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Best Champions to Duo With Jinx

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Best Champions to Duo With Jinx

Jinx is one of the most popular ADCs in the game. She is a hyper carry who can snowball quickly and take over the game. Jinx is a unique ADC and unlike many other because she synergises well with a lot of different Supports in the game.

But, choosing the right support can make all the difference for Jinx, enabling her to dominate the game and carry her team to victory. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Supports that synergise well with Jinx.

Whether you’re a Jinx main or just looking for a new ADC to play in LoL, we’ve got a ton of additional advice on how to play Jinx with Jinx’s Champion Page!

Please keep in mind that stats change a lot and while these champions may not be statistically the best pairing in every patch, they have tools that benefit and empower Jinx so she can carry.

1. Thresh

Thresh is one of the most popular Supports around. He has great synergy with many different ADCs, including Jinx. Thresh can make plays from the get-go. He has multiple forms of CC in his kit, which lets him get picks for his team: using his Q and E to catch enemies out of position.

He synergises well with Jinx because he can set up picks for her. Jinx also has a CC tool with her E, so if Thresh lands his Q, she can follow up with her own CC tool. Layering CC is a great way of gaining kills and overwhelming health advantages over enemy champions. In the mid and late game, he can peel and protect her with his W which can be used as a safety net when she walks forward to play aggressively.

Aggression is on the menu if you’re looking to pick up Thresh. You need to constantly look for picks to trade with the enemy. If you do not play aggressively, you’ll be slowing down her ability to snow and making it hard for her to carry.

2. Nami

Nami is another champion that synergises with many ADCs as she has a lot of utility that empowers her allies. Nami is a great pairing with Jinx because Jinx relies on basic attacks to dish out all her damage.

Nami’s kit is an ADC’s dream combo. She has multiple utility tools, something that empowers her damage output, a heal to help with sustain and 2 forms of CC tools. While her kit is utility based, a good Nami will look to play aggressively and look for picks with their Q and R.

When playing Nami, your main goal is to look for trades often, keep your Jinx alive, and use your Ultimate and Q as an engage or disengage tool when you see fit.

3. Lulu

This champion is the third on our list, and one of the best pairings with any hyper-carry ADC. She synergises well with Jinx as she has multiple tools that empower Jinx so she can dish out additional damage while also providing her with a ton of protection.

Lulu’s kit is great at peeling for her allies. She has a slow on her Q, a W that can speed up, increase the attack speed and peel for her allies. Her E is a shield, and her Ultimate is another tool that can CC enemies and also keep her allies alive.

I think that if you want to truly abuse Lulu’s kit, you need to be a nuisance and constantly look to harass the enemy laners with your auto attacks and your E. In the mid and late game, the goal is to keep her alive by providing her with all your abilities so she can deal damage.

4. Nautilus

We’ve gone ahead and added Nautilus to this list due to the amount of CC he has and how he good he is at picking off champions with his Q and Ultimate. Nautilus is a tanky champion who loves to make plays across the map. Both Nautilus and Thresh are great tank champions who look to exploit squishy targets to get a lead and snowball.

Nautilus’s kit has a ton off utility and CC. His empowered autos lock down targets, his Q can be used to catch and snipe targets, while his E is a tool to slow down and protect Jinx. Lets not forget, post 6 he can just click R on one of the squishy bottom lane champions and then rush them down and kill them.

To truly exploit the Nautilus x Jinx arc, you need to be aggressive from the getgo: looking for picks with his Q and Ultimate whenever they’re up. You must not be scared when playing Nautilus, you must play aggressive to gain leads and get ahead.

5. Alistar

The last champion on our list is Alistar, another tanky Support who loves to make plays and can use his CC tools in conjunction with Jinx’s E to layer CC on targets and kill them.

Alistar’s W>Q combo is really strong and easy to land. He can often look to make plays from level 2 onwards, and once he has a few component items under his belt, he is really annoying to deal with. The good thing about Alistar is that he can be even more aggressive post 6 with the potential of him making tower dives with his Ultimate.

To truly master Alistar, you need to constantly be applying pressure to the enemy and being a threat with your W>Q combo. But, you must not take too much damage from poke. Make sure you’re always stood in the bushes, and ready to play aggressive at a seconds notice.


To climb in LoL, it’s key that you pick someone who synergises well with Jinx. If you pick a Support that doesn’t work well with her, it’s going to be hard for you to win the game. Always pick someone who synergises well with her whenever she is on your team! Remember you can find tips and tricks on how to play any of these champions with the Mobalytics App.