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MSI Bracket Stage W2 Results

MSI Bracket Stage Results Week 2

The MSI event has ended this week after a ton of games. The winners of the event are JDG who beat BLG 3-1 in the finals. This week, we saw a lot of gameplay, with some teams getting dominated, while others were much closer.

I was able to attend MSI in the C9 vs Gen.G event on Wednesday, which was quite good! Unfortunately, we knew it would be a 3-0 before we got there, but the experience was really nice. If you wish to learn how to play any of the champions featured in this week’s MSI games, check out their Mobalytics Champion Page for builds, tips, tricks, and much more to help you get started.

As we will be showing you the results, it is obvious that there are spoilers ahead. If you’ve missed some of the games, or don’t want to be spoiled, it’s probably best not to read ahead.

Day 1:

  • G2 1 – 3 Bilibili Gaming

It was the EU’s last hope, but unfortunately, G2 couldn’t come out ahead and ended up losing 3-1 to Bili. While it was disappointing to say the least, the teams this year just out classed G2 in many ways. Bilibili has played well throughout the event, and continued to do so throughout the rest of the tournament.

Day 2:

  • Gen G 3-0 Cloud9

I was able to visit the MSI studio to watch these games. Unfortunately, everyone already knew the result before going to the event, as it was clear C9 was going to get beat. Don’t really know about C9’s drafts, their picks and honestly, it felt like C9 were always behind regardless. A good experience, though.

Day 3:

  • JD Gaming 3-2 T1

T1 took it to a best of 5 today, but they were unable to win in the 5th game. JD showed good performance throughout the tournament and they just beat T1. While it was 3-2, it did feel quite JD favoured regardless of the score.

Day 4:

  • Gen G 0-3 Bilibili Gaming

I think the most surprising set of games this week was on day 4, with GenG losing 3-0. I expected them to get at least 1 win, especially after their dominating performance against C9. However, they were not able to pull through. Either way, Bilibili move forward in the event.

Day 5:

  • T1 1 – 3 Bilibili Gaming

In day 5, we watched T1 against Bilibili. T1 just didn’t feel like themselves in this set of games. Bili showed a dominating performance throughout and only dropped one game versus T1. We look forward to seeing them in the finals.

Day 6 (Finals):

  • JD Gaming 3 –1  Bilibili Gaming

Congratulations to the winners. It was a good series of games and we got to see some of the best players face of in the finals of MSI. Are you surprised who won? Or was it a given? Anyway, it was a good set of games, and congratulations to the winners on the final day of MSI.


Another global event comes to an end with JDG being victorious and taking home the trophy. We hope you enjoyed this series of guides and we were able to keep you updated with the MSI standings. As always, you can sign up to Mobalytics for more interesting educational and news articles here.