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How to Play the AOE Team Composition

How to Play the AOE Team Composition

An AOE team composition is one of the most versatile team compositions in League of Legends. Tons of different champions can be played in an AOE team comp as there are so many variations of this team comp. This team comp is very good at team fighting and will excel when teams are well coordinated.

We’re almost at the end of our team comp series of guides, and this one is about the AOE team composition. As always, we will provide example champions who are good picks when you wish to play an AOE team comp, how to play this comp and tips and tricks too.

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How to Play the AOE Team Composition

  1. The Objective of the Comp
  2. Example Champions
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. How to Counter

The Objective of the Comp

AOE or area of effect team comps are team compositions that consist of most of the champions dealing AOE damage. They have abilities that deal lots of damage to multiple champions at once. An AOE comp is very similar to a wombo combo team comp too.

The best thing about an AOE team comp is that they can fight absolutely anywhere, but they specialise in areas of the map that are quite enclosed. Fighting in the jungle or around objectives like the Drake are where these teams truly come to life.

Example Champions

Top lane


  • There are 2 abilities in his kit that are AOE abilities: his Ultimate and his Q.
  • Getting a good Ultimate down will deal tons of damage to multiple champions at once.
  • Rumble is very good and very strong in team fights. His team fighting is even stronger if you fight in the jungle.


  • Has lots of AOE abilities, including her Q, W and E.
  • Her Ultimate offers a lot of play-making potential, and she can use it offensively or defensively.
  • Lissandra can deal damage to multiple enemies at any given time.



  • Diana is versatile. She has a lot of single target and AOE damage.
  • She will target one champion with her E, but it will not matter if she uses her Ultimate in the mix of the whole enemy team.
  • Her Q is on a short cooldown which she can constantly through at the enemy. It will deal damage to all enemies it hits.


  • The thing that makes Fiddlesticks good in an AOE team comp is his Ultimate.
  • Fiddlesticks’ Ultimate is a tool that can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • Players often forget or do not ward to counter Fiddlesticks. This is one of the major advantages of having a Fiddlesticks in an AOE team comp.

Mid lane


  • Lux has a lot of single target damage while also having a lot of AOE damage.
  • She has short cooldowns on all of her abilities, but most importantly her Ultimate.
  • Her Q can CC up to two different champions, her W can shield her whole team while her E can slow and deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Don’t forget her Ultimate can deal damage to multiple enemies too.


  • Seraphine is a very versatile champion. If she has good peel or full damage, she will always be useful in team fights.
  • Her Ultimate can CC multiple enemy champions at once.
  • The Q can deal damage to multiple champions, her W can heal or shield all her allies, and her E can root multiple enemies too.


Miss Fortune

  • MF’s E and R are both AOE abilities. They can deal damage to multiple champions at once.
  • The only problem with Miss Fortune is that she has to stand still while she is channelling her Ultimate. But if the enemy is CC’d or if she is far away, she can get the full channel off safely.
  • If the enemy stands in her Ultimate for too long, she can shred them.


  • This champion has tons of poke with their Q and E. Ziggs Q is on a low cooldown, so he can constantly harass them with his Q to get them low.
  • Ziggs is good in team fights. If they chase him, he can throw his E to deal damage or his W to displace them.
  • Let’s not forget that Zigg’s Ultimate can deal damage to the whole enemy team at once.



  • Her Ultimate is a fabulous tool that can knockup 5 champions at once while also dealing damage to them.
  • Zyra can spawn a ton of plants with her E or Q abilities. They will deal damage to targets who are near them.
  • Her Q and E are both AOE abilities that can deal damage to multiple champions at once.


  • Vel’Koz has a lot of abilities that can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • If he lands his E on multiple champions, he can nuke them with his Ultimate.
  • Vel’Koz’s Ultimate can deal tons of damage, and he can melt squishies like a hot knife through butter.

Tips and Tricks

We’ve gone through some champions, and now it’s time to give you some tips and tricks on how to play as the comp.

  • Group as 5. There is safety in numbers, and as a group, you can dish out a lot of damage quickly.
  • Look for fights and contest every Drake. You will deal considerable damage if you fight when the enemy tries to secure an objective.
  • Play to each champion’s strengths. If your team needs to poke a lot, poke as much as you can before trying to fight.

How to Counter The AOE Team Comp

Countering an AOE team composition is straightforward. The first way of countering them is by not grouping to close together. If you group close together, then it’s probable that they will hit your whole team. Don’t group closely together so they can’t hit everyone. The next thing you can do is avoid fighting in the jungle or around objectives. If the enemy tries to contest you at an objective, disengage or turn and fight them. Avoid staying on the objective and staying close to one another.


AOE team comps are strictly hilarious to play as, and I hope that you guys enjoy them just as much as I do. If you need any other tips or any other champion recommendations for an AOE team comp, make sure you check out our in-depth team-composition guide on the Mobalytics site.

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