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5 Best Flex Picks in League of Legends Season 14

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5 Best Champions Who Can be Flex-Picked in League of Legends

In League of Legends, some champions can be played in multiple roles, and in season 13 we saw a lot of champions being played in multiple roles. In season 14, we expect to see a lot of champions following the same suit and being played in multiple lanes.

In this Mobalytics guide, with our friends over at ONE Esports, we will list 5 of the best flex picks you can abuse in League of Legends in season 14. But before we get into that, we must ask ourselves- why should we flex pick a champion?

Playing a champion that can be flexed into multiple roles is good as it can disguise your pick so you do not get hard-countered by the enemy. It can also allow you to counter the enemy. Furthermore, depending on who you’re playing with, you might even be able to trade your champion with your friend (such as if you’re playing Flex Queue).

Depending on the champion, who is being played in each role will be quite obvious, especially when everyone has finished picking their champions. But that small window can provide a slight benefit in the game.

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1. Irelia

Irelia is the first recommendation from us this season. She can be flexed into either the top or middle lane. She is a great top laner who can constantly abuse the enemy and chase them down the lane. In the mid lane, she can abuse the enemy’s squishyness to get kill after kill.

Irelia is such a good flex pick because no matter what role she plays, she can do especially well. For instance, if she is played in the top lane, she can deny farm, fight, and skirmish with the enemy. In the mid lane, she can get kill after kill and chase her squishy opponents down the lane.

I think Irelia is a fantastic flex-pick champion, but she is hard to play. If you want to master her, you must understand trading patterns and be good with your Passive. In ranged matchups, you must avoid taking too much damage so you don’t die repeatedly.

2. Varus

Varus is the first champion on our list that can technically be flexed into 3 lanes. Varus can be played in either the top, mid or adc role. More commonly, you’ll find him in either the top or ADC role, but he can also be played mid (but it is not as strong).

He is a ranged champion who can bully down squishy and melee champions in the mid and top lane. In the top lane, it is not uncommon for him to gain a significant CS and kill lead over his opponent. While seeing Varus in the mid-lane is quite rare, he can match the damage of most mages, keep the enemy poked in, and set up him jungler with his Ultimate.

Varus is a great top laner, but you do run the risk of getting all-in’d as you are quite squishy and easy to kill. Unfortunately, Varus lacks a dash, so he is quite defenceless. You also have to have good mechanics to make full use of his kit to abuse his range.

3. Rell

We saw a lot of Rell being played at Worlds and several other events in 2023. She’s also seen a lot of play in LEC lately too. While she has fallen off slightly in popularity, don’t let that discourage you from picking her. Rell is a good flex pick for either the support or jungle role.

In the support role, Rell can dominate most opponents. She has good counter-engagement, and is great at engaging on squishy and immobile champions. Both jungle and support Rell are very good in team fights as they have AOE Ultimates and can lock down multiple enemies at once.

Rell is not as good in 1v1 skirmishes in the jungle role, but she is great in team fights when played in either role. If you want to learn Rell, or play her in either role, make sure you play around your Ultimate to get kill after kill.

4. Amumu

Amumu is one of the easier champions on our list, and a favourite champion for many. After his major rework to his kit, specifically his Q, he can now be played in support or jungle roles. He is a great pick into squishy and immobile champions.

He is one of the few champions in League that can heavily adapt his build depending on how far ahead he is. For instance, he can either go AP when ahead or fully tank if he is behind. Regardless of this, he is great in team fights post 6, as his Ultimate is a large AOE CC tool.

To master Amumu, you need to play around your Ultimate and not let the enemy bully you down in lane. Look for plays around the map whenever your Ultimate is up!

5. Veigar

Veigar is the last recommendation but one of the most flexible. He can be played in the mid, ADC and support role. Right now, he is a very strong ADC, and one of the better AP ADCs in LoL.

While he may not be the strongest early-game champion, he is amazing in all roles in the mid and late game. Even when played in the Support role, his Ultimate will deal considerable damage to a squishy champion. Regardless of role, he will always be good when his E is maxed and he will have great pick potential.

Issues with Veigar include his weak early game and his squishy nature. If you avoid getting caught out and wasting your E, you can perform well on Veigar and flex him into any of the 3 recommended lanes.

Final Thoughts

Playing champions that can be flexed in League of Legends is a good way of countering your enemy. While many champions can be flex picked, it only really works if you can play the champion in all their roles. This method of countering your enemies by picking flexible champions is great for solo, flex and for clash!

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