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Who Are the Fastest Champions in LoL

Fastest Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has over 160 different unique champions. Some are fast, some are slow, and some are stronger than others. Over the 10+ years League of Legends has been out, they have released their fair share of fast and slow champions.

Earlier this year, we released an article that discussed the slowest champions in League of Legends, so it was only right of us to create an article on the fastest champions in League of Legends too! Before we begin, we will discuss the fastest champions without any items or boots, and we will not discuss abilities that may empower their movements.

We will use the base stats for each champion, which you can find here. If you want to learn more about any of the champions on today’s list, check out their Mobalytics Champion Page.

Fastest Champions in League of Legends

  1. Master Yi
  2. Illaoi
  3. Jax
  4. Kha’Zix
  5. Nasus

1. Master Yi – 355MS

With his base stats, he stands out as one of the fastest champions in the game, capable of swiftly manoeuvring through battles and making lightning-fast strikes against his opponents. A good Master Yi can be hard to take down when he is chasing you, and escaping hiding under your tower isn’t always going to protect you.

Post 6, he is even faster as his Ultimate gives him movement speed and makes him more of a threat. For any squishy champion that is overextended and on the receiving end of a charging Master Yi- good luck!

Master Yi can be hard to handle, so CC is on the table if you want to escape him when he tries to chase you down. However, playing around his Q is also essential, as a good Master Yi will dodge CC and skill shots with it.

2. Illaoi – 350MS

While Illaoi feels like an immobile champion, she has a lot of movement speed, ranking as the second fastest champion in League of Legends with 350 movement speed. When playing against an Illaoi, freezing near your turret is a good idea so she cannot run you down.

Illaoi’s kit compliments her movement speed, as her E will slow targets: making it easier for her to catch up on enemies and take them down. Something that is also good to mention is that in the Top lane, many champions are immobile and easy to take down. Illaoi can be a tank buster, so all-in-all is a powerful champion.

You can reduce Illaoi’s kill pressure by locking her down with CC and investing in items that reduce her healing and sustain. As items have recently changed, to find what items are good at countering Illaoi, countering Illaoi, check out Illaoi’s Champion Page.

3. Jax – 350

The third champion on our list is Jax, who has 350 movement speed. I’ve never realised how fast Jax is when playing him, but looking back on it, I feel he is a pretty fast champion and can dodge a lot of damage.

Jax has always been a little bit of a problem to deal with throughout the game due to his Q which he can use to increase a larger gap between you and him as he can use it to jump on minions or wards. Similarly, his E is also annoying to deal with as he can CC you and then retreat. Let’s not forget, he can also use his movement speed and his Q to gap close and kill you.

The best way of dealing with a Jax is to disengage whenever he engages, holding on to dashes and other tools that create distance (and help dodge his E) and also lock him down with CC tools or knockbacks like Alistar E.

4. Kha’Zix – 350MS

Kha’Zix is the next champion and ranked 4th fastest champ in the game. For a Jungler, he is incredibly agile and mobile, thanks to his base movement speed and Ultimate, which he can use to reposition and chase down targets.

Like some of the other champions on our list, I never really appreciated how fast Kha’Zix is, but in hindsigh, he is swift and can quickly move around the map! Of course, he also has his, which he can use to get even closer to his target, and to escape sticky situations.

I think that the best way of countering Kha’Zix as a whole is to ward your flanks and understand what he wants to achieve. He is an assassin and wants to take down key targets. You should group to reduce his isolation damage and avoid walking around the map alone, as he will take you down otherwise.

5. Nasus – 350MS

The final champion and the 5th fastest champion in League of Legends is Nasus. This one surprises me the most out of all the champions on this list, this one surprises me the most. I always found Nasus quite the immobile champion, but I guess that isn’t the case.

Nasus has many tools in his kit to slow the enemy down. A fully maxed W is impossible to escape from, and using that ability on any champion is pretty much instant death for them. Nasus can chase down enemies throughout the game just by pressing W on them, then hitting them with Qs.

To counter Nasus, your best bet is to just group as 5, invest in items that will penetrate his defensive stats, and lock him down with CC to make it easier to kill him. If you don’t buy items that reduce his stats, killing and taking him down will be impossible.

Final Points

Dealing with mobile champions is hard, so it is best to pick champions with dashes or tools that can be used to escape their engage. However, grouping as a team, and locking them down is the best way of handling them. We hope this guide was interesting and you learnt who are the fastest champions and how to handle them. If you’re interested in learning how to play any of these champions, check out their Champion Page. for more tips and tricks to help you climb.

Please Note: Multiple champions with the same movement speed may not feature on our list. There are a lot of champions that have 350 movement speed. You can find the full list here.