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Season 14 New League of Legends Mastery System Guide

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Season 14 Mastery Changes Explained

In Season 14, Riot Games overhauled the Mastery system. These changes offer a new freshness to the game but have unfortunately increased the grind-ness for players who want to achieve the top mastery for every champion.

The reworked Mastery system has received some backlash. It is quite confusing and, as stated, a lot more grind-heavy. This has left players a bit upset, as the changes are not what anybody really wanted or needed.

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What are the Changes to the Mastery System

Previously, you will need to earn an S to level up from 5 onwards. However, you now require “Mastery Marks” to help you level up. Levels 1-4 are the same as last time, but from level 4 to 9, you will need a token. Post Mastery 10, you need 2 Marks to level up.

Mastery Requirements

We will break down shortly how to earn Marks of Mastery.

How to Earn Mastery Points

You will naturally earn Mastery Points by playing the game. The better you perform, the more points you’ll earn. However, the games length, game result and how many players you are playing with as a premade will result in different amounts of Mastery Points.

Mastery pre-made bonuses

Season Split Milestones

With each season reset (split and each new season), you can earn Mastery Chests and additional rewards, including Mark of Mastery, emotes, and more. Take a look at the screen shot for the exact grades required to each hit reward.

mastery split milestones

How to Earn Marks of Mastery

You can earn Marks of Mastery by getting past the level 5 Mastery Level. Performing well on your champion by performing well in your games. This upcoming information is taken from this article.

“Ultimately, your grade is based on how you did in a series of performance metrics compared to all other players in your region in that specific champion/position combination. This is percentile-driven; earning a high score means you performed in the top x% of players in that champion/position combination.”

Split Mastery Sets (Free Chests)

At every split, you will get 10 champions. Completing split milestones with these champions help you get rewards, such as Blue Essence and Superioror Mastery Chests.

You can see what champions are on your list, picked for you, including 3 of your most played, 4 champions for your main role (class), and 3 champions that suit your playstyle.


We will now break down all the rewards you can earn via this system. First off, you can get chests that can give you goodies.

The mastery crests have changed, and no longer work from levels 4 onwards (like last time). Instead, you have you get them from levels 4-10+. There are more rewards, but they’re not really great in all honestly, so if you want to see the other “rewards” then click this link.

LoL S14 New Mastery Emblems

My Thoughts on the New System

So what does this mean for me? Well, not a lot really, it is actually better in the long run in my opinion as you can unlock free things and chests, which gives you a chance to get skins or other things. However, you might get champion shards, which would suck!

A good thing that has come out of this change is that you no longer need to spend Blue Essense or use Champion Shards to get level 6 and above. This can be quite good for beginners or players who do not have a lot of BE, but for someone who has been playing for years and has every champion, I never really needed the BE anyway.

So I think this new system is okay, but it’s not really for me. It’s nice to get extra rewards, but I was never one for upgrading my champions past level 5 anyway. Every champion I upgraded above level 5 I regretted it. I found the level 5 Mastery Emote to be the best out of all of them. So with them removing this, I am happy.

However, I think that the new Emotes are bad. They don’t look too good, and I don’t think it justifies showing them off anymore. They do not look as good as before, period.

In Conclusion

That about sums up our article on all the major changes to the Mastery System for League of Legends. In all honestly, the new changes are not my cup of tea, but afterall, I don’t really care for this system so it’s not a big deal for me. What do you think of them though? Do you prefer the new emotes and levels etc? Let us know below.

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