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Best Solo Carry ADCs for Season 13

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Best Solo Carry ADC’s for Season 13 to Climb With in League of Legends

Season 13 is well underway now, and we’ve seen a lot of meta changes and interesting champions being played so far this year. While the ADC meta hasn’t really changed in a while, you’ll still find more success playing the meta champions, and champions that give you the best chances of winning the game.

ADCs are at a disadvantage as they have to rely on their Supports to impact the lane and do just as well as you so you can to win the lane. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot increase your chances of winning the lane by picking a champion that can do well at all stages, and solo carry the game.

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1. Jhin

The first champion on our list is Jhin! Jhin is a very consistent ADC who has been in a good place for a long time. He has always been a consistent ADC thanks to his long range, strong follow up damage and good laning phase.

Getting kills and earning gold is everything in League of Legends, and he can do that very well due to his strong all-in and follow-up. After a few minutes and some levels under his belt, Jhin can be really obnoxious to lane against.

Not only this, but he also synergises well with the majority of Supports. He does well with utility Supports, poke Supports, and his favourite are tanks/engage Supports.

2. Draven

Draven is the next champion on our list, and one of my favourite ADCs in the game. A good Draven can be extremely difficult to play against as they will constantly look to fight the enemy and get kills.

If you have an aggressive playstyle, then Draven may be the champion for you! He needs to abuse his extra damage early (from his Q) to gain health leads and then get kills when the enemy is low. If you get one kill, you’ll cash out and get a ton of gold, which will allow you to bully the enemy harder.

Draven is, unfortunately, the most mechanically demanding ADC on our list, which means he is quite difficult to play, but don’t let this high skill curve deter you from learning and abusing Draven in your ranked games!

3. Ezreal

The third champion on our list is the most popular ADC in the game. Ezreal has been extremely popular for a while now, and we constantly see him being picked in every major event, and ever rank in League of Legends.

Ezreal is a consistent pick, and will always be that way. If you struggle to last hit, you can use his Q to secure minions. You can also constantly bully the enemy with your Q to get them low. His Dash is a really cool ability that will allow you to close the gap and initiate fights with the enemy.

The good thing about Ezreal is that you do not rely on your team mates nearly as much as you have your E which is a form of self-peel that can help you escape incoming enemies and abilities.

4. Kai’Sa

In the latter part of S12, she was buffed a few times to which definitely helped her in the strength department, and since the item changes came through, Kai’Sa has been an incredibly strong and lane dominant ADC!

Kai’Sa has a lot of play making and carry potential thanks to her kit and her synergy. She synergies well with pretty much all Supports, and she does well with allies who have CC as she can use her Ultimate to help them when they lock down a key target.

Her abilities can also become empowered as the game goes along, which makes her even stronger and it makes it easier for you to get kills as you deal more damage compared to the enemy. If you love to 1v1 targets, Kai’Sa might be the champion for you as fighting isolated targets alone will usually result in you coming out ahead thanks to her Q ability!

5. Vayne

Vayne has always been a decent ADC, but her strength only comes when the player is good at her. She has good carry potential thanks to her kit and strong all-in potential. She relies on the player being aggressive, so if you love aggressive champions- she might be for you!

Back then, you used to focus on farming and scaling on Vayne, but nowadays, you’re quite aggressive from the get-go. She has a lot of kill pressure and strong all-ins with her dash and her Ultimate. When she is paired with an aggressive all-in Support, the two can dominate the lane and kill the enemy over and over again.

In team fights, Vayne is quite strong as long as she can position well. She is a scaling monster, so she is incredibly strong in the later parts of the game and when teams are consistently looking to team fight.

In Summary

Climbing in League of Legends is difficult, and climbing to those high ranks takes a long time. With that in mind, you can increase your chances of winning and solo-carrying your teammates by playing any of the five champions we have recommended on today’s list. You can always find more tips and tricks to play any of the champions on our list with a free Mobalytics account.