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Best Solo Carry Mid Laners for Season 13

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5 of the Best Solo Carry Mid Laners for Season 13 in League of Legends

The mid lane role is one of the most impactful roles in the game and a good mid laner can completely stomp the map and dictate the pace of the game. A good mid laner usually has good kill pressure, good map awareness, and insane trading potential which they use to kill the enemy over and over again.

Playing strong solo carry Mid laners is key in League of Legends, otherwise you may struggle to climb as effectively compared to someone who plays a dominant champion. For instance, playing 1 of the 5 champions we suggest on our list will make climbing a lot easier and you’ll find yourself hitting those higher ranks quickly.

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1. Zed

Zed is one of the most dominant mid laners in the game with insane kill pressure throughout the laning phase. If you get one kill on Zed, you can quickly turn that kill into multiple kills and create a snowball.

To master the ninja, you need to play around your energy, the enemies abilities and also be prepared to make plays in lane and around the map. The best Zed’s roam around the map and help their allies, so you should look to do the same as you’ll often find yourself getting kills and increasing your gold income very quickly.

Another reason why Zed is a good Solo Queue champion is that he has a relatively low learning curve. While he does require some mechanical skill and game knowledge to play effectively, his kit is straightforward and easy to understand. This makes him accessible to players of all skill levels and allows them to quickly start making an impact in their games.

2. Syndra

The second champion on our list is Syndra. Syndra is a very good champion if you’re wanting to solo carry in League of Legends thanks to her insane damage output and ability to control and dictate the game.

During the laning phase, Syndra has a lot of burst damage which helps her get kills. At level 6, her Ultimate can be used to blow up enemies when they’re low. She also has good control over the mid lane and she can keep the enemy pushed in, set up her Jungler for ganks, and also roam around the map (after pushing) to get kills elsewhere.

Unlike some of the other champions on our list, Syndra has a CC tool which is very beneficual in team fights as she can use her Q>E combo to setup picks or take champions out of the fight and then finish them off with her Ultimate.

3. Vex

Vex is one of the champions who was released in 2022, and she has been extremely volatile ever since she was released. Vex is a good champion to climb with in League of Legends for a number of reasons.

Firstly, she has a lot of poke with her abilities throughout all stages of the game. She can constantly harass the enemy with her abilities to get them low, and then all-in them when they’re low.

Post 6, she can roam around the map and help her allies get kills with her long-ranged Ultimate. Her Ultimate inconjunction with her CC tool (and her E) is extremely obnoxious to deal with and make fighting against her quite difficult.

4. Sylas

I believe that Sylas can be a hidden OP for many players! Sylas can be really good in Solo Queue because he can steal the enemy’s Ultimate and depending on whose Ultimate you steal, you can be really dominant in a team fight.

During the laning phase, Sylas is quite strong and can go for extended trades frequently. His early isn’t great, but once he has a few levels under his belt, and completed his first component item, he can push the minion wave and then roam, or constantly look to fight the enemy.

Sylas isn’t the easiest champion to play, but once you understand his play style, you can be extremely dominant on him. He is a champion who you can pick into most enemies, apart from maybe Cassiopeia or Vex.

5. Katarina

The final champion on our list is Katarina. I think everyone can agree that Katarina is one of the most dominant Mid laners in the game and her ability to solo carry games is unhinged. With one early kill or two, she can quickly snowball and dominante the enemy laner and kill them over and over again.

While killing the enemy laner is good, Katarina also has amazing roaming potential and can move around the map and help her allies and get more kills. Katarina is one of the best roamers in the game and a good Katarina will spend so much time in other lanes getting kills and helping her allies.

I would highly recommend learning Katarina and mastering her and then exploit her in Season 13 for free ELO! I will say though, she is probably one of the most mechanically demanding champions on our list and you need to be good with your timing and spacing!

In Summary

We hope this guide has given you some extra tips and tricks to make climbing slightly easier at the start of the season. Make sure you play one of the champions on our list if you want to increase your chances of winning and solo-carrying your teammates in LoL! As always, you can find extra tips to play these champions with the Mobalytics App!

Table of contents