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How to Play the Counter Engage Team Composition

How to Play the Counter Engage Team Composition

The counter engage team comp is a team composition that isn’t played much anymore as it relies on the enemy making the first move. If someone gets caught out, the strength of the counter engage comp is lessened. This is one of the varieties of ways this comp has fallen out of favour with players of all ranks.

This is the final episode of our team comp series of guides. As always, we will provide tips and tricks, example champions and advice on how to play as this team composition.

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How to Play the Counter Engage Team Composition

  1. The Objective of the Comp
  2. Example Champions
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. How to Counter

The Objective of the Comp

A counter engage comp isn’t very popular. But many champions have tools to help them disengage. A disengage comp relies on the enemy to engage or walk too far forward. They will then use their tools to turn around the fight.

The problem with a counter engage comp is your team needs to be on the same page, and you have to be grouped together. You cannot split up, or else your comp will fall flat on its face.

Example Champions

Top lane


  • Urgot can use his E to interrupt engages and turn around the exchange.
  • If he can execute someone with his Ultimate, he can turn the exchange around and CC the enemy.
  • His W will be fully maxed by level 9, which allows him to deal considerable damage to many champions.


  • Vladimir whole kit provides him with a lot of sustain and survivability.
  • He has an AOE Ultimate that provides him with a lot of health. If the enemy is grouped, he can hit multiple champions with it
  • Vladimir can use his W aggressively and move into the enemy to deal damage and turn the fight around.



  • His Ultimate is an amazing tool that can be used to engage or in this case, be used as soon as the enemy engages.
  • It will be hard for the enemy to engage if Amumu has his Ultimate to CC the enemy as they go in.
  • Amumu’s Ultimate can CC multiple targets at any given time.


  • Gragas’ Ultimate can be used to knock away enemies or force them to over-extend further depending on where he throws it.
  • He has multiple slows and abilities that apply CC to the enemy.
  • Depending on his build, Gragas can be the tank and protect his teammates, or deal lots of damage to enemies with his abilities.

Mid lane


  • Kennen’s Ultimate can deal damage to multiple champions at once.
  • If you let the enemy engage, Kennen can activate his Ultimate and reposition to get closer to the enemy.
  • In poor situations, he can escape thanks to the speed boost from his E.


  • Veigar got a lot of poke damage while retreating. He can dish out damage with his Q and W.
  • If the enemy chases for too long, he can use his cage to interrupt them and potentially provide time for his team to deal damage or execute the enemy.
  • Veigar’s Ultimate can one-shot squishy targets: taking someone out at the start of the fight.



  • Sivir can use her E to protect her from incoming CC or damage.
  • Her Ultimate speeds up herself and her team: allowing them to disengage or re-engage.
  • Sivir’s Q and W abilities allow her to poke and deal damage to the enemy. This can prevent them from engaging, or force them to disengage.


  • Is a very good team fighter who can deal a lot of damage if she is protected.
  • Vayne Q and her Ultimate allow her to reposition in team fights and potentially escape danger.
  • Vayne can push people away or pin them to the wall. This can help her allies take someone down and kill them while they’re CC’d.



  • Has the most CC in the game.
  • Can counter engages with his basic attacks and abilities.
  • Nautilus can use his Q to interrupt engages and turn exchanges around with a follow-up R.


  • Yuumi can keep her allies alive in the fight for a long time with her healing and shielding power.
  • Her Ultimate is a great tool to counter engages as it provides a heal to keep her allies alive
  • She can empower her allies so they deal more damage.

Tips and Tricks

We’ve gone through some champions, and now it’s time to give you some tips and tricks on how to play as the comp.

  • Group together. They will try to pick players off if they’re alone, so you must be grouped together.
  • Protect your carries. Your carries must stay alive and kite as much as they can. You can help them by targeting the champion they’re focusing and trying to absorb incoming damage.
  • Don’t force fights (but still look for picks). You aim to let the enemy engage, then use everything to turn it around.

How to Counter The Counter Engage Comp

Learning how to counter a counter engage comp is just as important as playing it. To counter it, poke the enemy down first. Getting them low will force them to recall. With the numbers advantage, you can engage when they’re low in numbers. The next thing you can do is look for picks rather than straight 5v5 fights. Catch people out who are too far forward or who are walking around Summoners Rift alone.


This is the final guide in our series of team comp breakdowns. We hope that you’ve enjoyed them all, and that this guide lived up to the standards of the rest. If you wish to learn how to play more team comps in LoL, make sure you check out our in-depth team-composition guide.

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