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How to Play Milio (Abilities, Builds, and Tips)

New Champion Guide: How to Play Milio

Milio is the first champion in Season 13 to hit Summoners Rift. he is an enchanter Support with many abilities to peel and protect his allies. He is a pure utility machine, and like other male Supports, he doesn’t have to engage hard and doesn’t have a lot of CC.

His kit is anti-engage, which makes him a good Support against team compositions with lots of hard engage. His Ultimate can turn around most team fights, but we will discuss more throughout this guide on how to play him!

If you want to get more tips and tricks on Milio, we’ve already made a counters article for him. You can also check out his Champion page and get all of these tips and more tips to play as and against him with the Mobalytics app!

Here are the things we will be covering in this guide:

Milio Ability Breakdown

To start any new champion guide, we should break down his abilities first. Please note that the numbers in this article may differ slightly from the launch as they are based on PBE stats!

Milio’s Passive is Fired Up!

Whenever he hits himself or an ally with one of his abilities, he enhances them for 4 seconds. The champion’s next auto attack becomes empowered.

His Passive is pretty similar to alot of other champion abilities in League. It is basically an empowerment, which is nothing special.

Milio’s Q is Ultra Mega Fire Kick

He kicks a ball that knocks back the enemy it hits. The ball then bounces and deals damage and slows targets.

His Q is pretty cool and a good poke ability. He will use this often to poke enemies down. However, it is his only real defensive tool early on, so you have to be careful using it to poke with.

Milio’s W is Cozy Campfire

Milio creates an empowerment zone that follows nearby allied champions. Allied champions gain bonus attack range and heal.

Time will tell on how strong this ability is. In theory, it is really strong especially when taking and pushing towers down. This ability is really unique and theres nothing really similar to this in League of Legends.

Milio’s E is Warm Hugs

He empowers an ally and gives them a shield and bonus movement speed.

Milio’s E is like any other shielding ability. It’s nothing special in all honestly, reminds me of a Rakan E as he can too use it twice.

Milio’s Ultimate is Breath of Life

He unleashes a wave that heals allies and cleanses them from CC.

Milio’s Ultimate is the best thing about his kit. He can use his Ultimate to disengage and protect his allies: cleaning them from all the enemies CC and also saving them from danger. This ability is a hard counter to engage comps, which makes it quite cool. Furthermore, we’ve not had anything like this ability before. This is a truly unique ability.

Milo’s Rune and Build Page

Here is an example builds for Milio we’ve been trailing on the PBE.

Realistically speaking, the best build and rune page may not have been found yet, as not everyone has access to the PBE to test himout. We will update this build frequently as he is released onto the live servers.

Stay up to date with Milios latest champion rune/item builds and import them directly into your client hassle-free with the Mobalytics App.

Fights and Skirmishes

During the laning phase, focus on abusing the enemy with your auto-attacks and your Q. Focus on using your autos though because your Q can be used as a CC tool to escape skirmishes. When going for short trades, avoid using your E as a shield and just take the damage instead. Use your shield for large damaging abilities instead so you don’t run out of mana.

Outside of the laning phase, ward your flanks to keep yourself and your ADC alive while you’re both in the mid-lane. Use your W to extend your ADC’s attack range so they can auto-attack the tower from further away. Stay near your ADC, but slightly behind them so you can use your Ultimate to save them if they get all-in’d.

In team fights, you’ll want to peel for your allies and empower your hyper carry or the strongest champion on your team. It’s best to do this as they can make good use of the additional stats your W offers them.

Fighting around objectives is a decent option for him, but you need to make sure you’re not in the mix of your team, but standing at the tail end of your team as you don’t get CC’d too otherwise you will not be able to activate your Ultimate properly.

Beginner Tips and Tricks

Let’s discuss some very basic beginner tips to help you get started with the latest champ to hit Summoners Rift.

  • Focus on auto-attacking rather than using your Q as your Q is your main defensive tool early and will help you counter all-ins.
  • Avoid using your E to protect your ADC from autos early on, the mana cost is high, so only use it to intercept abilities.
  • When you are looking to fight, stand behind all your allies so you are not the main focus of their CC in team fights. You cannot use your Ultimate to save them if you’re CC’d too.


That sums up our basic guide to playing Milio as soon as he comes out on Patch 13.6. Please note that this guide was intended to just give you the basics and is in no way intended to be an in-depth article. If you’re looking for high-level advice, we suggest signing up for a Mobalytics Account to get higher-level advice imported directly into your game.