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How to Play K’Sante (Abilities, Builds, and Tips)

How to Play K’Sante (Abilities, Builds, and Tips)

We’re almost near the end of the 12th Season of League of Legends, and Riot is releasing a new champion. His name is K’Sante, and he is a tank/skirmish-heavy Top laner. He will most likely be played in the Top lane of League of Legends.

He has many different CC tools in his kit, which he can use to make plays and set up kills for his team. His kit is pretty simple, but it is all about landing skill shots and timing early on. If you don’t like play-making champions or tanks, then K’Sante may not be for you.

But without further ado, let’s break down K’Sante’s abilities, basic tips and tricks, K’Sante builds for Season 12 and much more. To find out more tips for K’Sante and other champions in League of Legends, head over to the Mobalytics site.

Here are the things we will cover in this article:

K’Sante Abilities

To kick off any how-to guide, we must break down K’Sante’s abilities.

K’Sante’s Passive is Dauntless Instinct

Ksante P

His damaging abilities mark enemies. His basic attacks against marked enemies consume the mark and deal additional damage.

All out bonus: Consuming a mark deals additional damage.

K’Sante’s Q is Ntofo Strikes

Ksante Q

K’Sante slams his weapon, dealing damaging and slowing enemies. If he hits an enemy champion, he gains a stack, which can stack up to twice. At max stacks, his next cast is empowered that pulls enemies towards him.

All out bonus: The cooldown is reduced and it no longer applies a slow.

K’Sante’s W is Path Maker

Ksante W

Active: He charges, entering a defensive stance that grants him damage reduction and immunity. He can recast this ability:

Recast: he dashes in the target direction, dealing damage and knocking back and then stunning enemies.

All out bonus: The cooldown is refreshed, the damage reduction is increased and it deals more damage. The speed is also doubled.

K’Sante’s E is Footwork

Ksante E

He dashes, but not through terrain or walls. He gains a shield while dashing. He can cast this ability on allies to increase the range and also give them a shield.

All out bonus: Footworks dash speed and range is increased, and he can also dash through terrain.

K’Sante’s Ultimate is All Out

Ksante R

He roots and knocks back a target a fair way. He then blinks behind them. If the target hits a wall, they go further and over the wall. At the end, he deals damage and they will be stunned if they hit a wall. After that, he goes “All Out”, and the ability can be recast within the duration.

All out bonus: He loses a percentage of his health, armor and magic resistance, but he gets additional damage and omnivamp while empowering his abilities.

K’Sante Build (K’Sante Runes and K’Sante Items)

Here are the stats for K’Sante’s most popular builds according to regional stats.

This widget will continually update, so feel free to check back here or bookmark his champion page directly!

Beginner Tips

Here are some very basic tips and tricks to play K’Sante. We may add more as time develops, but here are some tips to get you started.

  • In the early game, to get the third stack on your Q, you need to hit the previous 2 Qs or else the timer will run out.
  • His W acts similarly to Irelia’s W. You need to hold it down to get the full use of the damage reduction.
  • You can hit multiple people with your W. It could be useful when fighting near the Baron or a Tower or when the enemy is grouped together.
  • Don’t press your Ultimate twice. It will make the bonuses run out before the timer.
  • Your E is similar to Lucian E when it’s empowered through your Ultimate. It can go over small walls, but not large walls.
  • However, your Ultimate can launch you over big walls around the map.
  • During the laning phase, don’t push so often as you will not be able to use your Ultimate as you’ll be launched into the enemy’s tower!


There are several ways you can team fight as K’Sante. The first is very simple. You can look to flank the enemy and then lock down and reposition one of the key carries. You can do this by throwing them into your team where you can quickly execute them. To make this play, you need to flank from unwarded bushes and then target a carry.

The second method of team fighting is to use your Ultimate to knock away the enemy frontline so your carries can dish out damage to the enemy carries instead. This is quite beneficial as the enemy tank will not be able to close the gap. You will also be pushed into the enemy’s backline so you can soak up their damage.

We briefly mentioned it, but your goal is to peel for your carries and soak up damage. You’re a tank, after all, and you should soak up and take as much damage as possible while your team deals damage and survives the fight.

You can look for picks throughout the game with your abilities. K’Sante has lots of CC, so you can make plays across the map and throughout the game. One area of the map you may find beneficial is around objectives like the Baron or Dragon.

Final Thoughts on K’Sante’s Kit

So I like the idea of him having a lot of CC. His Ultimate is also pretty cool. However, I think that his kit is pretty vanilla in all due respect. It’s nothing fantastic, apart from his Ultimate. I do however, like that he is pretty simple to understand and pretty tanky.

With that said, his concept is pretty cool, and I overall like his champion design.

Personally, I am in favour of having champions that are quite basic in League, as we have had some insanely overcomplicated champions released in the past few seasons. It also allows newer players, or players who are not the best mechanically, to use the new champions in the game.

Emp Ksante Splash Crop 1

Ending Points

K’Sante will be released on Patch 12.21 and make his way on to Summoners Rift. What do you think about him? Will he be an amazing champion, or do you think Riot missed the mark with him? Let us know your thoughts, as we’d love to hear what you think of him!

Stay up to date with K’Sante’s build, and find out more tips to play as him with the Mobalytics App!