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Best Champions to Duo With Ezreal

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Best Champions to Duo With Ezreal

Ezreal is statistically the most popular champion in the game. He gets picked so often that it’s wise to learn what champions are good with him and why. Ezreal is a fan favourite ADC thanks to his unique play style, abilities, overall aesthetic and smooth champion model.

While Ezreal can technically synergise well with many different Supports, picking the right champion is vital and will increase your chances of winning the game. If you’re an Ezreal one trick already, we’ve got a ton of additional advice to up your game on the Ezreal Mobalytics Champion Page.

Please keep in mind that stats change a lot, and while these champions may not be statistically the best pairing in every patch, they have tools that benefit and empower her to carry the game.

1. Lux

Lux is a dominant laner with a ton of damage and poke. She synergises well with many champions, including Ezreal, as they both have a lot of poke and laning power. Lux has a lot of things to offer Ezreal, including damage from her Q, E and R, while her W is a utility spell that can keep them both alive.

She synergises well with Ezreal because they blow up the enemy repeatedly. Ezreal actually has good follow-up damage with his basic attacks and Q, which he can use to shred the enemy.

Aggression is vital when playing this combo. You need to poke the enemy down often with your E and follow that up with empowered autos. Once you both his level 6, Lux can fish for Qs and all-in the enemy with her Ultimate.

2. Karma

Karma is another dominant Support with a lot of damage and poke. Unlike Lux, she is more utility based, but that doesn’t mean she lacks damage. Karma’s shield feels stronger than Lux’s, and she doesn’t have to aim it to protect the Ezreal, unlike Lux.

Karma can keep poking the enemy bottom lane down with her Q or R>Q combo to get them low. When they’re low enough, she and Ezreal can all-in the enemy and take them down. As both champions have a lot of skill shots, it can be difficult for the enemy to lane against them due to the constant poke.

If you’re interested in playing Karma, I always recommend watching your positioning. While you do have a shield. You’re very vulnerable to attacks; if you get hooked, you’re dead.

3. Seraphine

The third champion is Seraphine. She has tools to empower Ezreal, so he becomes dominant. A Seraphine can do wonders in a double poke. The Seraphine player must be aggressive and not passive.

This matchup involves Ezreal and Seraphine constantly poking the enemy down and all-in when the enemy is weak. Post 6, the Seraphine should play aggressively and look for picks whenever her Ultiamte is up to get kills.

The good thing about this combo is that Sera has a heal and a shield to keep the Ezreal alive and healthy in this matchup. So even after a bad trade, they can still survive the lane.

4. Nami

Nami is the 4th champion on our list, and we recommend playing with Ezreal. Nami has a lot of tools to empower her ADC, including a heal and inability that increases her ADC’s damage output.

A good Nami should look for fights often: using their range and W to look for trades. As long as the Ezreal looks for fights frequently, the two will work well together. However, I wouldn’t recommend picking Nami with an Ezreal if you’re uncomfortable playing aggressively.

When playing Nami, your main goal is to look for trades often, keep your ADC alive, and constantly look for all-ins with your Q and R.

5. Alistar

The last champion we feel is good with Ezreal is Alistar. Alistar is the only tank on our list, and he is a grand champion to pick with Ezreal, thanks to their all-in potential and laning power.

Alistar should look for plays frequently, and thankfully Ezreal can easily follow up on these skirmishes with his E. Ezreal should constantly bully the enemy with his Q, and then Alistar just looks for the all-in.

If you want to play this duo, keep the wave closer to your side of the map pre-6 or else the Alistar will be unable to engage due to the turret. Forcing the enemy to overextend gives you more room to chase them down.

Final Points

To climb in LoL, it’s key that you pick someone who synergises well with Ezreal or else it will be hard for him to flourish in lane. Remember you can find tips and tricks on how to play all these champions with the Mobalytics App.