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Best Mid and Jungle Synergy in League of Legends

Best Mid and Jungle Synergy in League of Legends

The Mid and Jungle duo can be extremely obvious for any enemy team to play against. When the two hold hands in the lane, it can show a beautiful array of dominance over the enemy team. In this Mobalytics guide, we will list 4 of the best Mid and Jungle synergies in League of Legends.

Like before, this series is not based on statistics but on how well the two synergise well with one another. We factor in things such as strengths together in team fights, during the laning phase and much more.

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4 Mid and Jungle Synergies to Try in LoL

  1. Yasuo and Gragas
  2. Qiyana and JarvanIV
  3. Twisted Fate and Nocturne
  4. Lissandra and Viego

1.Yasuo and Gragas

Sea Dog Yasuo

We couldn’t create a top synergy list without adding Yasuo and Gragas to it, so it’s quite fitting that they should start off this brand new list. Yasuo has a lot of synergies with many different champions, as there are a lot of knock-ups in League of Legends. However, the Yasuo and Gragas combo is one of the scariest.

Yasuo can fully utilise his Ultimate when multiple enemies are knocked up as he can target many champions, not just one. Gragas has a large AOE Ultimate that can knock back targets, allowing Yasuo to focus them. This is one of the reasons why they’re powerful together.

These two are very good together in team fights as Gragas can throw his Ultimate on the enemy team and displace all of them. Yasuo can then follow up and use his Ultimate to deal damage and lengthen the time the enemy is CC’d for.

2. Qiyana and JarvanIV

Battle Boss Qiyana

Qiyana needs some help during the laning phase, and Jarvan can provide that help to her. Jarvan is notorious in the past for ganking at level 2 or 3. He can gank her at level 2 to set her up for a good laning phase.

Outside of the laning phase, Qiyana can team up with the Jarvan to constantly invade the enemy’s jungle and steal away their camps or look to fight the enemy Jungler inside their jungle. She can even stay in the lane and rotate quickly to help him just in case she is needed.

In team fights, these two truly shine. If they fight inside the jungle, the Qiyana can CC and damage multiple enemy champions as her Ultimate works wonders in the jungle. If they don’t, Jarvan can help her get a good Ultimate off by enclosing the enemies inside of his Ultimate.

3. Twisted Fate and Nocturne

High Noon TF 1

Unlike some of the other champions on our list, these two are probably not the combination that came to your mind, but hear me out. Twisted Fate and Nocturne synergise well thanks to their Ultimates. They can both assist side lanes without the enemy knowing. All Nocturne needs to do is cast his Ultimate first and then TF afterwards, and the enemy won’t see them coming!

Before level 6, these two can’t really do too much, but after that, they can move around the map together. Pre 6 though, Twisted Fate can set up his Jungler with the gold card, which can help him close the gap and get on to the enemy Mid laner. Nocturne can either gank from a bush or if he is level 6, use his Ultimate from afar.

In the mid-game, the two can help out one another when one of them is split pushing. Twisted Fate can use his Ultimate to help the Nocturne, and Nocturne can use his Ultimate to help the Twisted Fate.

4. Lissandra and Viego

Blood Stone Lissandra

These two are skirmish heavy and will be looking to fight constantly. Lissandra has a lot of gank setup prior to level 6 with her W and E, which she can use to follow up and CC the enemy target. Viego can then easily gank the enemy while they’re locked down.

Post 6, they can constantly gank and help each other. Liss can use her Ultimate on the enemy laner, and Viego follows up. Alternatively, Lissandra can team up with the Viego and invade the enemy’s jungle and look to hunt and kill the enemy Jungler together.

In team fights, however, Lissandra and Viego are very strong. Lissandra can lock down targets with her CC while the rest of her team dishes out damage and kills them. Viego can then take over their corpse and deal additional damage to enemy targets. Lissandra’s Passive is also exceptional in team fights which will help Viego further.

That’s about it

Synergy is quite crucial in League of Legends. Always pick a champion that synergies well with someone else on your team. Good champion synergy will increase your chances of winning the game regardless of your role.

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