game; at least six are unavailable to purchase. This is his rarest skin of them all.

UFO Corki

UFO Corki is a great skin and was a free skin too! Riot gave UFO Corki to any account that was registered before January 2010. So, if you have a very old account registered before this time, you’ll have this skin!

Corki has fallen out of fashion with players. He used to be really good back in the day, but now we never really see him due to his overall weakness in the current game state. Maybe if he gets some buffs in the near future, we might see players using this skin on him.

King Rammus

King Rammus is an ultra rare skin, probably the rarest in the game. To obtain this skin, you had to play in the Closed Beta of League of Legends. Because so few players played during this period of the game, it is so hard to find.

While this Bowser skin sounds cool, nobody plays it because there are many better skins for Rammus. What use is this skin when there are other ones you can use instead?

PAX Twisted Fate

This is one of 3 skins that have been released at PAX which is a gaming event. PAX Twisted Fate was given out to the first set of 20,000 visitors in 2009. It is pretty cool that Riot used to give skins out for free!

PAX Twisted Fate is probably one of the coolest skins on our list so far, but do you ever see Twisted Fate being played? He has a lot of decent skins, but this isn’t even his best skin so unless you are a one-trick pony, it’s unlikely you’ll be using this one if you play him.

PAX Sivir

PAX Sivir is probably one of the worse Pax skins that were given to players, but who can really complain about a free skin? PAX Sivir was free for players who attended 2011.

This is a pretty boring skin as a whole. Especially in the past few years, where Riot has made some pretty good skins on her, it feels pointless using this when there are other nicer skins you can use instead.


This skin was also released at the PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and was given to all visitors who attended the event in 2010. PAX Jax is one of the better PAX skins that was given to players who attended.

For a Jax skin, PAX Jax is honestly pretty good. I wish that I had this one because it is my favourite skin for him. I really like the colour of it, and the animations just feel so smooth compared to his other skins. I wish that they would rerelease the skin.

Riot Squad Singed

You can actually buy some Riot Squad skins, or at least get them from chests. However, Riot Squad Singed is unique as it was the only skin that could be obtained by physically attending an event. This skin was given to players attending Gamescom in 2010.

I don’t think I have seen this skin being used in many years. Then again, I can’t remember when I last played versus a Singed! The best thing about this skin is the Q trail because the character model isn’t that nice.

Victorious Jarvan

If you were gold or above during the 2011 season of League of Legends, then you’ll have this skin. Victorious Jarvan was the first victorious skin from the skin line to be given to players who achieved a certain rank.

Whenever I see this skin being played, I always think to myself how long that player has been playing to have that skin. It is so rare that you hardly ever see anybody use this skin. The only time you will see it is once in a blue moon!

Victorious Janna

Victorious Janna is another skin that was given to players who achieved Gold or above in Ranked during the 2nd Season of League of Legends. If you see anyone with this skin, let it be known that they’ve been playing this game for over 10 years!

Victorious Janna is quite like Victorious Jarvan, as it is never used either. I think the Janna one-tricks tend to switch up their skins (at least I do), so even if they have it, they might not use it. But to be fair, I like the “basic” Janna skins.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of the skins on our list? Have you ever seen any of them? Or did you not know they existed? Let us know your thoughts below.

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