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League of Legends Season 12 Guide: All New Items (Mage, Tank, and Assassin)

Season 12: All the New Items

Season 11 has ended with a bang, and Riot has added a few new items to the game. In this Mobalytics article, we will break down the new items they’ve added and give you a few examples of champions who could work well with them.

Before we begin, these items were added on patch 11.23. Suppose you want to check the patch notes out yourself; head over to the official patch notes. If you’re not interested in reading everything, we broke down the patch changes in our Mobalytics patch notes.

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Season 12: All the New Items

  1. Mage Items
  2. Tank Items
  3. Assassin Items

Mage items

Crown of the Shattered Queen

Crown of the Shattered Queen

Crown of the Shattered Queen is an item that is great against assassins or champions with strong all-in. It offers you extra survivability that reduces incoming damage by 75%. This item is a Mythic item and offers AP, health, mana, haste and is built from Lost Chapter, Kinglegem, Amp Tome and 265 gold.

This can be a good item on Twisted Fate, Syndra or Lissandra.

Opinion on this item: This is a very situational item. It gives good stats, but you will only be buying it when the enemy has tons of burst damage. I think that you wouldn’t ultimately pick this item unless the situation calls for it.



Shadowflame is an offensive item for Mages. This item costs 3000 gold, is built from Hextech Alternator, Needlessly LargeRod and 700 gold. It gives a lot of AP and some health. It is good as it provides magic pen which is based on the enemies current health. It is good against champions with shields.

This can be a good item on Syndra, Leblanc or Evelynn.

Opinion on this item: Let’s face it, there are tons of shielding champions in League right now. This will help you counter them and make you stronger versus them. I think this is an excellent new item.

Tank items



Evenshroud is an item that is going to be good on tanks. This item will be good on tanky Supports who need to get kills early. Previously, the only viable item was Locket, which was a defensive tool, but this one will help you get kills.

Evershroud is built from Kinglegem, Aegis of the Legion and 300 gold. It gives 200 health, ability haste, armour and magic resistance. It offers decent stats for its cost. However, what you’re buying it for is the extra damage the target will take when you CC them. When you CC a target, they will take more damage for 5 seconds.

This item can be good on any tank Support like Leona, Rell or Nautilus.

Opinion on this item: I think this is a good item for tanks as it offers them a much more effective laning phase. Locket was suitable but didn’t offer much in terms of aggression. This item does, so I like it.

Winter’s Approach

Winter’s Approach

This item can be upgraded as it is built from Tear, Kindlegem, Ruby Crystal, and 1000 gold. It costs 2600 gold and is an item that tanks will buy if they rely heavily on mana and their abilities.

It gives 400 health, 500 mana when upgraded. 15 ability haste, and you gain bonus health which relies on your mana bar.

This item can be good on champions like Maokai, Malphite or Singed.

Opinion on this item: I think it’s an interesting item. I think it will help some champions like Singed as they rely heavily on mana.

Assassin Items

Axiom Arc

Axiom Arc

Axiom Arc is an assassin item that gives ability haste. This item costs 3k gold, is built from Serrated Dirk, Caulfield’s Warhammer and 800 gold. It provides a lot of AD, haste and lethality.

The Passive of this item refunds your Ultimates cooldown too, which is nice.

This item can be good on champions like Zed, Qiyana and Talon.

Opinion on this item: There weren’t many options in terms of ability haste for Assassins. This item will fill the gap for those who like to play assassin champions in League.


That’s about it for all the new items in League of Legends. I would highly advise you to check out the official patch notes or the Mobalytics patch notes to see what other items were changed for Season 12.

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