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The Best New Items in Season 14 of League of Legends

5 Best New Items in Season 14 of League of Legends

In Season 14, Riot Games made dramatic changes to League of Legends. Not only did they change the map layout and add and change champions, but they also made many changes to items and champion itemisation. Every year, it feels like Riot makes a lot of changes. In previous years, we had Mythic Items, but Riot removed them this Season and introduced items to replace them.

In this article by Mobalytics, with our friends over at One Esports, we will list 5 of the most popular new items dominating League of Legends. But before we begin, these items may not be statistically the most impactful, but they’re very popular at the time of writing this article!

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This item is for AD champions, most commonly fighters, as it offers AD and health. The extra ability haste is good for trading, too. It provides a heal and also empowers your next basic attack against a target. This item allows for great trading power and an additional burst after you’ve gone in on the enemy.

1) Sundered Sky

Sundered Sky is a good early-game item as it provides a mix of AD, defensive stats, and early-game power. It will enable you to make plays and get kills in the laning phase. However, this item becomes less powerful as the game develops, as people start building defensive items, so you cannot abuse them as easily.


  • Good early game damage.
  • Additional sustain.
  • Provides additional kill pressure.

Champions who build this item include:


Jax buys this item after he has Trinity Force, making it his 2nd core item after Boots. On Patch 14.5, Jax had a 51.52% win rate in the Top Lane, taking this item second.


Irelia is another Top Laner who takes this item, and just like Jax, she takes it second. She benefits from getting this second as Blade of The Ruined King gives her better early-game stats. Irelia in the Top Lane had a 52.10% win rate on Patch 14.5

Jarvan IV

Victorious Jarvan IV Splash

The final champion on our list who takes this item is Jarvan. Currently, Jarvan can either go this first or second, but it is most commonly brought as a first item. This contributed to his 51.52% win rate on Patch 14.5.

2) Stormsurge

Stormsurge provides a mixture of AP, penetration, movement speed, and a very strong Passive. The movement speed is extremely useful as it helps with getting picks, engaging in, and escaping fights. It also provides a lot of AP.

Let’s discuss this item’s main Passive. If you deal considerable burst damage, the item will strike the character, dealing extra damage. This works on champions that can deal a lot of damage quickly. If you can’t deal damage quickly, you won’t pick this item up.


  • Good for burst champions.
  • Gives additional kill pressure and aids in getting kills
  • Provides movement speed.

Champions who build this item include:


Annie Base Splash Crop

Annie is one of the easiest champions to play in League of Legends, and this item makes her even stronger. Stormsurge isn’t a first item for most champions, and Annie usually buys this item second. In the Mid Lane on Patch 14.5, she had a Annie% win rate.


Unfortunately, Diana hasn’t been doing too well in any roles right now, but that is not really down to itemisation; instead, it’s due to Riot constantly leaving her in an idealistic state. Regardless of this, she generally builds this item second when played in the Jungle and can build it first if she wishes in the Midlane. She had a 50.16% win rate in the Jungle role on Patch 14.5.


Kennen DWG Skin
The final champion is Kennen who, like most, doesn’t generally build this item first, but instead picks it second. By the time he has completed this item, he will be nearing the end of the laning phase, so he will be quite strong in team fights. Kennen had a 51.01% win rate on Patch 14.5.

3) Malignance

Malignance is another AP item that provides a ton of AP and mana. This item also gives the user ability haste which reduces their abilities cooldown. This item of great on champions that want to use their abilities, specifically their Ultimate as often as possible. However, what type of champion wants to buy Malignance?

Malignance is great a item on champions that have a large AOE Ultimate or who can deal damage to multiple enemies at once as it deals additional AOE damage. So if you have a large AOE Ultimate, then you can deal damage more damage to enemies in fights.


  • Great on champions with large AOE Ultimates.
  • Great for team fighting and strong team fighting champions.
  • Good for mana hungry champions during the laning phase.

Champions who build this item include:


Karthus Pentakill Splash 1
Karthus has fallen out of favour in the Mid Lane right now, but his Jungle power and ADC strength remains. With this item, he is really strong in post 6 skirmishes and in team fights. This item alone has made him a much better pick this patch, and he has a 52.32% win rate on Patch 14.5.


Lissandra Prestige Porcelain Splash Crop
Lissandra doesn’t get played that much, but she is a really good champion in team fights. She is especially good when she has brought this item as it empowers her and makes her stronger in fights. She has a 51.46% win rate on Patch 14.5.


Like the others, Malignance is the best first item for Ahri too. After her buffs on Patch 14.4, they have really brought her win rate up, and this item combined with her buffs has made her quite a potent champion. She has a 53.73% win rate on Patch 14.5.

4) Luden’s Companion

Luden’s Companion is an item that costs quite a lot, but has the benefit of a lot of AP and mana, and some ability haste. It is an item for mages that grants stacks to increase their damage output. This makes it a strong trading item in LoL.

Many champions buy this item because it provides them with additional poke and burst damage. It is also pretty good at clearing waves, so you’ll find it on mages who have long ranged, multi target abilities so it can clear waves fast.


  • Good poke, burst and wave clear.
  • Versatile item that works on most AP champions.
  • Great first item with a lot of vital stats for AP champs.

Champions who build this item include:


Winterblessed Hwei Splash
Hwei is one of the newest champions in League of Legends. His build really depends on what rune setup he takes, and usually, he goes with this item when he picks Arcane Comet. In the Mid Lane, he has a 49.76% win rate on Patch 14.5.


Bewitching leblanc splash crop 2
Leblanc is another champion that has been using Luden’s Companion and has been abusing this item ever since it came out. This item works better with her than the old Stattik Shiv build, which now is one of her least-popular builds. Right now, she has a 49.40% win rate on Patch 14.5.


Whether Lux is being played in the Mid or Support role, she seems to always buy this item. Luden’s works well with her kit, offering her a lot of bonus damage and mana. She had a 51.97% win rate on Patch 14.5.

5) Profane Hydra

The last item on our list is Profan Hydra, which is one of the best new fighting items in the game. It works on a lot of skirmish heavy fighters in LoL, and is a core item for many champions this season.

It is a strong item on melee champions who can close the gap and stick to their targets as it deals enhanced damage to targets close to them. Also, it is a lethality item, and lethality items are very strong at the time of writing this article.


  • Strong lethality item.
  • Provides haste and a lot of AD.
  • Makes it easier to kill targets that are low on health.

Champions who build this item include:


Aatrox is one of the most dominant champions in the meta right now, and ever since this item was released, he has been performing incredibly well. He usually rushes this item, which has contributed to his 50.95% win rate on Patch 14.5.


Kayn is another champion that is abusing this item. Right now, Blue Kayn is extremely dominant and usually builds this item first. However, if you like Red Kayn, then he doesn’t build this item. Kayn had a 52.57% win rate on Patch 14.5.


The final champion in our guide is Kled. Kled usually buys Profane Hydra either first or second, but right now his highest win rate with buying Profane Hydra second is 53.78% on Patch 14.5.

Final Thoughts

And that about sums up our article on the most impactful and popular “new items” in League of Legends. Somehow we are already in March and these items are no longer really new. But what do you think of these items? Has your champion been positively impacted by the new items? Let us know below!

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