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5 Champions That Counter Hwei in League of Legends

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Best Counters to Hwei in League of Legends

Hwei is League of Legends’ newest champion. He was released to Summoners Rift on the last patch of the 2023 Season. For those who don’t know who Hwei is, he is a relatively immobile and slow AP champion. He is excellent in team fights, thanks to his Ultimate.

In this guide by Mobalytics and One Esports, we will discuss 5 of the best champions you can pick against Hwei in the Mid Lane of League of Legends. These champions may not be statistically the best right now, but the way you play these champions directly counters Hwei and limits what he can do throughout the game.

1. Zed

The first champion on our list is naturally Zed. Zed is a fantastic champion against many squishy and immobile champs, as he has a lot of mobility and very high all-in damage. Putting him against any squishy champion will usually result in the squishy champion losing hard.

While Hwei does have the range advantage, Zed can all-in him and close the gap with his W. As Hwei lacks a dash or escape tool, he has to run away slowly, which Zed can quickly capitalise on.

Post 6, Zed can dodge incoming damage with his W and Ultimate and all-in him when he walks up to CS. Zed also has the roaming advantage, so he can constantly look to help his allies while Hwei is left pushing in the mid-lane.

2. Qiyana

Qiyana isn’t as strong as she once was, but don’t let that fool you. She has powerful all-in potential, and she can constantly look to fight him whenever he overextends for CS. Post 6, she is also a nightmare if he mispositions.

In team fights, they’re both excellent and have strong team-fighting Ultimates. However, thanks to the CC, Qiyana can be more helpful, especially if she is ahead. Her Ultimate is great in late-game team fights.

One way Qiyana can get ahead is by roaming and looking to help her allies. Hwei is unable to match her roams as he is squishy and immobile. She can all-in him if he tries to roam to counter her.

3. Talon

The next champion on our list is Talon. Talon is one of the strongest early-game mid-laners in League of Legends. He can get early kills thanks to his strong all-in potential and Passive. He can very quickly 100-0 him if he overextends.

Talon is one of the best roaming champions in the game. He can avoid wards and jump over walls, which gives him a unique way of helping his allies. Unlike Talon, Hwei cannot roam due to his limited mobility and squishy nature. Talon can out-room him with ease.

There are 2 advantages Hwei has over Talon, one being that he has the range advantage, and 2, he is better in team fights. But Talon’s ability to one-shot and assassinate a target is unfathomable.

4. Irelia

Irelia can be an almighty pick against Hwei. Like the other champions, he has a lot of all-in potential and can chase him down the lane if he overextends. Due to her empowered auto attacks, her Q and his E, there’s no natural way that Hwei can escape Irelia.

Irelia’s levels 3 and 6 are strong, especially against immobile champions like Hwei. At level 3, she can all-in him and gain a significant health advantage: force him to over-extend and do it repeatedly. At level 6, just press R and then kill him!

While Irelia will dominate him in the laning phase, she can also dominate his allies via roams. Irelia is an excellent roaming champion, just like everyone on our list. So don’t be afraid to kill Hwei, then roam and kill his allies, too.

Irelia Splash 1

5. Syndra

The only ranged champion on the list is Syndra. While she doesn’t have as much all-in potential early as all the other champions on our list, once she hits level 6, her kill pressure intensifies, and she can kill him quite quickly.

In the laning phase, she can match his wave clear as she also has AOE abilities and can push and poke him simultaneously. This is good as it gives her priority in the lane and means she will not fall behind in XP and gold, as he will not get tower plates.

Syndra has a lot of pick potential in the mid and late-game with her E and Ultimate. She can pick him off or pick off his allies and then quickly take them out of the fight. This can be detrimental to his team and make any fight unfavourable for his team.

Final Thoughts

That about sums up 5 of the best champions we recommend you pick into Hwei in League of Legends. Naturally, avoid picking these champions if you can’t play them, but give them a go next time you see the enemy picking Hwei!

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Table of contents