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How to Play Against Lux

How to Play Against Lux (5 Tips)

Lux is a poster child of Riot games and for good measure, she is a great champion that the majority of the community enjoy. Because she is so popular, you’ll often see her in your games in either the Mid or Support role.

As you may find yourself playing against her somewhat frequently, you must know how to play against her to increase your chances of winning the game.

I am a Diamond 1 Support main, so this advice is mostly tailored to the Support role. However, these tips will be useful against Mid and ADC (Bot lane) Lux too.

How to Counter Lux:

  1. Avoid grouping too closely
  2. Avoid face checking bushes
  3. Think before calling for the Baron
  4. Watch your positioning in lane
  5. Stand behind at least 2 minions at all times

1. Avoid grouping too closely

Lux deals a lot of AOE damage thanks to her E and her Ultimate. To reduce her ability to deal tons of damage to your whole team at once, try to split up slightly and avoid grouping too closely together. Doing this will reduce her ability to blow somebody up in team fights. The healthier your allies are- the higher chance you’ll win a fight.

Lux E

This image and ones similar are taken from the LOL Wiki page.

Don’t fight around the Dragon, Baron or Rift Herald Pits, and try not to fight in the jungle if possible as champions will usually be grouped quite closely together in these parts of the map.

During the laning phase, try and stand away from one another so Lux has to choose between either the ADC or the Support to harass with her E.

If you want to know how Lux can “Illuminate the enemy”, check out Lux’s Combo Page. Be on the lookout for these explosive combos so she doesn’t blow you up in 0.01 seconds!

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2. Do not face check bushes in the later parts of the game

Regardless of Lux’s role, she will deal tons of damage to you in the later parts of the game. Try your hardest to avoid face checking bushes as she can easily blow you up if she lands her Q. Getting taken out before a major objective spawns will make it extremely difficult for your team to contest or secure the upcoming objective.

If you know that Lux is in a specific part of the map, avoid face checking or trying to move into that part of the map if you’re a squishy champion as she will quickly kill you. This means if you’re a squishy champion, you shouldn’t go to ward alone. Only ward or go to ward if you know where she is, or if your team can follow up and assist/protect you.

Lux Ambush Topside

Here are some ambush locations where Lux could try to one-shot you from on the top side of the map.

If you’re unsure where Lux is or if she hasn’t been spotted in a while, ask yourself “what would you be doing right now if you were playing Lux?” “Where would I be right now?” Lux’s goal in the later parts of the game is to one-shot someone. She has similar traits to some assassins like Lux, Zed or Fizz where their goal is to take someone out of the fight, although she is not an assassin by any means. So expect her to be hiding in a bush waiting to pounce on someone.

3. Think twice before calling for Baron or Dragons

We’ve already enclosed that Lux can deal a lot of damage quickly. Her Ultimate is one of the main reasons she can perform such amazing outplays! As it deals a considerably large amount of damage, think twice before calling for the Dragon or Baron in the mid or late game as she can easily steal it.

Lux R

We’ve all been in a game where the enemy has stolen a significant objective away, and Lux can do it with ease in one short burst. The more kills she has, the higher the threat of her stealing one of these objectives away.

Think twice before making the call for one of these objectives if Lux is alive as she may steal it. Even if there is a small chance that she can secure it, try to kill her before starting the objective to make sure that she doesn’t steal it. You can still make the call for Baron/ Dragon if she is alive if:

  • She is nowhere nearby. She cannot steal the objective if she is on the other side of the map.
  • Her Ultimate is on cooldown. She would not be able to blow the objective up if her Ultimate was used a few seconds prior to you starting the objective.

If Lux tries to stop you from taking the objective, change targets and try to kill her. If you’re able to jump over the wall and kill her, you should do so too. It’s incredibly important that you do not run the risk of losing objectives to the Lux.

Lux may stand far away from the objective in attempts to snipe it. Make sure you have sufficient wards around the objective to spot her getting into position. Check out our in-depth warding guide so you can spot her before it’s too late.

4. Watch your positioning in lane

Let’s move on to a tip that will help you during the laning phase, and it’s a tip for ADC/ Mid Lux too! Lux can push the minion wave quickly with her E. After her first or second back, she can even one-shot parts of the wave meaning she’ll continuously push you into the tower.

Make sure you’re always stood outside of the minion wave so she is forced to choose between pushing the minion wave with her E or using it to harass you. If you stand inside the minion wave, you’ll allow her to push the minion wave and harass you at the same time- so make her decide what she wants to do.

This tip is handy against many champions with AOE abilities such as Syndra, Sivir, Anivia, and Ahri.

5. Stand behind at least 2 minions to block her Q

We’ve told you that you shouldn’t stand inside the minion wave, so where should you stand? We need to consider Lux’s Q which can root you if you’re hit by it. Getting hit by her Q could enable her to unleash her full combo on you. So we need to make sure we are stood somewhere where it cannot affect us.

Lux Q

There are 2 areas we can stand against Lux during the laning phase:

  • Behind at least 2 minions while remaining outside of the minion wave (behind the wave). Her Q will only CC the first 2 targets hit. If we are the third target, we will not get damaged or CC’d.
  • Stand towards the opposite side of the lane as her. Even though her Q range is long, if we are standing towards the opposite side of the lane as her, it will be harder for her to land the ability. It will also give you more time to react and dodge the ability.

Constant adaptation is needed when laning against any champion, so continuously switch between these two positions in the lane to reduce her chances of landing a Q.

While we’re on the topic of positioning and her Q, when looking to trade or harass the Lux- watch your positioning. Make sure you’re stood behind at least 2 minions so she cannot Q you. If you cannot guarantee this, either launch a surprise attack from a bush, or bait out her Q before playing aggressively.

Fiddlesticks positioning

Ensure you’re always stood in line with your ADC though.

If you want to learn more about positioning in lane as a Support, check out our Support positioning guide.


Countering Lux is all about not allowing her to dish out tons of damage. In this guide, we have gone through a range of tips that can reduce her ability to do this. We hope that these tips will help you play against the rainbow lady.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, check out PicklePants’s stream.

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