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How to Improve Your Build Path in League of Legends

How to Improve your Build Path in League of Legends

Having a significant pool of gold in League of Legends is highly beneficial. Not only will you pick up your core items quicker, but each item unlocks specific stats that will help you win the game and carry your team to victory.

Most players will know what they’re targeting for their overall build – however, the best players are able to track and understand when their next big purchase is coming up. This allows them to plan around a major power spike to get a kill in lane or let their team know that they have a good chance of taking an objective.

We’ve just launched our free new Gold to Next Item Tracker for LoL to make doing this much easier!

In this Mobalytics article, we will show you tips on how to use it and how to optimise your gold income and expenditure in League of Legends.

How to Track and Optimise Purchases in League of Legends

  1. Why You Must Track Your Income
  2. How to Optimize Your Gold Income
  3. How to Use The Mobalytics App to Track Gold

Why You Must Track Your Income

It is vital that you are always keeping an eye on your gold in League of Legends. If you back whenever you feel like it, you’ll have less-than-perfect recall timings and will miss out on more gold and XP in the long run.

If you recall when you don’t have enough gold for your next item, the enemy might have enough gold to buy theirs. If they have this item advantage, will beat you in every skirmish from there on out. So delaying your recall for another wave or two while you get enough gold to buy your next item is key.

Of course, it is key not to waste gold either, or miss out on free income. You should try your hardest to last hit as many minions as possible so you get the most income you possibly can. And make sure you avoid spending unnecessary gold.

Avoid buying lots of Control Wards during the early game.

You do not want to buy a lot of wards as it delays your core item spikes. If you buy 4 Control Wards during the laning phase and the enemy only buys 1, you’re wasting gold for little to no bonus information.

Control Ward

Avoid spending tons of gold on Health Potions.

You will need to buy Health Potions, but you shouldn’t buy lots of them. Instead, invest in Corrupting Potion/ Refillable Potion to save yourself some gold in the long run.

Health Potions

Adapt your builds to make more gold.

Remember that minions are not the only things that give gold. You should optimize your builds to get more kills or to increase your survivability in lane. Getting kills result in more gold, and not having to recall or die lets you stay in long for longer to earn more money.

How to Optimize Your Gold Income

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to optimise a build in League of Legends, first off, you can use the Mobalytics App to get builds directly imported into your client so you don’t need to worry about doing your own research or buying the incorrect and less than optimal builds in the game.

With that in mind, you should optimize and adapt your builds to the game and the match you’re playing in. There are a few things you can do to optimize your purchases and build path in LoL!

Don’t get your Mythic first

With the recent item changes for the new Season, you do not always have to buy your Mythic item first. For instance, many tanks can now just get Bami’s Cinder first and then get a different item for your Mythic as Bami’s Cinder is no longer a Mythic component.

Another example would by getting Ninja Tabi first, or Mercury’s Treads if you’re against an AP champion. The extra defensive stats before hopping into your first item could be beneficial.

Ninja Tabi

Buy an early Executioner’s Calling

It is going to be hard to kill someone who has a lot of sustain in the lane, so you need to do something that will increase your chances of killing them. If you do not buy any healing reduction, they will out sustain any damage you do to them, which will result in you having little to no killl pressure on the enemy.

Executioner's Calling

If you’re an AD champion such as Fiora, Talon or Jinx, you could get an Executioner’s Calling as your first item to help kill the enemy. This is a good item against champions such as Soraka or Vladimir.

How to Use the Mobalytics App to Track Your Gold

We’ve just released our income tracker. Gain an advantage over the enemy today by downloading the Mobalytics App!

Ashe Image 2

In the corner of the screen, you’ll see a popup with the amount of gold you need for a major purchase. Always keep these numbers in mind, and try to limit recalling unless you have enough gold to buy the recommended item. if you recall before, you obviously won’t have enough. If you do have enough to buy component items, then go for it but you might be missing out on extra stats if you recall early.Ashe Image 1

Finishing Thoughts

That about sums up our article on how you can optimise your gold income in League of Legends. Make sure you use everything we talked about in this guide to help you get the one up over the enemy!