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Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Season 12

Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Season 12

Some champions in League of Legends are naturally stronger than their counterparts. Compared to years ago, Champions released now have completely different kits, which some consider overtuned or overloaded.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss some of the best champions to main for every role in League of Legends. Make sure you have one of these champions on your list of picks for ranked if you want to make your climb a little easier. If you don’t find these champions fun, then don’t worry, you can play whoever you like and still climb!

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Best Champions to Main for Every Role in Season 12

Top Lane

The best champions to main in the top lane are Camille, Shen, Gangplank, Kayle and Fiora. These champions are for the most part skirmish heavy champions who have pretty good scaling and carry potential.

The state of the top lane consists mostly of champions taking Ignite over Teleport after its recent changes, which favours players who like to win lane and win the game. Furthermore, as games are lasting a little longer nowadays, big late-game scalers are great!







Jungle monsters this season are Nunu , Lee Sin, Fiddlesticks, Viego and Diana. All of these Junglers are skirmish heavy and can gank frequently. They have good carry potential and with a small lead they can be a real terror for the enemy.

Our recommended Junglers this season are very good at solo carrying and will reward players who are aggressive early and play around key spells and cooldowns. If you do the same, you’ll find yourself climbing the ladder in no time.


Lee Sin




Mid Lane

Mid Lane kings and queens this season are Sylas, Cassiopeia, Twisted Fate, Annie and Leblanc. There are so many strong Mid laners in the mid lane for season 12. You’ll find great success on champion that are strong skirmishers and great at getting picks.

With games being quite snowbally, if you’re able to get even the smallest of leads on one of these champions, you can quickly take over the game and get more picks as the game develops.

The champions on our list range from super easy to hard to master. However, maining any one of them will offer you great success if you put the time and effort into learning them.



Twisted Fate




The strongest and best AD Carries to main in Season 12 are Draven, Vayne, Jhin, Kai’Sa and Caitlyn. These champions are strong in the current meta, offer great lane dominance and will help you get kills and snowball them into victory.

Unfortunately, the best ADC’s are some of the hardest champions to play thanks to the hard learning curve many of them have. However, if you put time into practising them, you will climb quickly as you can dominate the lane and get kills.
Funny enough, all these ADC’s have been good for a very long time. Kai’Sa may be the exception, but they are very good for Solo Queue historically and presently. Make sure you pick one of them if you want to climb as an ADC!







The best Supports to main in League are not UWU Supports- c’mon who wrote this list? Bard, Pyke, Nami, Lulu and Blitzcrankare the best Supports to main for Season 12. Why? Because they have great carry potential and can solo win the lane and the game via picks.

All of these champions are strong roamers and offer a lot of utility/pick potential for their team. It’s better to play champions who can get stuff done rather than a champion that relies heavily on their team (like Soraka).

Learn how to roam, trade patterns and be aggressive and you’ll soon see yourself skyrocketing and climbing in LoL.







That about sums up our article on the best champions to main in Season 12. Remember that you should always play the champions you enjoy the most and like more. Don’t just play the champions we recommend if you don’t like them! Good luck on Summoners Rift summoner.

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