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Top 5 Champions With the Most Legacy Skins in League of Legends

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Which Champions Have the Most Legacy Skins in League of Legends

In a game with over 160 different champions and more champions being added every year, you’re bound to find some champions that have a limited number of skins. The fact is, Riot only has so much time to create skins and new skins are added every patch. Unfortunately, they need to prioritise skins that will sell over skins that may not do as well.

In League, there are different versions and styles of skin. For instance, you have Rare and Normal. There are Hextech and Prestige, and in this guide, we are going to list the five champions who have the most Legacy skins in League of Legends.

If you wish to learn how to play any of these champions on today’s list, head to their dedicated Mobalytics Champion Page.

What are Legacy Skins in League of Legends?

Before we begin, we should clarify what legacy skins are in League of Legends. Legacy skins are kind of rare and the only released to buy every so often. You can obtain them by purchasing bundles via Hextech Bundles. Skins that are only available to buy for a certain period of time are usually Legacy skins.

We’re currently experiencing Worlds 2023, so some Esports Legacy skins are available to purchase. Pick them up while you can!


Alistar was released in 2009 and has been in the game for an extremely long time. No wonder that he has so many skins! Right now, he is sitting at 14 skins, with 6 of them being in the Legacy Vault.

What skins are in the Legacy Vault?

  • Matador Alistar
  • Longhorn Alistar
  • Sweeper Alistar
  • SKT T1 Alistar
  • Conqueror Alistar
  • Lunar Beast Alistar

Unlike some champions, I think that all of his Legacy Skins are pretty cool. There’s no one real favourite for me, but I do like the Longhorn skin and its simplicity, but its important to mention the SKT Worlds Alistar skin too!


Annie was also released in 2009 alongside some other champions on our list. As of this guide, she is sitting at 15 skins. She also has 6 skins currently sitting in the Legacy Vault.

What skins are in the Legacy Vault?

  • Red Riding Annie
  • Annie in Wonderland
  • Prom Queen Annie
  • FrankenTibbers Annie
  • Lunar Beast Annie
  • Sweetheart Annie

My favourite Annie skin has to be the Annie in Wonderland skin. Tibbers just looks really cool, and Annie’s model isn’t bad either. I am happy that I personally own this skin, but it’s been a long time since I’ve used it.


Out of all the champions so far, Poppy was not released in 2009! In fact, she was only released in…2010! Like everyone else on the list, she has 6 skins in the legacy vault, but she only has 11 skins, which is tied with the least on our list.

What skins are in the Legacy Vault?

  • Noxus Poppy
  • Lollipoppy
  • Blacksmith Poppy
  • Ragdoll Poppy
  • Snow Fawn Poppy
  • Bewitching Poppy

There are so many good Legacy skins for Poppy, but my favourite is probably the Blacksmith one. I think it’s just a nice skin to use. However, it’s important to mention LolliPoppy, which used to have a very “interesting” splash.


This champion has been reworked and changed so many times it is surprising that he has so many skins. Ryze was released in 2009, like Alistar and Annie. Since then, he has 6 unique skins that are currently in the Legacy Vault.

What skins are in the Legacy Vault?

  • Tribal Ryze
  • Professor Ryze
  • Zombie Ryze
  • Pirate Ryze
  • SKT T1 Ryze
  • Championship Ryze

Ryze is a bit of a weird one. He has some very unique skins, but in my opinion, most of them don’t feel great to use. I personally have a lot of Ryze skins, including a lot of the Legacy ones. I am not a fan of them, except Professor Ryze, which feels good to play with.

Dr Mundo

The final champion, who surprisingly has 6 Legacy Vault skins is Dr. Mundo. He was released in late 2010, making him the youngest champion on our list! Dr Mundo has seen his ups and downs, but Riot still made 11 skins for him.

What skins are in the Legacy Vault?

  • Toxic Dr. Mundo
  • Mr. Mundoverse
  • Mundo Mundo
  • Executioner Mundo
  • TPA Mundo
  • Frozen Prince Mundo

I think all of his Legacy skins are really good. Personally, I prefer the pre-work versions of his skins, especially Toxic Mundo, but the new splashes are all really nice. I just wish they didn’t change him the way they did: there’s just so much nostalgia related to the old version of Dr Mundo.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to a game that is over 10 years old, you’re bound to find things only on sale for a limited period of time. Thankfully, you get the chance to buy these skins every so often when some of them get re-released into the game, just in case you missed out on them the first time around.

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