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MSI Play-In Stage Results

MSI Play-In Stage Results

The Mid-Season Invitational has kicked off, and the excitement is already palpable. For League of Legends fans, this is one of the year’s most anticipated events, as it brings together the best teams from across the globe to compete against each other. While it’s no Worlds event, it is still an exciting experience to watch.

The first week of games has commenced, with some interesting results from the week’s events. This Mobalytics Esports article will break down all the daily results for the week’s games. There have been many matches played this week, with many different champions loading into Summoners Rift. If you wish to learn how to play any of them, check out their Mobalytics Champion Page for builds, tips, tricks, and much more to help you get started.

As we will be showing you the results, it is obvious that there are spoilers ahead. If you’ve missed some of the games, or don’t want to be spoiled, it’s probably best not to read ahead.

Day 1:

  • PSG Talon 2 – 0 Detonation Focusme
  • G2 Esports 2 – 0 LOUD

On the first day of MSI, we watched PSG and G2 dominate their opponents to clean victories, winning 2 games and dropping none. It was a fiery first day, and nice to see teams worldwide battle it out on the first day of MSI.

Day 2:

  • Bilibili Gaming 2 – 0 Movistar R7
  • Golden Guardians 2 – 0 GAM Esports

On the second day of MSI, we saw another clean sweep of games, with both Bilibili and Golden Guardians winning the Bo3 with ease. Finally, we saw NA doing well in an event!!!

Day 3:

  • Bilibili Gaming 2 – 1 Golden Guardians
  • G2 Esports 2 – 0 PSG Talon

Bilbiliy did drop a game versus Golden Guardians today but still came out ahead with a 2-1 victory. G2 showed what LEC does best and dominated PSG Talon with a 2-0 day on the third day of MSI.

Day 4:

  • GAM Esports 1 – 2 Movistar R7
  • LOUD 2 – 0 Detonation Focusme

After a tough series, R7 took down GAM on the 4th day of MSI with a clutch set of games, with Levi stealing objectives left, right and centre. To finish the day off, we saw LOUD dominate Team Detonation.

Day 5:

  • Golden Guardians 2 – 0 Movistar R7
  • PSG Talon 2 – 0 LOUD

Day 5 was a clean day for both GG and PSG with both teams slaughtering their opponents leading to a 2-0 day for them. It’s sad to say good bye to some of the teams already, but LOUD had a decent performance throughout the tournament.

Day 6:

  • Golden Guardians 3 – 0PSG Talon

It’s the final day of MSI Play-In stage, where everything is to play for. We saw a dominating back-and-forth between both teams, with both wanting to move ahead in the tournament. GG came ahead with 3 victories after a dominating performance in all 3 games.


That rounds up this article and this weeks breakdowns of games. Tune in next week for the second round of MSI play! We hope this style of articles is basic and easy to follow, let us know what you think of the format. As always, you can find other news and League of Legends content on the Mobalytics blog.