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Preseason 2022 League of Legends Overview

Preseason 2022 League of Legends News

The Preseason 2022 video has been released this week with Riot outlining information and news with things we should expect in the very near future. In this Mobalytics article, we will break down everything Riot announced in their latest video and give our initial thoughts and reactions to everything discussed in the video.

  1. Review of Previous Champion Releases
  2. Champion Clarity
  3. Class Diversity
  4. Items
  5. Runes
  6. New Bounty System
  7. Dragons
  8. Challenges
  9. Game modes

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If you want to check the video out for yourselves, here it is!

1. Review of Previous Champion Releases

Riot has launched several champions this season and reworked some too. Champions such as Dr Mundo, Samira and Vex were all released or reworked this year. Riot stated, remarkably, that they know that they launched champions whose kits were busted and overturned, in particular, they noted Dr Mundo’s dominance after his rework.

I think we can praise Riot for actually taking a stance and admitting that some champions were not exactly balanced at the start.

Ashe Zombie Pre-season

2. Champion Clarity

Champions with complex kits are something Riot makes frequently, however, they occasionally make champions with varying complexity. Something they have always struggled with is clarity and how to play said champions.

Riot’s noted that you shouldn’t really be using the wiki to learn how to play a champion, so it looks like they might start to introduce their own version, or they will make efforts to make it easier to understand a champion’s abilities, how to play them, and how to play against them.


yeah but how do you play this champ btw?

3. Class Diversity

Riot has made huge changes this season that has allowed champions to switch roles and heavily increased the popularity of some champions. For instance, Brand, Morgana and Lee Sin are champions who have seen plays in alternative roles thanks to changes that Riot directly or indirectly made to them.

Riot’s noted that these changes were due to buffs, nerfs and changes to itemisation.

Lee Sin base splash crop

4. Items

2 new Mythic items are coming in the Preseason:

  • The first is a tank Support item. It is for champions who like to hard engage, so it sounds like it’ll be good on Leona and Nautilus. It will be good on champions with CC as it increases the damage output from your allies after you CC someone.
  • The second Mythic item is for mages. It reduces enemy damage after you’ve been hit. This will be great on mages when laning against assassins or anyone with lots of burst.

There will be 3 new Legendary items in the Preseason:

  • A new ability haste Legendary item will be added for assassins this season too. It offers ability haste and reduces their Ultimate’s cooldown on takedowns.
  • For tanks, a new Legendary item that grants bonus health that synergises with the amount of mana you have.
  • Finally, mages will have a new Legendary item that offers pen and will be good against champions with shields.

5. Runes

Glacial Augment will be getting changed to enhance its slow.

Lethal Tempo will also be getting adjusted to make it more impactful for the champions who can use it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to talk about with Runes as Riot didn’t go into too much detail. We will see what happens when the changes hit the PBE soon.

6. New Bounty System

There will be an introduction of a secondary bounty system to work in conjunction with kills. This bounty system works with objectives such as the Baron and Towers. This sounds pretty good on paper, but we will wait to see how strong this change is. We shall see how Riot does it, but I am fearful that this change may be super OP.

Baron Pre-season

This new system is intended to help teams get back into the game after a rough start. In conjunction with player bounties, objectives and towers will be worth more gold and given to the whole team once destroyed.

7. Dragons

2 more Dragons are flying into Summoners Rift. The first Dragon is the Hextech Dragon which gives all allies ability haste and attack speed. The Soul Dragon gives a chain slow which Riot has noted acts similar to Statikk Shiv. Gates will also be introduced with this Dragon, which basically allows you to move across the map via a portal.

Hextech Drake

The second Dragon is the Chemtech Drake. This Dragon allows you to deal more damage while you’re on low health. The Soul Dragon allows you to have a second chance of life by putting you in a zombie state after dying to potentially get a kill in return. Camouflaged areas of the map will appear once the Dragon has been slain, so look out for hiding enemies!

Chemtech Drake

8. Challenges

There are new challenges coming to League of Legends. Riot discussed things such as roles, game modes, mastery and more. There’s not a lot to talk about for challenges, but hopefully, they will be optional.

9. Game modes

Finally, let’s go over Riot’s game modes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will be seeing any old game modes returning any time soon (like Star Guardian or Ascension) because they’re hard to maintain and update. However, Ultimate SpellBook will be returning soon.


New items and new Dragons coming to the game will bring a fresh new feel to League of Legends. Among some of the buffs and nerfs they will make in the future, the new season looks to be quite promising.

In particular, I’m looking forward to the challenges in conjunction with the Mobalytics challenges. What are your thoughts on Riot’s video and what they have planned for next year? Let us know!

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