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How to Counter Milio

How to Counter Milio

Milio is the first champion to be released in Season 13. He is an enchanter Support that is a great champion versus engage team compositions thanks to his Ultimate. He has lots of utility with all of his abilities able to empower his allies.

He is the first male enchanter Support that provides pure utility for his team, unlike other male enchanters, he is squishy and doens’t hard engage like the likes of Rakan or Taric. Instead, he sits back and empowers his allies.

Before we begin, this article is mostly built on theory craft and was released prior to his release to the live servers. However, our experts have been playing him on the PBE and have provided us with this information! If you’re interested in learning how to play Milio, make sure you sing up for a free Mobalytics account to help you get started on your grind!

How to Counter Milio in Season 13

  1. Care For His Auto-Attacks
  2. Play Around His Q
  3. Fight in Open Areas of the Map
  4. Lock Him Down in Team Fights
  5. Abuse Your Level 2
  6. Champion Counters

Milo Splash 2

1. Care For His Auto-Attacks

When playing as a melee champion vs a ranged champion, you need to watch your positioning at all times so the enemy isn’t able to bully you for free. It is essential that you only position forward when you want to play aggressively.

If you are not in a position to play aggressively, then you shouldn’t be standing too far forward; otherwise the enemy will bully you of the free. If you are low health, it will be impossible for you to play aggressively. So, preserving as much health as possible is key.

When playing as a melee champion, try to hug bushes so he cannot harass you without placing a ward. Also, try to stand in a position not too far forward where he can bully you but not so far back that you can’t play aggressive. You need to find this healthy balance to ensure you have some form of pressure in the lane.

2. Play Around His Q

The next tip is to play around his Q ability. His Q is his only real defensive tool early on. It’s also his only real poke tool outside of his auto-attacks.

If you see Milio use his Q and it misses, try to abuse the cooldown as he has no way of really defending himself. Looking to fight him while it is down will increase your chances of winning a fight because he’s lacking an ability, lacking damage and also lacking CC would you can easily capitalise on.

His abilities have quite a long cooldown early on so there is plenty of time to harass him and look for all-ins.

Milio Q

3. Fight in Open Areas of the Map

If possible, try to fight in the open such as in a lane or in an open space around the map in the later part of the game. It’s not recommended to fight inside the jungle or around objectives such as the Dragon or Baron when facing Milio.

Teams will usually be grouped quite close together in these parts of the map which benefits Milio in the long run because he can use his ultimate to protect his whole team. Compare this to fighting in the open, it’s harder for him to get his Ultimate off on all of his allies.

If he is able to use his Ultimate on all of his allies, it will decrease your chances of killing them all in a team fight.

Milo R

This brings us to our next tip which is to focus him down first.

4. Lock Him Down in Team Fights

Milio can provide a lot of utility for his team. His kit has so much potential that it can be very hard for you to fight him in against certain team compositions. This is why it is important that you take him down first, or ensure that CC abilities you throw out also hit him.

He cannot use his Ultimate if he is dead or if he is locked down by CC, so it is important that you try to hit your skill shots and your CC on him as well as the whole enemy team.

You could look to ambush him when he goes to ward as he will be an easy target when he is on his own. You can then abuse his death timer to start a fight with the remaining members of his team.

Milio 2

5. Abuse Your Level 2

This one is pretty simple so I will keep it short and sweet: Make sure you abused your level 2 all in. Milio isn’t that strong at level two, so if you are playing as a strong level 2 champion such as Blitzcrank, Alistar or Leona, make sure you play aggressive once you get the level up as you easily destroy his health bar.

To hit level 2 in the bottom lane, you need to kill the first minion wave followed by the 3 play Minions on the second wave. Get the level up at the same time or just before him and then looked to play aggressively.

6. Champion Counters

We will now discuss some champions that can be good against him and why. Please note these are just theory crafted and are not necessarily statistically the best counters versus him.


  • You’re level 2 is a lot stronger than him, look to all-in him at level 2.
  • Milio is very squishy so you can capitalise on this to kill him over and over again.
  • Look for picks in the mid and late game with your Q on Milio as he will go to ward alone.



  • Amumu’s damage at level 1 is hard to handle. Use this to your advantage to get an early lead.
  • At level 6, Ult Milio and not the ADC alone otherwise he will use his Ultimate to save them.
  • When team fighting, make sure you hit Milio with your Ultimate too.

amumu Splash 2


  • Leona is one of the strongest level 2 champions in the game, abuse your level 2 all-in to kill him.
  • Your Ultimate has a long range. Use it often on him when he is away from the ADC. Focus him not the ADC!
  • In team fights, use your range advantage to hit Milio and multiple team mates. Don’t just hit him or one ally, try to hit him and multiple allies.

High Noon Leona Skin Crop 1


That about sums up our article on how to counter Milio. What do you think of the new champion? Is he good, or is he bad? Let us know below! As always, you can sign up for a free Mobalytics account and get advice, builds and much more directly imported into your client!