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10 Best Junglers in Season 14 League of Legends

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The Top 10 Best Solo Carry Junglers for Season 14 in League of Legends

Like every year in League of Legends, Riot made dramatic changes to the Jungle role: how Junglers gank, and the objectives they want to take. These changes have made the jungle role slightly different from the previous Season.

However, the Jungle role has the most impact compared to any other role, especially after the Rift Herald changes. This is why it is so important that you play strong Junglers to solo carry your allies in League of Legends.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 10 of the best Junglers you can use to solo carry in League of Legends Season 14. If you want to find other articles or advice for other roles, we’ve made a lot of climbing guides for Season 14, which you can find on the Mobalytics Blog.


Ivern showed a dominating performance at the end of Season 13. He was very good through a large portion of the previous season, and he has shown to be a great champion this season too. Ivern is more of a utility champion, but that doesn’t mean he cannot carry games!

He is a good skirmishing champion with his Ultimate and E. He can easily get ganks off and follow up on his allies’ CC. Another great thing about Ivern is that if you pick him, your Support can play an engage champion, a carry or an AP champion. This means your team will benefit from additional damage and your peel! He can secure those Void Grubs pretty easily on his own too.

Ivern stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Ivern’s win rate was 53.96%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Ivern had a 1.86% pick rate.
  • Unsurprisingly, people do not ban Ivern as his ban rate on Patch 14.2 was only 0.89%.


Briar Base Splash 2

Briar is one of the newest champions in League of Legends. She was released on the tail end of Season 13 and has been a very strong Jungler ever since. One of the many reasons why she is so good is due to her impressive skirmishing potential.

You must apply pressure and get kills to carry in League of Legends. Briar can easily do this with her damage output and good skirmishing power. Another good thing about Briar is that she can take objectives easily alone.

Briar stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Briar had a 54.64%% win rate on Patch 14.2
  • On Patch 14.2, Briar had a 6.86% pick rate.
  • Briar is one of the more popular bans in LoL right now (for Junglers at least). She had a 16.49% ban rate on Patch 14.2.


khazix base splash

Kha’Zix is one of the more popular Junglers in League of Legends. Like some of the other champions on our list, he was a dominating force throughout season 13, and he has shown to remain supreme in the early part of Season 14.

He is a great duelist who can win 1v1s with basically any champion. He can use this to his advantage to solo kill and fight the enemy Jungler often. Post 6, his skirmishing power increases further when he evolves his Q. Kha’Zix is also very independent and can solo objectives early without the need for help from his allies.

Kha’Zix stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Kha’Zix win rate was 52.62%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Kha’Zix was picked 266,425 times, with a 8.1% pick rate.
  • If you main Kha’Zix, you’re in luck as he has a lot ban rate of 5.74%.


Fiddlesticks Splash

The fourth recommendation is Fiddle. Fiddlesticks is a highly underrated Jungler in League of Legends. He is a great pick due to his skirmishing power and the fact that he is an AP champion. Generally speaking, AP Junglers can be great as many lower ELO teams like to pick AD assassins mid like Zed or Talon.

Fiddle is far from the strongest champion in the early game, but his power dramatically increases when he hits level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate. His Ultimate deals a lot of AOE damage, which is great for team fights as he can damage multiple champions at once. In Season 14, team fighting during the mid and late game is the most effective way of winning games- so why not play a strong team fighter?

Fiddlesticks stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Fiddlesticks win rate was 51.67%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Fiddlesticks had a 2.26% pick rate.
  • Fiddlesticks had an overall ban rate of 1.8%.


Amumu Base Splash

We’ve added Amumu to our top 10 list due to how easy his kit is and how learning Amumu will teach you the basics of the Jungle role. He is extremely basic, with lots of CC, which makes him really good even if you’re not the best Jungler.

Amumu’s Q can help him close the gap and lock the enemy down in lane. Post 6, he can use his Ultimate to further increase the CC duration on any target. He can keep enemies locked down in team fights with his Q and Ultimate. His Ultimate makes him a great champion in team fights as he can lock down the whole enemy team.

Amumu stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Amumu had a win rate of 52.16% on Patch 14.2
  • On Patch 14.2, Amumu also had a 0.54% pick rate.
  • No one really bans Amumu; at least, the stats suggest so. I never see anyone banning him anymore, which is why his ban rate is only 60,750.


Graves Splash base

The 6th champion on our list is Graves. Graves is one of the strongest 1v1 champions in LoL right now who has benefitted from the map and objective changes. Due to his ability to fight enemies early, he can fight most champions for the Scuttle Crab at levels 4 or 5.

With a small lead, Graves can quickly take over the game due to his strong skirmishing power and objective control. As the game goes along, he can continue to take these objectives and fight pretty much any champion who tries to 1v1 him. In short, Graves is very strong and with 1 kill early, he can snowball from tehre.

Graves stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Graves’ win rate was 52.55%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Graves had a 12.47% pick rate.
  • Graves gets banned quite abit: sitting at a 10.17% ban rate.


Rammus Splash

Just like Amumu, Rammus is a really simple Jungler that can help you learn the basics of the role which can in turn let you become a great Jungler on other champions. He has point-and-click CC tools which makes it very easy for you to get ganks off.

In the later stages of the early game, he will have multiple points in his taunt, making it near impossible for anyone to escape him. He can just keep ganking immobile champions repeatedly and kill them with his allies.

Rammus stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Mr Rammus had a 54.07% win rate on Patch 14.2
  • His pick rate was 2.34% with 77,092 games being played.
  • No one really bans this champion. He was only banned in 6.56% of games.


Haunting Nocturne Skin 2

Nocturne can be an extremely dominant champion if he gets a small advantage. If you’ve not played Ranked yet, or if you’re mostly an ARAM player, you may not truly understand how OP Nocturne is right now. Post 6, he is feared thanks to him literally turning the lights out for his opponents!

Like some of the other champions on our list, if you want to abuse Nocturne’s strengths this year, look for ganks whenever your Ultimate is up. You will need to try and abuse this ability’s cooldown by trying to gank your allies whenever your Ultimate is up. Make sure you prioritze those objectives too.

Nocturne stats for Patch 14.2:

  • On Patch 14.2, Nocturne had a 53.51% win rate.
  • Similarly, Nocturne had a 7.99% pick rate too.
  • Nocturne is another popular ban right now: sitting at a 16.68% ban rate.

Master Yi

Master Yi Splash Crop

If you’re new to the jungle role, Master Yi could be the perfect pick for you. He is a very simple champion with great carry potential. He lacks skill shots and is a point-and-click champion, which makes him extremely basic and easy to play!

Like stated, he has great carry potential. This means getting a kill or two in the early game can enable you to snowball and take over the map quickly. He will get his core items quicker with early gold, which means he can dominate earlier too!

Master Yi stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Master Yi had a win rate of 54.05%.
  • On Patch 14.2, he was picked XXX times and had a 6.39% pick rate.
  • If you want to learn Master Yi, you’ll need to play around his 11.65% ban rate!


Cosmic Matriarch Bel'Veth Splash Art

And the final champion on our list is Bel’Veth. Bel’Veth is a fantastic champion in Season 14. She is a great duelist and early ganker. This makes her strong in the game’s earlier stages and throughout the laning phase.

Bel’Veth can abuse her early-game strengths to take those early-game Void Grubs. This is important in the current meta as these objectives can empower their team to victory. Bel’Veth is strong throughout all stages of the game, so when a game hits the mid and late game, she can steal and dish out a lot of damage.

Bel’Veth stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Bel’Veth’s win rate was 52.84%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Bel’Veth had a 4.06% pick rate.
  • She is one of the more popular Junglers to ban right now, with a ban rate of 7.87%. You’ll usually see her either picked or banned.

To Conclude

To wrap up, this article shows our preferred picks for this Season in League of Legends. Even though we’ve highlighted the best champions to help you climb, the best approach would be to play champions you enjoy and are good at.

For more articles to help you climb in Season 14, head over to the Mobalytics Blog.