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How to Play the Engage Team Composition

How to Play the Engage Team Composition

Engage comps can be some of the most deadly team compositions to play against in League of Legends due to their nature. As soon as they spot a target, they go in and try to kill them. An engage comp relies on catching enemies who are out of position or who have walked too far forward.

Engage comps are one of the most satisfying and fun comps to play because they constantly go for kills and picks. Playing against a team that is engage heavy though is very difficult, and it is easy to throw any advantage away if you’re constantly getting engaged on.

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How to Play the Engage Team Composition

  1. Objective of the Comp
  2. Example Champions
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. How to Counter

Objective of the Comp

An engage team composition is similar to some of the other team comps we’ve talked about in the past. An engage team looks to engage and jump on the enemy team as quickly as possible. They all go in at once and lock down the enemy and try to kill them quickly.

Engage comps are very strong, but they need to engage and go in quickly. If they dance around and delay going in, it will be very hard for them to play this team comp to its fullest potential.

Example Champions

Top lane


  • Sion can use his Ultimate from afar to engage.
  • He is a tank champion so he can absorb a lot of incoming damage for his teammates.
  • Sion has 2 forms of CC and depending on his build, he can deal a considerable amount of damage with both his Q and Ultimate.


  • The Monkey can use his W to reposition and surprise the enemy by engaging from a bush while he is invisible.
  • He will deal a lot of damage to targets with his basic attacks and abilities.
  • Of course, Wukong’s Ultimate is an extremely good tool as it can knockup enemies multiple times.



  • He has good pick potential with his Ultimate.
  • Skarner has multiple CC tools in his kit which can help his team lock the enemy down.
  • It can be difficult to escape a Skarner thanks to his speed.


  • Amumu’s Ultimate is a large CC tool that can target multiple enemies at once.
  • His Q is a long ranged tool which he can use from afar.
  • There are lots of different engage combo he can use. Many of which can be used to surprise the enemy.

Mid lane


  • Lissandra’s W can be used to engage from afar, and from inside bushes to surprise the enemy.
  • She has multiple CC tools built into her kit.
  • Liss can also self-cast her Ultimate to protect herself while still dealing damage to nearby enemies.


  • Her Ultimate provides Orianna and her team with lots of play-making potential.
  • She can protect her allies with her ball.
  • Her W you can speed up her allies: allowing them to engage or disengage depending on what they need to do.



  • Sivir has tons of movement speed with her Ultimate, which allows her team to chase the enemy down.
  • Her Q and W are both AOE tools which help her deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • Sivir’s damage in team fights can be considerably high if she is left untouched in the fight.


  • Lucian’s Ultimate can deal a lot of damage to targets if he can get the full channel off.
  • Thanks to his Passive and his E, he can deal a lot of damage to targets in a short amount of time.
  • He has good follow-up and can assist his team with ease, thanks to his low cooldowns.



  • Rakan can flank in team fights and start the fight for his team.
  • Rakan has the tools to get in and out of team fights. He can go in and then disengage with his E.
  • Especially when he is paired with a Xayah, his engage and team fighting power escalates.


  • Nautilus is a tank champion who can engage from afar with his long-range hook.
  • His Ultimate is a point-and-click ability which will knockup at least one targets which his team can then focus and take down.
  • Nautilus has the most CC tools of any champion in the game. He can CC everyone in a good fight.

Tips and Tricks

We’ve gone through some champions, and now it’s time to give you some tips and tricks on how to play as the comp.

  • The tanks must take the turret damage. Don’t let the squishies tank the towers!
  • Ping and communicate with your team. Avoid going in unless they can followup and are in a position to help you.
  • Think before you act. Where is the enemy team? Are people missing? Could they counter the engage?

How to Counter The Engage Comp

There are a few things you can do to counter an engage comp in League of Legends. Firstly, make sure you do not group too close together. This comp relies on the enemy being grouped, so splitting up a little bit could be good. When having a dance off with the enemy, avoid walking too far forward. The enemy will lock you down if you’re too far forward. Finally, if you have poke, try to poke the enemy down as much as possible. If you get them low, they will be unable to engage.


Engage teams are very easy to utilise, so we hope that these tips will help you a bunch in Solo Queue. If you’re looking for any additional tips to help you utilise this comp or to play against it, I’d recommend you check out the Mobalytics in-depth team comp guide.

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