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Smolder Abilities Revealed (League of Legend’s 166th Champion)

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New Champion’s Abilities: Smolder

Smolder is the latest champion to hit the Public Beta Environment and is going to be the first champion to hit Summoners Rift in Season 2024. It is great to see that Riot will be releasing a champion this early in to the new Season!

Smolder is a Dragon champion, which is great. He is a cute little guy who has some good carry potential.

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Smolder’s Ability Names:

  • Passive: Dragon Practice
  • Q: Super Scorcher Breath
  • W: Achooo!
  • E: Flap, Flap, Flap

Skin Spotlights Hwei Ability Reveal

A huge thank you to Skin Spotlights for posting the video.

Ability Breakdown

Passive: Dragon Practice

Hitting champions with abilities and getting kills with Q to generate stacks. The stacks enhance his ability damage.

Q: Super Scorcher Breath

His Q scales: at 25, he damages all enemies. At 125 he sends an explosion that deals a lot of damage. At 225 stacks, he burns the target.

W: Achoo

Smolder sneezes, which slows and deals damage to enemies hit.

E: Flap, Flap, Flap

Smolder gains movement speed and can ignore terrain briefly. While flying, he attacks a nearby low health enemy.


Smolder’s mother breathes fire from the heavens, which deals damage and slows enemies. Smolder is also healed.

Our Thoughts

I am looking forward to seeing another new champion coming to League. He is a dragon, which is cool in itself. I can’t wait to give him a go as he looks like one of the funner and cuter champions Riot has released lately.

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