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How to Track LP by Game in League of Legends

How To Track Your LP in League of Legends

If you play ranked League of Legends, League Points, most widely known as “LP”, are the key to your destiny.

This is because LP determines how close or far you are to reaching the next ranked tier or division.

In this beginner guide, we’ll cover how to track your LP over time and help you understand the ups and downs of your ranked climb.

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How Does LP Work in LoL?

At the surface level, LP is very simple. When you win, you’ll earn LP and when you lose, you’ll lose LP.

The amount of LP you gain or lose is influenced by something called your “MMR” or match-making rating, which is a hidden ranking that represents the actual skill that League of Legends rates you at.

This is because a player can be better or worse than their current ranking.

Volibear Prestige Duality Dragon (LoL splash)

For example, a Bronze player could spend a lot of time grinding normal matches or get lessons that cause their skill level to increase while they aren’t playing ranked.

Once they start playing ranked again, Riot’s MMR system may detect that they’re playing at a Silver or Gold level and increase their LP gains per game.

The reverse can also happen. Let’s say you’re a Gold player who takes a long break for several months, and your actual level of play degrades to a Silver level.

Your amount of LP gained may decrease, while the amount of LP you lose may increase.

How much LP do you need to climb in League of Legends?

The amount of LP you need to climb is determined by your target rank.

There are 10 tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger.

For Iron to Diamond, there are four divisions within each tier. For example, Iron IV is the lowest rank you can attain, which progresses to Iron III, Iron II, and Iron I until you finally hit Bronze IV.

You need 100 LP to climb to the next tier within a tier. So, if you’re Bronze IV, you’ll need 100 LP to reach Bronze III.

position ranked

This system maintains until you reach Master to Challenger. Since these are known as the “apex tiers”, you’ll accumulate LP past 100 to try to reach thresholds.

However, each server has a limited number of spots depending on its size.

So even if you’ve passed the minimum number of LP, you’ll need to be at the top threshold to become and maintain that rank.

Track LP by Game with the Mobalytics Profile

Now that we’ve covered how LP works let’s dive into what you came here for – how to track your LP from game to game.

First off, head to your Mobalytics Profile with the summoner name that you want to track.

Scroll down to your match history and on the bottom left corner, below your champion’s icon, you’ll see your LP won or lost during that game.

Leminem match history LP

This is useful for tracking your most recent progress, but if you want a bigger picture, click on the LP gains tab.

Doing so will reveal a graph that zooms out to show the ups and downs of your climb throughout the ranked tiers.

You can even filter by a particular patch, role, or champion.

leminem LP gains tab

By hovering anywhere on the graph, you’ll see details pop up about that point in time with your LP gained or lost, the rank at the time, along with stats like your KDA, CS, Kill Participation, and Vision score.

By clicking on that match, you’ll be brought straight to its Post Game.

leminem match details

So if you ever want to revisit a particular good or bad streak, you can easily see the details of your games to try to either replicate your success or avoid what went wrong.

If you’re finding yourself “hardstuck” and unable to climb past a plateau, consider trying this out.

Closing Thoughts

That’s all for now, we hope you found this article useful.

So what are you waiting for?

Get back out there and hit your ranked goals!

To see LP gains by game and your LP graph, just head to your Mobalytics Profile.