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5 Best Supports to Synergize with Smolder

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Best Supports With Smolder ADC in League of Legends

The latest League of Legends champion is Smolder. Smolder is a very cute Dragon that is played in the ADC role. Unlike many other strong ADCs in the current meta of LoL, Smolder relies more on dishing out damage with his abilities in the laning phase more-so than his basic attacks. When looking for which Support you should pair with Smolder, you’ll be looking to pick someone with strong synergy whose kit compliments his playstyle to bolster his effectiveness in the laning phase.

In this Mobalytics guide, made in partnership with our friends at One Esports, we will discuss 5 of the best Supports you can pair with Smolder. While they may not statistically be the best, they have things in their kit that work wonders with Smolder’s kit. Picking any of these champions with him will result in a good landing phase and a strong mid and late-game!

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The first recommendation we have is Rakan. Rakan is a strong Support in Season 14 and has shown a dominating performance with many top ADCs. He has good all-in, so he can make plays in lane, which can help Smolder to get ahead.

Post 6, they can continue their dominance as he can start fights with his Ultimate and R. Let’s not forget that Smolders E  can be used to reposition in fights and skirmishes, which helps to follow up. In team fights, Rakan is a monster as he can go in, make a pick with his combo and then escape and peel for Smolder so he can dish out damage and win the fight.

All in all, Rakan is a great pick to play with Smolder and many other meta ADCs in the game right now.


Lulu has multiple tools in her kit that synergise well with Smolder. Firstly, Lulu can empower him with her E and W, providing him additional attack speed and a shield. This will help to keep him alive for longer.

Similarly, she can use her Ultimate to keep him alive and protect him from incoming damage and enemies in team fights. In team fights, she is a strong Support due to the items she buys that can empower him.

Lulu is one of the more accessible Supports on our list, but don’t let that take away from how strong she is with Smolder.


Sona is the third recommendation that will work well with Smolder. Sona has a lot of things in her kit to help her and her ADC survive the laning phase and win the lane. She has good sustain in lane with her W which will heal and shield the Smolder.

She is good in team fights and has a good gank setup post-6 with her Ultimate. Her Ultimate is a great tool for starting skirmishes and getting fights started. She can also use her Ultimate defensively to protect Smolder from engage tools by the enemy.

Sona is a very underrated pick, so if you like playing her, you’ll do very well with Smolder in Season 14!

Sona base splash crop


This champion is one of the strongest Supports when you’ve mastered him. Thresh has good play-making potential in the early game, as landing one hook can result in a kill. Getting early kills on Smolder will make his Q stronger early on. Smolder also has his E, which he can use to follow up if the Thresh lands an ability.

He has good pick potential in team fights with his Q and E, which can also be used to peel for the Smolder. He can use his E and Q to protect him from incoming enemies and his W to get him out of sticky situations.

Thresh is the hardest champion on our list, but if you’re good at landing those Qs, you’ll do well laning with a Smolder!

Championship Thresh Splash Crop


Nami has a lot of sustain and ways she can empower Smolder throughout the game. In lane, she can use her W to heal him and give him her E so his auto-attacks will be empowered and deal more damage.

She also can make plays and pick people off with her Q and R. Post 6, they can get a lot of kills if she can poke them down with her W, land a Q and then follow that up with her R. She also has ways of peeling and protecting him from incoming damage in team fights.

And finally, Nami is one of the better carry Supports in LoL. You have a good chance of winning the game if you pick Nami with a Smolder.

Final Thoughts

It’s always best to pick a Support that can work well with any ADC or you’ll find it hard to win the lane against your opponents. Pick one of these champions or someone similar if you want to work with Smolder!

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Table of contents