League Of Legends: Every Summoner Spell Breakdown

League Of Legends: Every Summoner Spell Breakdown

List of All the Summoner Spells in LoL

In a game that is nearly 15 years old, there are bound to be major changes to keep it refreshing and players interested. In recent years, Riot has made huge changes to the game to keep the playbase on its side.

One thing that they have added and changed over time is Summoner Spells. Summoner Spells can make or break a champion and their laning phase. Picking the right ones can get you a lead, while picking the wrong ones can knock you out of the game from the get-go.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss all of the Summoner Spells in League of Legends: present and past, and Spells that have been removed. If you like this sort of article, we’ve made similar historical articles, which you can find over on the Mobalytics Blog.

League of Legends Summoner Spell List


Barrier is a Summoner Spell that is usually played with either utility champions or against burst champions. It provides you with a shield that will take damage instead of you. It is a good Spell, but you lack kill pressure with it.


Clarity is a Spell that is unique to ARAM. You will not see it on Summoners Rift. Clarity provides you and nearby allies with extra mana which will help you use more of your abilities. It is a really good Spell, but many players do not take it nor use it in ARAM.


Cleanse is a useful Summoner Spell that can prevent you from taking damage, and help you escape sticky situations. Cleanse is really versatile, but it is often misused or not taken at all. There are only certain situations where you need this Spell.

Dash/ Mark

Dash/ Mark is a snowball Summoner Spell that is used in ARAM. It basically deals some damage, and lets you dash towards any champion or minion it hits. It is a decent Spell on engage champions, and brings some additional fun to ARAM.


Exhaust is an necessity versus some champions in League of Legends like when you’re against assassins. Exhaust can cripple a target, allowing you to either kill them or escape them. It can be taken on many different champions and many alternating roles.


Few champions in League of Legends do not take Flash. Flash is a key Summoner Spell that provides you with a lot of play making potential. It can be used aggressively and defensively, and having this Spell available offers you extra protection.


Ghost is Spell that has seen some major changes over time. In its current form it speeds up your champion to help you either close the gap between you and the enemy, or create distance to escape sticky situations. It is a versatile Spell that can be used on many different champions.


Heal has been in League of Legends for a very long time. It is usually taken by ADCs or Supports, and is rarely seen nowadays in the Mid lane. This Summoner Spell can be used to provide some health to you and a nearby champion.


Ignite is one of the most useful Summoner Spells in the current game. It not only helps you get kills, but the Summoner alone can apply alot of pressure in the laning phase. It is a great counter to healing champions due to the grievous wounds too.


The current version of Smite is pretty good. Most Junglers actually have a healthy clear, but they’re forced to Smite to get the bonuses as soon as possible. After a certain amount of action, your Smite will become empowered.


Teleport has had some major changes over time, and it’s probably in one of the worst states it’s ever been in. However, with its major changes, it has made less champions take Teleport, so the game is much better to play nowadays.

We will now go ahead and talk about Summoner Spells that have been removed from the game! All the images and the list are from the Official League of Legends Wiki. You can find more information about these spells by heading to this link.


Backtrack is honestly a funny spell. It was unique to Butcher’s Bridge, which basically gave you a shield, and then it dashed you backwards. It was actually a decent spell in Butchher’s Bridge, but unfortunately, it’s been so long that it’s been available that I forgot it existed.


Out of all the Summoner Spells in this list, Clairvoyance is one of the few that I actually remember. Clairvoyance basically granted vision and allowed you to scout ahead. It wasn’t really used to much if I recall.


Fortify was removed in 2011, and all it really did was prevent turrets from taking damage and empower and increase their attacks. It was a somewhat versatile spell but didn’t get much use in the game. It could protect your team from tower divers, though, and keep it alive for longer.


This Summoner Spell was removed when Dominion was retired. Garrison is a Summoner Spell that was unique to Dominion. This Spell empowered your team’s capture points or weakened the enemy’s capture points.


This Summoner Spell was only for spectators! Before Riot introduced a proper spectator mode, the games played in professional League of Legends consisted of 6 players, with one being a Riot Staff member using this spell to see the map properly.


Promote is a Spell that empowers a siege minion, giving it extra stats. It was removed in V8 of League of Legends, but Banner of Command is the closest thing to it in near memory. It was mostly used for split pushing.


Rally was a very old Summoner Spell that could temporarily increase someone’s damage output. It basically increased the damage to nearby units for a brief period of time. This was removed in v1 of League of Legends.


Revive was probably one of the most useless Summoner Spells around, which is one reason why it was removed. Basically, this Spell allowed you to come back alive. There were circumstances when it could be useful, but the cooldown was so long that it made this spell pretty ineffective


Over time, Smite has been heavily changed, and the current Smite is very different to some of the old ones. In the past, you had different colours for Smite, different bonuses, and a variety of other stats that empowered your champion. There are technically many versions of Smite, but for consistency sake we are only using 1 image.


Strifle was a global Summoner Spell that silenced an enemy champion and removed any buffs from them. If this was the current day, you could use it to remove a player’s Baron buff, red or blue buffs and much more.


Surge was a self-casting ability that you used to briefly increase your stats. It had its uses, especially regarding split pushing, as you could take towers quickly. For an extra bit of trivia, this functionality was added to Guinsoo’s Rageblade!

Final Thoughts

Do you miss any of these Summoner Spells? Or have you not been playing long enough to even use them. I cannot remember a lot about most of these Spells as they’ve either been removed from the game for such a long time, or were removed before I even started playing. Do you think there should be more Summoner Spells in League? Let us know below!

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