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Best Solo Carry Junglers for Season 13

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5 Best Junglers for Season 13 Solo Queue

Season 13 is underway, and everyone is trying to climb and hit those high ranks in League of Legends. How is the climb going for you? Regardless of how well or not your climb is going, we can help you with today’s article on some of the best Junglers that can solo carry in season 13 of League of Legends.

A good Jungler will dominate the enemy Jungler by invading, be everywhere on the map at any given time, and secure all the major objectives for their team. Playing a solo carry Jungler is key if you’re wanting to climb in League of Legends, and in this Mobalytics article we will break down 5 of the best solo carry Junglers for season 13.

We have a ton of extra tips on how to play any of the champions on todays list, and any other Junglers in general which you can access with a free Mobalytics account!

1. Evelynn

Evelynn is the first champion on our list due to how easy it is for her to gank the enemy and how she can quickly snowball a small lead into a much larger, unstoppable lead.

To master Evelynn, you need to understand the champion’s strengths and weaknesses. You need to pick your first, take away enemy camps, and then gank when you ever you can.

The only issue with Evelynn is she does need some time to come online, but if you can start strong, you’ll definitely finish strong because you can constantly look to take down immobile champions who are moving around the map alone.

2. Rammus

The second champion on our list is Rammus. Rammus has always been a champion that is hit or miss. He can be good in certain matchups because he can stack armour against entire AD teams, but in season 13, Rammus is very good.

He has very good ganks, and he can gank with ease as it is hard for an enemy to escape him when he is charging at them with his Q. Rammus has a taunt too, which makes it difficult for anyone to escape from as well.

Rammus can just stack defensive items, taunt the enemy, and kill them on his own. This makes Rammus a grand champion in Solo Queue!

3. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is a very strong Jungler in the right hands. However, it is straightforward to perform poorly on him as you need to abuse your early game strengths to gain a lead. If you don’t do this, you will find it hard to win!

It is vital to be ganking in the early game with your superior damage output against most champions and Junglers. Post 6, you can empower an ability, which will usually be your Q, which will increase your damage output further. The best Kha’Zix players prioritise early ganks, have high farm and are consistently 1v9ing.

If you want to learn how to play Kha’Zix, our advice is to go on Twitch and watch some high ELO streamers play him.

4. Viego

While this champion doesn’t have the best win rate in the world, a good Viego can take over the map and carry his allies to victory. Regardless of how good you’re as a Jungler, Viego will be a strong pick for you, and he can help you climb your way up to those high ranks.

A good Viego is going to skirmish and invade the enemy frequently. He will tend to spend more time in the enemy’s jungle than his own and also get a ton of kills in the early game! Viego’s find a good balance between slaying monsters and slaying enemies.

With his Ultimate, he can start ganking from level 3 and is even stronger at level 6. When he completes his first item, he is tough to deal with, especially if he gets it before the enemy.

5. Nocturne

Nocturne is the last champion on our list, but that doesn’t make him the weakest. Nocturne is a strong Jungler in the right hands.

Nocturne is a strong Jungler who can take over the map through consistent ganks. A good Nocturne will be looking to gank whenever their Ultimate is up and it’s global-ness is very strong and will usually result in a kill for you or your ally.

The current meta for League of Legends is to play around major objectives and get a lot of kills. Nocturne has great objective control and can solo the Rift Herald or Dragon whenever they want to.

In Summary

If you want to learn more tips and tricks to help you climb as the Jungler, make sure you sign up for a free Mobalytics account with a ton of extra tips to help you climb, including builds, jungle routes and ganking or counter-ganking strategies.